Sunday, May 24, 2015

1.26 The Aspir Family of Desiderata Valley

Luis Aspir - 87 days old - Knowledge / Grilled Cheese - Max All Skills - Tinkering

Victor Aspir - 22 days til elder - Family - Head of SCIA - Cuisine

Elizabeth Aspir - 21 days til elder - Fortune - Head of SCIA - Film & Literature

Pauline Aspir - 4 days til child - Pisces - 7-4-1-8-5 - Cuisine

Victor:  Um, Dad....could you take Pauline into the other room....please.

Luis:  Of course.  I myself never touched your mother outside of the bed chambers.  But I am of the old ways.  If you parade around in the nude, you should know that someone will see.

Victor:  I'm sorry baby.  I know it was my idea to have my father live with us.  I thought it was for the best.

Elizabeth:  It's fine Victor.  No harm done.

Olive Specter:  It's hard living with family.  The young ones live by their own rules and just don't respect ours as they should.

Luis:  True.  Very true.

Jason:  OMG!  That is so....crispy.

Luis:  I do like them extra crispy.  Do you have a problem with that young man?  

Olive:  Shameful.  I have a spot in my garden for those such as you.

Samantha:  Oh Luis.  You make me feel so very much.

Luis:  I should not be touching someone as young as you.  I should leave you be but I find I just can't.

Samantha:  And I don't want you to.  I want you right where you are.

Loki:  The paper is mine.  MINE!

Olive:  But an old woman needs help with her garden young man.  Won't you visit my garden?  Won't you come and help dig holes for me?  I have, something I wish to plant.

Jason:  You're freaking me out.  You know that right?

Elizabeth:  Why can't Victor deal with this?  He's the one who wanted to have a kid.

Luis:  I want to live longer.  I need more time.  I am not ready to go yet.

Genie:  Three more years I grant you.

Luis:  Three years?  That's all?  I expected so much more.

Lightning Strike.

Luis:  I'm feeling inspired for some reason.

Victor:  Ack!  How long has this fire been burning?

Victor:  Now I'm late for work.

Luis:  What?  Did I miss something?

Elizabeth:  I guess this is what I get for having a day off.

Jules:  Throw it old man.  I dare you.

Victor:  Hey there.  How is my princess today?

Luis:  Sleep?  Why should I sleep?  Life is to short to sleep.  So very short.

Luis:  Good girl.  So smart.

Pauline:  Pony.

Victor:  Oh no.  I'm a failure.  I finally get my dream job and I get fired on day one.  

Elizabeth:  I do enjoy sewing from time to time.  I just wish I knew how to make something beside a pot holder.

Pauline:  I'm a little princess now.  Just ask my daddy.

Pauline:  I will guard the kingdom from all hostiles.  Brrrrr.  Die strange townie.  Die.  Wait.  Not me.  Ack!

Una:  It's so nice to talk to someone who understands my love of the cheese.  So few seem to.

Luis:  I know.  My own son just does not understand.  Not at all.

Luis:  Heavens.  I could have died.  I must get home at once.

Luis:  Safe at last.  

Daniel Pleasant:  What?  You little monster.  Where are your parents?

Luis:  Do you understand why it was wrong?

Pauline:  Yes grandpa.

Luis:  Good.  Now finish up your school work.  You must study and learn if you are to succeed in life.

Luis:  I spoke with the child.  We discussed her manors and her grades.  Perhaps if her parents spent more time with her, she would behave better.

Victor:  We're doing our best dad.  We're all doing our best.

Luis:  I hope their best is enough.  I will not always be here.  Life is short.  The little one will be grown before they realize what has happened.  

A passing grade but it could have been better.

House shots:

Front Yard

Main house

Guest House

Attic of guest house

Back yard
Career Happenings:


Luis had very hard wants to begin with.  He wanted a grandchild.  Not a quick or easy request.  He went downtown several times when he just wouldn't roll doable wants.  Eventually he got into studying.  He ended the week one charisma point short of his LTW of maxing all skills.  He should have time to complete that with his three extra days.   He has three bolts with Samantha Cordial.  I'm not sure if anything will come of that.  He didn't roll any wants for her.  We invited her over to complete his want to slow dance with someone.

Victor tried twice through ACR to get his wife pregnant without success.  I let him try for baby once on day one without success.  He never rolled the want for another baby.  I had the grandchild want for Luis locked in until the middle of the week when I unlocked it.  For the most part Victor skilled and made friends.  He was fired from his job due to a chance card.  My bad.  Luckily it was the same day he got the job so it was right there for him to get again.

Elizabeth....I just didn't feel her if you know what I mean.  She wanted stuff which I bought her if I could.  She rolled up the want to flirt with Luis very early in the week.  I have no idea why since she has negative attraction to him.  I bought her stuff to get her five wants so I felt free to ignore her insane and inappropriate wants.  She never rolled wants for Victor.  She did some skilling.  Made several pot holders.  Annoyed me for some reason but did well on her career once we found her dream job for her.

Pauline never got any smart milk.  No one had the points to buy any.  She was taught eventually to walk, talk and use the potty.  She never got to finish her nursery rhyme.  Pauline did some skilling, did some fishing, played with some simmies, and was left to run amuck when I was busy.  She's a kid after all.


  1. I've always liked the Aspirs and their house. Luis became the longest-living Sim ever in New Max; in my game, he died at 109, and that was entirely without using the magic lamp or the aspiration rewards object.
    Now the only Aspir left in New Max is Pauline... so it is all the more nice for me to read about them as they were back when they were all younger!

    The bit where Loki nicks the paper made me laugh :-)

  2. I think in the original maxi made Luis Aspir does live a long life, for some reason. I love the way you make each of of the sims have their own style. Like Luis feels unsafe it he is not at home. Every time you blog a sim household it always makes me smile or giggle.

  3. I love the Aspirs :) and your blog is awesome :)

  4. Great story and your narration is spot on with all the visitors and their various conversations. :)