Sunday, May 24, 2015

1.25 O'Mackey Family of Riverblossom Hills

Season set to summer.  Let the melting begin.

Gabe O'Mackey - 25 days til elder - Knowledge -Education Minister - Film & Literature

Jules O'Mackey - 13 days til adult - Popularity - Mayor - Music & Dance

I don't usually show starting wants but....someone wants their friends and family to meet aliens.  Wonder why he doesn't want to meet aliens?

Gabe:  I love you... but I have no attraction towards you... but I REALLY want to woohoo.  Will you come up to my bed with me?  

Patricia Wan:  Sure.  Why not.

Tybalt Capp:  The face paint?  We wear it a lot in Veronaville.  Or we did.  Before the mist departed.  Yeah, it's falling out of fashion now.

Jules:  It does sort of suit you though.

Tybalt:  You think so?

A three bolt attraction.

Jules:  Best Date Ever!

Tybalt:  A token of my love and devotion.  Hopefully Grandfather won't look closely at his credit card bill.

Wanda Tinker:  Perhaps you should take your little 'friend' on a cruise.  I'm sure he'll love the ocean.

Jules:  What?  No.  No party.  Just some neighbors dropped by.  I don't even know them and, honestly, they seem kind of weird.

Gabe:  Going to talk to my beautiful daughter.

Sarah Love:  Going to heart fart all over the Contender.

Contender:  What?  What did I miss?

Big Hair:  I was surprised to be invited in actually.  Don't think we haven't notice how you Playables just keep ignoring us Townies.  It's starting to hurt our feelings.

Gabe:  Jules, you have to keep your grades up if you want to go to college.

Jules:  Yeah, about that.  I don't...want to go.  Sorry.

Gabe:  There's time.  You'll probably change your mind.

Jules:  Doubt it.

Jules:  You would not believe some of the freaks I've met lately.

Juliet:  Really?  Tell me more.

Juliet:  Nailed ya.

Jules:  My dad loves books.  Reading and studying.  He barely notices that I have people over.

Gabriel Green:  So your dad doesn't realize you're throwing parties every night?

Jules:  Nope.  Not at all.

Jules:  So...this was what you did for fun when you were a kid?

Gabe:  Well, yeah.  It's not like we had video games down on the farm.  It was this or cow tipping.

Gabe:  I LOVE my new bookcase.  I may never leave this room.

Jessica Peterson:  This is the dullest party I've ever been to.

Gabe:  But, this isn't a party.  We don't have parties.

Jessica:  I agree with half of that.  This isn't really a party.

Career Happenings:

The House:

Front of the House



I didn't do much to this house.  I did add a door so that I could put an energizer on the flat roof area.  Otherwise, I just left it alone.


It was a quick and boring play.  Gabe studied a lot.  Jules threw parties constantly.  She also studied some.

As mentioned earlier, Jules has three bolts with Tybolt Capp as long as she doesn't put on a bathing suit.  He must not like that.  Gabe is in love with Patricia Wan but he has no attraction for her and rolled no wants for her.  He rolled the woohoo in the bed on day one.  After that it was all about studying and careers.

Jules rolled up no wants to go to college.  Gabe rolled no wants for her to go to college.  She won't be attending.


  1. Funny somteimes, isn't it, how our Sims are in love with another Sim but then never roll any wants about them, not even when spring comes round.
    Good to see Jules already has found her 3-bolt-man!

  2. sometimes that 3 bolt love just walks right up to your door. It seemed to be a very quiet week too.

  3. I think having a party every night officially qualifies it as non-boring! Tybalt and Jules could be a good match! :)