Saturday, May 9, 2015

1.22 The Delarosa Family of Bluewater Village

Florence Delarosa - 18 days til elder - Knowledge - Marry 6 kids - Nature

Florence:  I know right.  But after all these years, knowledge isn't my main concern anymore.  Now, I find myself wanting to have a large family.  I just wish I'd gotten started earlier.  But as they say, it's never to late.  So...I hope to get started on that immediately.

Lazlo Curious:  If I wasn't so extremely attracted to you, that speech might scare me off.

Lazlo:  I've never felt an attraction like this.  I makes a man think of doing crazy things.

Florence:  Like move in with someone you haven't known that long?

Lazlo:  Yes.  Yes, I'll move in.  I just can't live without you.  I think my brothers will understand.  Well, maybe not understand but I'm sure they'll be able to deal with it.

Florence:  Like starting a family with me?  I'm not getting any younger and I really do want a big family.

Lazlo:  I'm all in Florence.  Let's make a baby.

Lazlo:  I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.

Lazlo Curious - 28 days til elder - Knowledge - Game Designer - Nature

Sharla Ottomas:  Do you always eat cheesecake for breakfast?  My dad has declared it a no serve food in our household.

Florence:  Not usually but I was craving it so Lazlo made it for me.

Adam Delarose - 1st adopted child - Aries - 5-8-6-3-3 - Music & Dance

Florence:  Welcome home Adam.  I'm so very happy to have you here.

Adam:  Can we get a pet?  I had a goldfish at my last home but it died.

Florence:  Not right now sweetie.  Let's wait until after the baby gets here.  Then we'll see.

Adam:  I want to drive a train when I grow up.  Or a rocket ship.  Or a race car.

Lazlo:  I'm sure you can do anything that you want when you grow up.  You just have to work hard and you can fulfill any goal.

Dina:  No, I'd prefer to marry for money.  Only my best bet was Mortimer Goth, you know while his wife was missing, but now he's gone to the next life.  I'm on the lookout for a new mark...I mean man.  Let me know if you see any likely candidates.

Florence:  Ah, sure.  
Brian Delarosa - 2nd adopted child - Aquarius - 4-4-4-7-6 - Nature

Florence:  Hello Brian.  Welcome home.

Florence:  That's right.  Lazlo and I are having a baby.  Also, your older brother Adam is at school right now.  You'll meet him later.

Adam:  That  is so cool.

Brian:  Our hands are like the same size.

Brian:  Mommy needs help with the garden.  I am a good helper.

Lazlo:  Ah crud.  Do you realize that I'm the one Curious brother who never wanted to meet you?

Florence:  Don't worry Brian.  Lazlo will be home safe and sound real soon.

Lazlo:  Well that was unexpected.  

Adam:  Oh no.  LAZLO!!!

Lazlo:  BABY!  We're having the baby.

Florence:  Really?  I couldn't tell.

Cheesecake Twins:  Charles and Diana Delarosa

Adam:  WOW!  Two babies.  Another brother and a sister.  I am the luckiest kid in the world.

Lazlo:  Oh.  This sucks.

Florence:  Morning sickness is never fun dearest.

Lazlo:  Florence has her heart set on marrying off six kids.  We could really use that wishing well.

Garden Center Queen:  Use with care.  You don't always get what you wish for.

Florence:  Thanks for stopping by.  I really want the boys to have every advantage.  Your school seems like a good choice for them.

Headmaster:  I really want to thank you for dinner.  I often get turkey.  I hate turkey.  These ribs really hit the spot.

Florence:  I'll tell Lazlo you liked them.

Florence:  Oh baby.  We've accomplished so much.  Life has become nearly perfect.

Lazlo:  Florence, I love you.  Let's make this official.  Will you marry me?

Florence:  Oh Lazlo.  Yes.  I would love to be your wife.

It was a short week.  Not many wishes on Sunday but the ones we accomplished were huge.

House Tour:

I sold a lot of the plants right after starting up the lot.  I decorated later when I was ready for the garden club.  I bought and sold a fruit tree.  I have found it impossible to get in the garden club without a fruit tree.  Not sure why.  I really like the lot now.

I immediately closed down the home business as Florence's LTW didn't require a business.  I turned that part of the house into a kids room and living area.  I shortened the bathrooms as I felt they were way to big.  It's a small house (at least for me) but I really like it.

Career Achievements:

Further thoughts:

I was SHOCKED when I saw Florence's LTW.  I had not expected that at all.  I don't think I've ever seen her not have a career LTW.  Since she had three bolts with Lazlo in my prior crashed neighborhood, I zapped him into the lot.  Again they have three bolts.  YES!  It took a little work but I managed to get him moved in.  My plan was to get Florence pregnant, have cheesecake twins, adopt a few kids, figure the rest out next round.  Well....that worked, sort of.  I did not expect Lazlo to get abducted.  So, adopted child number three should be here on Monday.  Lazlo is expecting.  I'm a kid short.  I guess I'll figure it out.

Lazlo has not been able to find his dream job.  Still looking.  The funny thing about his abduction, I was just looking for a logic point for his wish.  We have a chess set but two visitors were using it.  I didn't think anything about letting him stargaze.  Whoops.  Oh, and Lazlo and Florence did not marry as they didn't have the want.  They didn't want to get engaged either but I wanted it.  Normally engaged sims won't cheat with ACR.  Don Lothario has turned down many a gal lately.  Hopefully this will keep these two out of trouble.  I may marry them later even if they don't want it.  We have plenty of Delarosa's now.  Maybe a few Curious kids.

Adam & Brian are cuties.  Adam was giving a long complicated name by the game that started with the letter A.  I used a hacked painting to change it to Adam.  Nice.  Simple.  Easy to type.  Brian was named by the game.  That lead to the ABC naming thus Charles and Diana.  The family has already been approved for adoption.  Adopted child three will arrive on Monday.

I actually had a lot of fun with this family.  I never adopt but it was fun waiting to see what I'd get.  I will admit to saving before every adoption.  I have some eyes and skins that I really don't want in the game but am to lazy to clear out.  I was planning on reloading if they showed up.  They didn't.

One more short update to get caught up.  So excited.


  1. This must be a household fun to play! I like what you did to the house and the lot. Florence's house is good to begin with, so I've left it as good as unchanged; in my game, she does not have children so the additional space from the closed-down shop is not needed. Isn't it funny that she set up with a Curious brother in my 'hood, too? Just that it wasn't Lazlo, but Pascal.
    So interesting to see the adoptions! I only use them in New Max when a resident child has become an orphan, as was the case with Fenya Furley (child of Phineaus Furley) who became Fenya Hart after her whole family perished in a Christmas tree fire.

  2. Wanda Tinker in my game has the want to marry off six kids, she had Melody, that's one, a baby and four of five adopted kids, i can remeber which. I do like adopting it it in their ltw but haven't found anybody to mate with or to be in love with.

  3. Marry 6 kids is a pretty tough LTW. But right to get rid of the home business since Florence didn't require it. It's a nice lot I think to play. I've always loved the Curious brothers and have played them numerous times. I think in my Megahood Lazlo married Crystal Vu but Pascal married Cassandra Goth. I guess the rebel Vidcund stayed single that time. :D

    I've adopted once or twice, it is interesting to see what you get as far as genetics go.