Sunday, June 28, 2015

1.32 The Grunt Family of Strangtown

General Buzz Grunt - 15 days til elder - Popularity - Media Magnet - Sports

Tank Grunt - 5 days til adult - Popularity - Media Magnet - Science

Ripp Grunt - 8 days til adult - Romance - 20 Loves - Arts & Crafts

Buck Grunt - 4 days til teen - Science

Tank:  I could do this all day.  

General Buzz:  Well hello again.  It's been a while.

Jasmine:  I've been thinking about you General.

General Buzz:  Really? me more.

Tom Freshe:  I think I love you.

Miranda Capp:  Everyone does.  But can you win me?  Can you keep me?  

Tom:  Y...

Miranda:  Doubtful.

Slap Dance continues to sweep the lands.

Dirk:  Dude.  She has a boyfriend.

Tank:  So.  Is he here?

General Buzz:  General's Log  All appears quiet at the Beaker resident.  Loki is watching the stars....again.  Is he communicating with the enemy again?  His wife appears pregnant and asleep.  The Nervous fellow is talking to himself or an invisible alien life form.  So hard to tell from here.  And his wife is obviously pregnant...  How did that looser land a wife anyway?

Tank:  But dad.

General Buzz:  Ass.  Bed.  NOW!

Buck:  Punch!  OW!  

General Buzz:  General's Log  The Smith house is up for the morning.  Our alien enemy appears to like pancakes for breakfast.  His spawn also enjoy a good stack of fluffy pancakes.  Yum.  They really do appear so very fluffy.  I wonder how they manage it?

Tank:  I've done it.  Dad will FINALLY be so proud of me.

Tank:  Oh no.  Dad's going to kill me.

Tank:  What to do?  What to do?

Ripp:  Dumb ass.  Have you even tried to put this out?

Tank:  Put it out?  Oh.  I should have thought of that.

Tank:  It's not going out.  It's NOT GOING OUT!

Ripp:  Could you help instead of panicking like a little girl?

Ripp:  Guess not.

Ripp:  Oh no.  WHY WILL IT NOT GO OUT?

Ripp:  Well we've lost the big bush.

Tank:  Oh no.  We mush save mother's roses.

Ripp:  Forget the roses.  Let's run for it.  Maybe dad won't notice.

Ripp:  He's so going to notice.

Tank:  Oh no.

Tank:  Ripp.  HELP ME!

Ripp:  Wait...what?

General Buzz:  Did you hear something?  Almost sounds like someone dying?

Blue Eyes:  No.  I don't hear a thing.

Ripp:  Oh no.  Tank.  Dad is so going to blame me...but it wasn't my fault.  You'll tell him right?


General Buzz:  Dang it.  What have you punks been doing now?

General Buzz:  OW!  My ass.  IT'S ON FIRE!

RIPP:  Oh no.  I can't watch.

Ripp:  Dad.  Oh man.  DAD!

General Buzz:  Son.  Do something useful for once in your life.  SAVE ME!



Buck:  FIRE!  There's a fire.  Where's dad.  DAD!

Buck:  Daddy?

Buck:  There's still a fire.  Ripp put out the fire.  Put it out before you die too.

Ripp:  I've tried.  Nothing stops it.  It's unstoppable.  

Buck:  I will not lose you too.  I'm calling 911.

Fireman:  Did you report a fire?

Ripp:  What the hell do you think?

Fireman:  Dude this isn't a fire.  This is nothing.  I'll have it our in a jiffy.

Ripp:  Where were you earlier?  Before half my family died?

Fireman:  Asleep.  I always sleep between calls.

Here lies General Buzz Grunt and his son Tank Grunt. Victims of a terrible grilling accident.

Ripp:  Ah.  Thank goodness.  It was just a dream.  Right?

Buck:  I wonder if he'd adopt me if something happens to Ripp?  He seems to like kids.

Ripp:  My life sucks even more than usual.  I can't believe I miss those losers...but I do.

Buck:  I don't want to sleep.  What if I have bad dreams?

Ripp:  I guess I'm the man of the house now.  Someone has to take care of Buck.  He's just a kid.

Ripp:  Alright fine.  I'll play a stupid game with you.

Buck:  Thanks Ripp.

Buck:  What will we do with Tank's school work?

Ripp:  I don't know.  We could burn it.  

Buck:  <Gasp>

Ripp:  Or just leave it there until it disappears.  That would work too.

Buck Grunt - Popularity - Captain Hero

Buck:  At least I don't have to worry about social services now.

Buck:  Buck's log  All is quiet here in Strangetown.  No signs of anyone being awake.  I will stand guard all night just to make sure no mischief is afoot.

Ripp:  Wasn't I just on the bus?

Buck:  I don't know.  I remember running off the bus to show dad my A+.  <sigh>  Dad.  <sigh>  He would have been so proud of me.

Ripp:  You don't really have to do that you know.  I don't care one way of another.

Buck:  I can't just leave it here.  And I'll need good grades to get into the academy.

Ripp:  Whatever dude.

Pink Vest:  No there are TWO teenage boys living here.  I'll introduce you both but I have first dibs.

Sharla:  You lead the way.  If you feel something sharp in your back, it was her.

Ripp:  It's nice to be held like this.  It's been so hard since my dad and brother died.  So very hard.

Blondie:  Oh you poor thing.

General Buzz:  That's right son.  You can feel my eyes on you can't you?  I'm watching you punk.  Watching you closely.

Ripp:  Oh babe.  I think I love you.

Blondie:  Oh Ripp.  I'm a good girl.  

Ripp:  Yeah but I'm a bad bad boy.

Tank:  I hate my afterlife.

Buck:  Oh dear.  I think my heart has stopped.


Ripp:  Shut it dude.  I've got a plan.

Ripp:  PLEASE!  You've taken half our family.  Please don't take my baby brother.

Armand DeBateau:  You begged?  I can't believe you begged.  So degrading.


Ripp:  WHOOP WHOOP!  I beat death.



Buck:  Oh Ripp.  You saved me.

Ripp:  At least I managed to save someone.  

Tank:  Sorry dad.  Your plan to reunite the family has failed.

General Buzz:  For now.  

Ripp:  I hope you can keep yourself alive from here on out.  I won't be here to save you next time.

Buck:  I've got this bro.  Enjoy college.  Don't forget to call.

Buck:  Finally this place is somewhat livable.

Buck:  Oh Jules...

Jules:  I've got a boyfriend so don't get attached.

Buck:  We'll see.

Jules:  It was just a kiss.  Tybalt will understand.

Sweatsuit:  I wouldn't understand and he's a Capp.  They don't exactly scream forgiveness.

Buck:  So what's university like?  Is it amazing?

Mitch Indie:  It's was okay but I felt neglected.  That's why I'm making sure I'm NOT neglected now.

Mitch:  It's hard being a blog hog.  So much work.  So much time spent with idiots you wouldn't otherwise hang out with.

Buck:  I'm so lonely.  I hope Ripp calls soon.

 Ripp Grunt winds up in LaFiesta Tech.  He's in a dorm with Tessa Ramirez, Hal Capp & Rick Contrary. 


It was a hard week in more ways than one.


Career Happenings:


Where to begin?

I have always loved this family, as dysfunctional as they are.  But...I've been reading other folks blogs just a little to much lately I guess.  When the fire started, I could have called for help.  Instead I sat back and watched to see what would happen.  It was bad.  In the end, I did step in.  I just couldn't watch Ripp die too.  I came 'this' close to exiting without saving.  After I exited but did save I regretted it.  I don't mind killing my sims but I hate when they accidentally die.  To make things worse, Tank had the want to go to university from the moment I opened the lot.  It never left him.  I thought about sending him right way but in the end I thought I'd let him stick around and skill for a bit. many.   I want them resurrected SO BAD.  Will I do it?  I can't say for sure.  There is a good chance that Tank may be brought back at some point just because I love him and I think he will make pretty babies.  But I love General Buzz too.  A sad fact about me and Strangetown: I love the town.  Well not the town so much as the characters.  But I have NEVER played this town to the point that any of these kids became elders.  No idea why but there you have it.

Yeah, I got nothing else.  I did my best but was traumatized.  Ripp never rolled the want to go to college until after he rescued Buck from death.  I think he ran for his life after that.  There was a 'jump bug' error on the lot after the fire.  Buck kept trying to run off the bus and show his dead dad his report card.  He'd run around the edge of the house and then 'jump'.  Oh well.  It was a breeze keeping an A because of it.

Still traumatized and I played this weeks ago.  Two more houses to blog.  Will try to get to it soon.

Happy Simming.