Wednesday, May 6, 2015

1.19 The Ramaswami Family of Downtown

The Ramaswami family have purchased this Maxis made home downtown.

Sanjay Ramaswami - 24 days til elder - Popularity - Media Magnet - music & dance

Priya Ramaswami - 24 days til elder - Popularity - 20 best friends - cuisine

Sanjay:  Welcome to our new home Mrs. Ramaswami.

Priya:  Thank you Mr. Ramaswami.  I am so happy that we finally have a place all our own.

Dina: You could use more furniture.

Priya:  Perhaps.  You, however, were not invited over.  Feel free to leave.

Dina:  Geez.  I just don't want people looking up my skirt.  That's all.

Priya:  Perhaps a longer skirt?  Just a thought. 

Carolos Contender:  This placer is a bit small.

Priya:  There are two doors on this floor.  Feel free to make use of them.

Cyd Roseland:  She'll never make friends with that attitude.

Stephen Tinker:  Are you going to play with that cat all night?

Ripp Grunt:  Hey!  The line for cat loving is over here.  No cuts.

Sanjay:  It was nice to have so many people over.

Priya:  I guess it was.  Although they were all loud and demanding.  Right now thought, I just want to have alone time with you, my husband.

Alone time is now limited.

Patricia Wan:  Watch your heart old man.  I hear this one is a heart breaker.

Carlos:  Then we should get along just fine. 

Carlos:  Engaged?  Just because I love her doesn't mean I plan on marrying her.  I don't plan on marrying anyone.  Marriage is for mean people other than me.  Sorry Isabel.  I, ah, didn't mean you of course.

Jessica Peterson:  People are talking like I'm not even here.  We have a bunch of gossipy busybodies in this town.

Isabel Baldwin:  People gossip no matter where you live.  And just so you're aware, my uncle Carlos LOVES to be gossiped about.  I love him but he'll use you to get the attention he desires.

Jessica:  That's okay.  I'll use him too given half a chance.

Sanjay:  I really love what you've done with the house.  But what about curtains.  Won't we need some now that we have a little one on the way.

Priya:  I'll see about it when we have more funds.  Right now there is no money for that.  We still have to buy a crib for the baby.  I'll decorate more when the baby is older, or when we get more promotions.

Daisy Greenman & John Mole

Sanjay:  I don't usually invite non-playables to my parties but since you came home from work with me I will allow you to stay.  Just...don't cause problems.  The others could turn on you.  

Carlos:  You call that a kick?  I'm an old man and I can kick better than that.

Regan Capp:  Let me show you how it's done.

Herbert Goodie:  You throw nice parties young man.  But you could use a bit more entertainment.  Not all of us have the hips to play kickey ball.

Priya:  Thank you so much.  My husbands friends have eaten all the food again.

Cooke:  Don't be ungrateful.  Sure this isn't the best hot tub money can buy but surely you noticed this family doesn't have a lot of money.  And a baby on the way.  I'm sure they're doing the best they can.  You should be grateful that they provided this for our comfort.

Stella Roth:  But I have a splinter.  I'm not allowed to complain about that?

Priya:  Sanjay!!  The babe.  It comes.  

Opalina Ramawami

Sanjay: Sweet Opalina.  My beautiful little girl.  So much like your mother you look. 

Priya:  I'm out of eggs.  I'm out of almost everything...AGAIN.  These friends of yours eat constantly.

Sanjay:  They are our friends dearest.  You always seem to forget that.

Priya:  But YOU invite them over constantly.  I prefer to talk to my friends on the phone.  That way my food stays in my fridge.

Priya:  Sanjay!  Perhaps you invited to many people for one child's birthday party.

Sanjay:  You can never have to many friends in your home.

Priya:  We must agree to disagree on that I think.

Sanjay:  Happy birthday little Opalina.

Opalina Ramaswami - Leo - 5-9-5-5-6 

Sanjay:  Perhaps we should head upstairs to your nursery Opalina.

Priya:  Sanjay, take this bottle for Opal.  I'll make more for later.

Sanjay:  Say Papa.

Opalina: .......

Sanjay:  Say Papa.

Opalina:  ........

Sanjay:  You are your mother's daughter.

Priya:  Could you do that elsewhere.  I have no where to set these bottles.

[18 bottles instead of 5.  There was no room for her to set them on the floor so the bottles would jump, land on the floor, but the machine would reset like it had never happened.]

Priya:  Ah...peace at last.

Career progress:

House tour:

Downstairs.  No, this is not a roomy house.



It took Sanjay a little while to find his dream job.  Once he did he started heading right up the career ladder.  Priya was already in the media field.  She never got a promotion.  She didn't work during her pregnancy.  She is due to get promoted at any time.  The family had parties every day.  This was mainly to get Sanjay's wants for the day.   Even with the parties sometimes the wants were hard to come by.  I no longer allow couples to date unless they have the want for dates.  I'm hoping to keep the population down this way.  I did enjoy the family but I would have enjoyed them more in a roomier home.  No, I'm not a fan of small houses.  I get really tired of them running all over each other.  I have another family in this same house.  I'm already considering moving them somewhere else.  Maybe.  It depends on which downtown family it is.

More soon.


  1. I don't thnk the house is that bad, and you made it look nice :-)
    The corner where the chess table is, does it happen that your Sims get up from their chair there the wrong way, and are stuck in the corner? I've seen something like that happening in my game and find it very annoying.
    Lovely to see such long-gone (for me) Sims like John Mole again!

    1. Yes, the sims will wind up stuck in that corner. I usually put a plant or something decorative there to prevent that.

  2. I think its the way the floorplan is laid out and how there are so many corners. I can usually fit a family of four/five into this house but i hate big houses. As Librarian said you have made it look really nice too.

  3. Yeah I wonder sometimes if the designers ever actually played any of the houses they built to stop the routing issues which is why I tend to build my own or adjust the pre-made ones.
    I like Priya and Sanjay though and although they are party lovers they make great parents. :)