Sunday, November 3, 2013

Season One - Summer - Contender

Contender Family of Belladonna Cove

Carlos Contender - Popularity - LTW Professional Party Guest (unattainable) - currently Hall of Famer

 Carlos lives alone in this two story house.

First floor. 

Second floor.

There is a pool and hot tub out back.

While checking things out, we find that Carlos has had a fling with Jessica Peterson.

Almost immediately Carlos got a call to head downtown.  Off he went.  Can't disappoint the public.

They had a casual group of mainly elders. 


Carlos took this opportunity to buy a cell phone.  He called his niece, Isabel Baldwin, and her family to check in.  

Carlos had a good time.  Soon he'd seen enough though and he headed for home.

That night it was time for a party.  Carlos loves parties. He had one four out of five nights.

He served food he'd bought at the Bakery.

Move.  You're ruining the shot.

Everyone had a good time.  Carlos increased his friend total.  He has tons of friends and hopes to have 30 best friends before he dies.

That night after everyone left, Carlos helped himself to some leftovers.  Not his best decision.

The welcome wagon came on Tuesday while Carlos was at work.

As I said, Carlos had several parties.  He invited tons of lovely ladies and a few male friends.  He gave Kristin Loste her first kiss.

The hottest woman Carlos found was Nina Caliente.  He really wanted to get to know her better but he was constantly interrupted.

Always so much to do.  So many people to talk up.

I'm thinking he didn't fall in love with her but with Nina, the woman he's been carrying on with.

Where was I?  Oh yeah, Carlos carried on with at least one woman at each party.  He didn't initiate these casual encounters.  No, the women did.  He just shared the wonderfulness that is The Contender.

Carlos is in love with two women, both one bolts.  He really isn't interested in anything serious with them.  He REALLY wants Nina.  Somehow that never happened.

On Friday, Carlos called up the garden club and asked for membership.  He was inducted & won a wishing well.  Carlos had built a 4x4 garden in the corner of the yard just for this little wishing well project.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, just after a party had broke up, Carlos headed outside to tidy the garden before bed.

It was only suppose to be a quick spray and then off to bed.  So basically I'm saying that for once I didn't plan this.  It was a warm summer and the bugs just kept showing up.  And those buggies slow down my lots so they needed to go.

Carlos has unexpectedly joined the rank of the garden sims.

But he took it all in stride.  He's lived 80 some odd years and loved even more ladies.

He is Carlos Contender.  The ladies won't care what color he is.

And if you're wondering about plant babies....yes, probably.  Just one to carry on the family name.  But that's for another season.  It's just turned fall here, so it's time to go.  

Until next we meet.

Season One - Summer - Cleveland

The Cleveland Family of Belladonna Cove

Jason Cleveland - Fortune - LTW earn 100k - working in law enforcement

Marissa Cleveland - Fortune - LTW Criminal Mastermind - unemployed

Justin Cleveland - Popularity - LTW Become General - teen job in military

The Cleveland family lives in this apartment complex.  They have a two story apartment on the second and third floor.

The second floor, downstairs rooms.

The third floor, upstairs rooms.

When checking things out I noticed that Marissa has a brother in another lot.  

I also noticed that Jason and Marissa are not spring chickens. 

So we have got to get to it.  Jason buys a Gym.  So nice to not have to save the cash first.

At the same time Marissa was checking out employment opportunities.  First day.  YES!

Justin headed to school and his parents headed downtown.  First thing to do, buy cell phones.  Just as soon as ACR lets up.  Marissa wants a baby but I turned off the automatic try for baby and risky didn't hit so all was good.

Jason spent the rest of the family's cash to set up his gym.  

We aren't in this one for the cash up front.  This will be a business to eventually be sold.

We slowly worked the business up.  We took this opportunity to make friends.  Many many friends.

But eventually it was time to head home.  

Jason heads to work.  When Justin gets home, Marissa teaches him to study.

The next day after school, Marissa & Justin spent some time in Strangtown.  I added a park there that I really like.  That's why so many people visit.

Marissa and Justin headed to the Gym to work a bit more.  Time for Justin to make some friends.  Marissa maxed music and dance, her natural hobby.

The two managed to top the business.

So when Jason got home from work, he sold his business.

And fulfilled is lifetime want and impossible want.

Being flush with cash, and wanting another business, Jason bought another store.  This one is a retail establishment.  It has the potential of becoming a family business.

The entire family headed downtown to start working on their new business.

Things went well.  Still more building to do but I'm very happy with things.

With money matters handled, it's time to work on skilling.

Marissa is working on her creativity.  She's actually pretty good.

A relaxing dinner.  This family doesn't know how to cook.  I really should have taken them over to the bakery before bringing them home.

Yes, I really should have.  They can't even cook TV dinners.

Marissa is moving up in her criminal endeavors.  She's now a bookie.

Justin reached the top of his teen career.

At the end of the summer, things turned deadly hot.

People were dropping left and right.

I am literally having to keep the family inside to keep their temperatures down.

Overall it was a productive and fun season.  I really liked this family.

On day one of the season, Marissa wanted a baby and Justin wanted to attend university.  Both wants rolled away and didn't come back.  Since Justin is already in his desired career path, he won't be attending college.

Next season, the entire family will be having birthdays.  Can't wait.

And now I'm all caught up.  Yeah.  Now I get to play....eventually.