Saturday, June 6, 2015

1.27 The Cleveland Family of Belladonna Cove

Jason Cleveland - 8 days til elder - Fortune - Earn 100k - Sports

Marissa Cleveland - 9 days til elder - Fortune - Criminal Mastermind - Music & Dance

Justin Cleveland - 10 days til adult - Population - General - Tinkering

Jason:  I'm off to work.  I hope Marissa will behave herself while I'm away.

Marissa:  That will teach you to walk by my apartment.

Loki:  You're so MEAN.  I was just observing as any good scientist does.

Marissa:  I should never be observed by one such as you.  You should be more mindful of your betters.

Loki:  I will be mindful, should I ever discover anyone better than me.

Titania:  I am queen and as such you should both be bowing at my feet.  But I fear I am weary of you both.  I am off to find nourishment.  I hope you have a wine fit for a queen.

Marissa:  I'm sorry if I have embarrassed you yet again.  I guess neither of us have truly gotten what we wanted from this marriage.  

Jason:  You gave me a son.  I've given you stability.

Marissa:  But you promised me wealth.  That I would be a wealthy socialite.  That is hardly the case.

Jason:  So I'll earn more money.  I'll make you a very wealthy woman.  Then you can let go of these crazy ideas of yours.  Someone in law enforcement can NOT be married to a criminal.  

Marissa:  I still don't see why not.  But if you'll gain more wealth, I'll consider letting go of my dreams.

Marissa:  I can't believe you mean for us to earn our cash.

Jason:  How else would we get it?

Marissa:  These are some of the best rugs money can buy.  I'm sure they will spruce up your apartment.  And if you chose the right design, you'll never see the stains from dropped pizza.

Chico:  Lisa will love this rug.

Marissa:  Well, we seem to be getting very popular with a certain crowd.

Geoff Rutherford:  I can NOT believe that my sister is working.  I wonder if it's some kind of scam?

Jason:  I'll be in a minute.  Even the owner should be able to take a break.

Jason:  Maybe now that we have a successful business and more money, Marissa will finally be happy.

Justin:  Can you believe it?  Guys giving birth?  I hope that never happens to me.

Justin:  Just need to finish this out so I will be ready when Sharla gets here.

Justin:  But mom.  

Marissa:  Don't argue with me young man.  I don't feel so good.

Justin:  Aw man.  I'm going to get busted AGAIN.

Justin:  Quick.  She's distracted.  Hit it Sharla. 

Marissa:  I know.  Can you believe it?  Pregnant.  At my age.  Unbelievable.

Chloe:  You know, babies really aren't my thing.

Chloe:  Man, these rich folks are messy.

Marissa:  You should be very thrilled to meet me.  Normally you would be beneath my notice.

Vivian Cho:  ?

Mrs Goodie:  Oh yes, getting old is terrible.  Creaking hips.  Aching knees.  Swollen ankles.  You have so much to look forward to young man.

Justin:  Sound like such fun.

Mrs. Goodie:  Better than the alternative.

Jason:  Who are all these people who've been roaming through my home?

Justin:  Dad's been scanning the house for hours.

Marissa:  He can be single minded.

Justin:  Mom, you're ruining my concentration.

Justin:  Oh.  Never mind.

Judy Cleveland
Marissa:  Oh.  A girl.  Never had one of those before.

Jason:  We've had aliens visit?  How did I not notice?

Marissa:  If anything happens to my offspring, they won't find your body.

Nanny:  Perhaps it's time I retire.

Geoff:  That's an interesting necklace Sharla.

Sharla:  Thanks.  Justin helped me pick it out.

Geoff:  Really?  You are aware his mother will never approve of you.

Sharla:  You are aware I don't approve of her.

(When ACR causes good sims to do bad things.)

Justin:  Happy Birthday Judy.

Judy Cleveland - Aries - 10-10-9-3-1

Jason:  This makes me feel so old.  So very VERY old.

Marissa:  You're thinking hard.

Jason:  What?  I was just thinking.

Marissa:  Are you going on about your age again?

Jason:  What if I am?

Vivian Cho:  I love making soup.  It's so yummy.

Mary-Sue:  You're blocking the view dear.  

Pol:  So move.  

Jason:  Marissa hasn't mentioned money lately.  Maybe she's finally satisfied.

Marissa:  I married the most oblivious man ever.

Jason:  Don't worry Judy.  I'll get you a bottle.



Work & Stuff:


This is one of the families I do remember playing from 'before'.  I wasn't actually looking forward to playing them but they are the last married couple in Belladonna Cove so it was their turn.

Jason:  I used the same idea as before to complete his LTW.  I ran a business.  I have never used that location as far as I can remember.  The store is in Blue Water Village.  I sold rugs because I rarely buy them.  I love selling things that I wouldn't normally buy otherwise.  That's also why I pulled out a lot of Christmas stuff.  I got the notice saying that Jason had completed his LTW before he fulfilled his want to earn 100k.  It was weird.  I kept going with the business until he and Marissa fulfilled their want for 100k.  Then I kept running it because Jason had the want to earn his gold restocking badge.  In the end Jason and Marissa earned gold salesmanship & restocking badges.  Justin earned gold salesmanship and cash register badge.  I had originally planned to sell the business but I never got around to it.  You'll also notice (maybe) that Jason bought a vacation house.  He never got to use it.  He rolled up the want to go to his vacation house only when his wife was VERY pregnant so I overruled him.

Marissa:  She's mean.  She has several enemies.  She annoys me.  Oh well.  She got pregnant through risky woohoo.  She was knocked up the entire time we were working on the business and I never knew.  Weird.

Justin:  Had no wish to go to college so he won't be attending.  He and Sharla probably won't be getting together.  At least I don't think so.  But he wanted to sneak out with her so he did.

Judy: Is cute but has her mom's meanness.  The game crashed as I tried to exit to the neighborhood.  I had to replay from Judy's birthday.  Nothing much changed and I didn't take pictures.  She will have a different hair style next time but I don't consider that really important.

Well I guess that's it.  At least that's all I can remember.


  1. I like the Clevelands, the mother seems a bit standoffish in your hood but maybe it is the way you feel about them. How many household do you have left to play before you have done all of them?

    1. I have no idea. A lot. There are like 60 families (or more) without the college kids. I'm just going from neighborhood to neighborhood until I get them all.

      Actually I disliked her wants more than her. The 'buy me' sims tend to get on my nerves.

  2. What a good idea to sell rugs! I never thought about it because I could not imagine it would work, what with the space needed for customers to walk and stand around in the shop. So, what you do is simply put on the rugs (with move_objects on?) and then mark them as sellable items?
    I like the idea so I think I want to nick it for one of the next businesses needed in New Maximiliania.

    1. You can overlap rugs without moveObjects on. Just lay the rugs having them overlap but not completely cover each other up. Then mark them for sell. You'll have restock signs pop up everywhere but that doesn't bother me any. If you have the space just have them overlap around the wall or something.

  3. I've never played this family so didn't know Marissa and Geoff were siblings.
    Which Megahood are you using out of curiosity?