Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rutherford the Romancer

Geoff Rutherford:  Oh baby.  You seem so stressed.  Why don't I loosen you up a bit.

Can'tRememberHerName:  Oh Geoff.  Take me.  Make me scream.

Connor Weir: ( I can't believe him.  Another one of HIS parties and I'm doing all the entertaining while he is getting off with another one of his bimbos.)

Connor:  So you're new to town Trisha.  Where did you move here from?

Trisha:  Here and there.  Just got back from the orient but we weren't there long.  Before that it was the jungles of South America.

Connor:  Humm.  Interesting.  (Why must he do every woman he meets.)

Geoff::  No.  You shouldn't make life plans right now.  You're young.  You could do anything.  See anything.  The world is your oyster.  You should just have fun for now.  When you're older, then you can settle down with a career and whatever.

M Capp (what is her first name? oh well):  That's what I think too.  But my dad wants me to go to college and chose a life path.  Why can't I just have fun for a while?  Why can't all that wait?

Connor:  Your dad really is right even if you don't want to hear it.  You should start planning for the future.  You can still have fun.  You just have to have fun between the hard work that will help build your future.

Geoff:  Ignore my roomie.  He is alway just SO serious.

Connor:  One of us has to be., roomie.

Geoff:  You are so beautiful.

Connor:  (Christ.  She's just a child.)

Connor:  Another great day at the office.  We made some great money making decisions today.

Geoff:  Yeah.  Great day.  (This job is killing me.  I hate it.  I know I should be grateful for Geoff for getting it for me but I really can't stand it.  I just want to cook.  Cook and eat and play.  Why can't he understand that.)

Connor:  Hey roomie.  You look kind of tired.  Why don't you let me give you a body massage.

Geoff:  Oh Connor.  You are to good to me.

Connor:  I know.

Connor:  (I wish he would just settle down and accept things for how they truly are.  We make a great couple.  Why can't we shout our love to the world?  Why must he be with those other women.  Whores, all of them.)

Geoff:  (Humm.  I really don't want to hurt Connor.  I can't I kick him out when he keeps the house in order.  Pays the bills.  Handles all the responsibilities.  I love that he takes care of everything for me.  But he is suffocating me.  I love him but I need more.  I can never give him the commitment he wants.  What the hell am I going to do?)

Traveling is Over

SIMMERS NOTE:  We leave Pleasantview and move on to Belladonna Cove.  I've never played most of these sims so this should be interesting.

Tina Traveller: (There they go again.)  Mom?  Dad?  Which room is my room?  (Right.  I'll just figure it out myself.)

Tina:  It's just like before.  I thought when we bought a home that they would start paying attention to me.  They always left me with Grandma while they went off traveling. Now Grandma has died and there is no one to take care of me.  They didn't really want me.They've never wanted me.  They should have just left me in the foster home.

Trisha Traveller:  I can't believe I burnt the first meal in our new home.

Trent Traveller:  It's ok babe.  After fifteen years of eating out you can't expect to cook a masterpiece on the first try.

Trisha:  I suppose.

Trent:  I know you have always wanted to be a real chef.  Now you can.  You can just practice and soon you will be the best cook in Belladonna Cove.

Trisha:  You think?

Trent:  I know.

Trent:  Hey girl.  This is the man cave.  You need to go in the other room and play with the girls.

Teenager:  (I'm so rolling his yard).

Trent:  So you got Tina off to school?

Trisha:  School?  Oh right.  That was today.  Yeah I saw her leaving.  To catch the bus I guess.

Trent:  Good.  It's nice to be alone again.  Let's celebrate.

Trisha:  What did you have in mind?

Trent:  Why don't I show you.  Make love indoors.  What a novel concept.

Tina:  I can't believe I'm pregnant.  All these years, making love in the jungle, on the beach, in the woods, and never did I get knocked up again.  Just the once.  Now we settle down and I'm instantly with child.  Yeah, and both of us unemployed with our savings dwindling fast.

(Stranger on the Couch):  (Can't believe she's telling me, a complete stranger, her life story.)

Peter WhatsHisName:  (She'll do it outdoors.  YES!  Wonder if they have an open marriage.)

Trent:  I have got to find a job.  I promised Trisha.  This is my fault after all.  It's always my fault when something goes wrong.  If I can't find something legal soon, I might have to fall back on my old habits.  If I can lift in another country, surely I can lift here.  Course this time I can't exactly flee the country if things go bad.

It's Broke

Brandi Broke:  Oh Beau.  I know you miss your daddy.  But daddy is in heaven now.  It's just me and you and your older brother Dustin.  Course I don't know where Dustin is.  He should be here helping out but no, he has places to be.  I've completely lost control since your daddy died.

Beau:  Da Da.

Brandi:  Yes baby.  Daddy is in heaven.

Beau:  Ma Ma.

Beau:  Ma Ma.

Beau:  Don't worry mom.  I'm older now.  I can help around the house.  Don't worry.  I'll help you with the new baby.  I promise.

Criminal friend of older brother Dustin:  So.  You'll be starting school soon.

Beau:  Oh yes.  But I worry about my mom when I'm away.  She needs someone to look after her.

Criminal:  Yeah.  It's hard being a single mother of three.

Beau:  Yeah.  So would you look after my mommy for me?

Criminal:  What?

Beau:  Just stop by every now and then.  Make sure she isn't passed out on the kitchen floor.  Stuff like that.

Criminal:  Kid. Your mom doesn't exactly like me.

Beau:  Well I like you and she doesn't need to know.  If you do this I'll owe you.  I'll pay you back someday.  I promise.

Criminal:  Ok, sure kid.  I'll keep an eye on things until you hit high school.  Then you'll owe me a favor.  Deal?

Beau:  Deal.

Back to the Burbs

Lucy Burb:  Mom.  Is this it?  Is this our new house?

Jennifer Burb:  Ask your dad.  This is his surprise.

John Burb:  It's not a surprise baby and yes this is our new home.  We talked about moving out of Downtown and moving back to Pleasantview to live near your cousins. 

Lucy:  Yeah.  I will go to a new school.

John:  Right.  It will be hard at first but it is for the best.

Jennifer:  We don't have jobs here John.  It's to far to commute.

John:  We'll find something babe.  I promise.  This will be great.  You'll see.

Brandi Broke:  Na Na.  You can't get me.

Lucy:  Yes I can.  Watch this.

John:  (It's so good to be out of the city and back to the burbs.)

John:  (Jennifer seems a bit depressed.  She misses her job and friends.  I know this is for the best though.  Yes the  house is a little old fashioned and needs some work but it's ours.  No more renting.  Why can't she understand how important this is?  How can we expand our family in that tiny little apartment?)

John:  Yes we've been looking forward to this move.  Owning our own house.  Having room to grow our little family.

Brandi:  Oh that's so lovely.  I love kids.

John:  Yeah.  Me too.  I've always wanted a son.  Not that I don't love you Lucy.  You are my world but I would love to have other children.  I'd love to fill this house up.  We can't wait to have a big family.  Right Jen.

Jennifer:  (mumbles) right.  (I would rather be a business owner.  I did the childbirth thing once.  Why isn't that enough for him?)

Jennifer:  Hi.  Do you live around here?

(Some dude):  No.  I'm just visiting.  I live in another neighborhood.

Jennifer:  Oh.  (To bad.  He's hot.)

Lucy:  Is this right dad?

John:  Right Lucy.  Just like that.

Jennifer:  No no.  I want something profitable.  I need a low buy in.  I'm short of cash.  But this needs to be a business that will make enough cash for me to expand.  I want a business empire.  No no.  This will be in my name only.  John won't be involved at all.  He just doesn't have my vision for the future.

"RICH" Husband Hunt

Dina Caliente: Can you believe he threw me over for HER?  That impostor whore.  Hi, I'm Bella Goth.  Oh please.  Who really believes she is THE Bella Goth and not just another con artist.

Nina Caliente:  Apparently a grief stricken Mortimer Goth.  I heard he's changed his will already.  That well has run dry baby sister.  You'll never be the mistress of Goth Manor.

Dina:  Don't call me that.  Two minutes does not a baby sister make.

Nina:  Whatever you say baby sis.

Nina:  You know I guess you'll juts have to earn all that money you want.

Dina:  WHAT?  No.  WORK?  No.  Not me.  I plan on marrying my money.

Nina:  So only working on your back then?

Dina:  Pot calling kettle sis.

Nina:  Hey.  I don't charge.  But that is an idea.  When our savings runs dry I can find a man charge him for my loving arms.

Dina:  You'd do better with blackmail.  We aren't that desperate yet though.  I am going to find me a man.  A rich man.  And he IS going to marry me.  I will be a rich widow.

Nina:  You are a widow.

Dina:  RICH widow.  Not debt laden widow.

Dina:  You go to that rich private school don't you.

(teen who's name I can't remember):  Yeah.  My dad sent me after my mom died.  Things have been hard you know.

Dina:  Really.  That's so sad.  (Humm.  Possibilities.)

Dina:  Hey Nina.  Heading downtown to work on my project.

Nina:  Sure thing baby sis.  So Daniel. What were you saying?

Daniel:  Saying?  (Can't think with a beautiful woman in the room.  So lovely.  I would love to...)

Nina:  We can do all that later Danny. First it's food and talk.

Daniel:  Did I say that out loud?

Nina:  You didn't have to babe.  You didn't have to.

Michael Bachelor:  They will never change.  I can't believe I didn't see them for what they were.  How could I have thought such a young lovely girl could have really loved an old guy like me?  Run men.  When you see them coming just run.

Dina:  Ummm.  Dina's on the prowl.  Rarrr.

Dina:  Oh hello.  You don't know me but I had a lovely conversation with your daughter the other day.

(What's his name. <I haven't ever played that neighborhood.>) Really.  You know my Angel.

Dina;  Oh yes.  I am so sorry to hear about your wife. 

(Mr Moneybags):  Umm.  Yes.  Another gold digger.  Look honey I'm not looking to remarry right now.  Maybe if I find the right girl but that won't be someone who uses my little Angel to get to me.

Dina:  Oh Malcolm.  It's so nice to finally meet you.

Malcolm Landgrab IV: Right.  So you are looking to marry money.

Dina:  What?

Malcolm:  Well I am looking for a brood mare.

Dina:  WHAT?

Malcolm:  Well I do need an heir to leave my money to.  You have nice breeding hips.  I'll give you a call.  Maybe we can work something out.

Dina: ?

Consort Capp:  Well  hello dear.  Aren't you lovely.

Dina;  Well thank you.  I'm Dina,  It's so lovely to meet you.

Consort:  Oh the pleasure is mine.  I'm looking for a wife.

Dina:  Really?


Consort:  Oh yes.  It's time my son settles down.  But not with that woman he hangs around with.  Bad blood there.  But you, you would make me beautiful grandchildren.

Dina:  What?

Consort:  KENT!  Kent come over and meet this one.  She has such lovely hair.

Kent Capp:  Oh Dad.  Please not again.

Dina:  This is not how I planned my search to go.

Dina:  So, how much money do general's make these days?

General Grunt:  Excuse me.  I have an alien to spy on.

Dina:  I just don't understand.  Why am I having such a hard time finding my Millionaire?  Is there anything you can do to help?

Evil Witch:  Well, if you study the ways of the dark side, I might could help you with that.

Dina:  Just a little studying.  I was never good in school.

Evil Witch:  More like a life time devotion to the dark arts.

Dina:  Oh.  I'm not good with commitments. 

Evil Witch:  Then why are you looking to marry?

Dina:  Oh but that is a short term commitment.  A year or less.  I can do that.

Evil Witch:  You sure you don't want to join the cause.  You would fit right in with the other members of the Dark Coven.

Dina:  I don't know what is wrong.  I just couldn't find a mark.  Not one solid lead.  A few I could work on but it would take a lot of work.

Nina:  Well you are going to need to get to it baby sis.

Dina:  What's the hurry.  We haven't completely run out of cash yet.

Nina:  Well thing is, I seemed to have messed up somewhere.  Seems I have a little Caliente in the oven.

Dina:  WHAT?  But you are always so careful.

Nina:  What can I say.  Woohoo is risky and no one's perfect.  I'll be a mother before the end of the year.

Dina:  But Nina.  Who's the father?

Nina: ....

(Didn't plan on this.  Downloaded the new ACR.  Still feeling it out.  Wasn't expecting Nina to try for baby like that but oh well.  Need a second generation after all.)

Coming out of a Dream

House 1-5 The Dreamer Family

Darrin Dreamer:  Yes.  I'm the D.Dreamer that does portraits.  When my wife died in a kitchen fire, well my life went down hill fast.  I lost my job.  My sanity for  a little while.  But I think I have finally started to get my life back.  It's taken a while but I know that with hard work and dedication I can become a great artist.

Tara Kat:  Do you paint cats?

Darrin:  Cats?  Well I never have but I suppose I could.

Tara:  I'd pay your going rate of course.  A family portrait of me and my cats would be lovely to hang above the mantel.

Dirk Dreamer:  Lilith.  Is it true?  Did your parents split.

Lilith:  Where did you hear that?

Dirk:  From your crazy sister.  She followed me home from school.  Talked my ear off the whole way.  I tuned out half of what she said but is it true?  Did your parents split?

Lilith:  Yeah they did.  Is Angela still there?

Dirk:  Yeah she's in the living room.

Lilith:  I'll be right there.

Dirk:  Lil, I'm sorry about your parents.  I know how much you love them even though they don't treat you right.

Lilith:  Thanks Dirk.  It's been hard but it's easier knowing you're here.  I can't wait until we leave for college though.  I'm ready to start my life.  Start our life together.  Just you and me.

Dirk:  I can't wait either. And I'll be glad to get away from your sister.  She is beyond weird.  If I didn't know better I'd think she was trying to hit on me earlier.

Lilith:  What?

Lilith:  You bitch.  You were hitting on MY boyfriend.

Angela:  Your the slut not me.   I have Dustin.  I don't need Dirk.  Of course if he ever wants a real woman he knows where to find me, don't you Dirk.

Dirk: That won't be happening.

Angela:  Huh.  Yeah right.  Eventually you'll leave her for something or someone better.  You are meant for greatness.  Best she'll ever be is burger master.

Darrin:  Thanks for coming over Tara.

Tara:  Oh it's no problem.  Did you want to talk about doing my cats?

Darrin:  *blushes*  Umm, no.  I was thinking about you.  Doing you.  Um, I mean dating you.  *blushes*  I'm so out of practice.  I haven't dated in almost twenty years but, I like you Tara.  You're the first woman I've been attracted to since my wife died.  I was wondering if you'd like to go out sometime?

Tara:  Yes Darrin.  I would love to go out.  Or we could stay in and I could cook you breakfast.

Darrin:  But it's afternoon?

Tara:  *blushes*  In the morning.  I could cook us breakfast after we wake up in the morning.

Darrin.  Oh.... OH!  Right.  Ummm.  Ok.  Ummm.  Why don't you follow me and I'll show you a few of my paintings.

Tara:  *giggles*

Lost Goth Returns

House 1-4 The Goth Family

(Simmers note:  I always redo the Goth house.  Each time I say it's the last time but it somehow never is.  This time I got the crazy notion to add a basement.  I mean if any family would have a hidden basement in their home it would be the Goths.  I couldn't figure out how to do walls and When I added the cement floor tiles they went up and made it look like I had cement walls.  It isn't pretty but it's functional and it's where every guest heads apon arrival.  I'll be darned if I know how to take pictures down there though.)

Mortimer Goth:  No Dina.  Now isn't a good time.  I have some family matters to attend to.  I'm sorry but I really can't talk now.  I have to go.

Bella Goth:  Who was that?

Mortimer:  Oh no one dear.  No one.  Oh Bella it is so good to have you back in my arms.  Finally our family will be complete again.

Bella:  Do you really think the kids will accept me back?

Mortimer:  Of course.  Why wouldn't they.  You're their mother.  I called Cassandra's cell and left her a message that I needed her home immediately.  As soon as she's here we'll tell the kids.  Oh Bella.  My beautiful Bella.

Mortimer: Cassandra.  Why did you bring Don with you?  I told you that this was a family affair.

Cassandra:  Don is family dad.  He and I were married two days ago.  I've moved into his home.  I can't believe you didn't  notice.

Mortimer:  You eloped.  But why?

Cassandra:  I know you don't trust Don but I love him.  I trust him enough for the both of us.  You will simply have to accept it.

Mortimer:  Is that why you thought I wanted to postpone your wedding?  Oh no dear.  I just wanted you to wait until your mother arrived home from Strangetown.

Cassandra:  My mother.  My mother is dead.

Bella:  No Cassandra.  I'm not.

Cassandra:  Who are you?  Dad, who is this woman?

Mortimer:  Don't you recognize her Cassandra.  It's Bella.  It's your mother.

Cassandra:  No she's not.  She can't be.  She's my age not yours.  This woman is an impostor.

Mortimer:  No Cassandra.  Bella is back.  Alive and sound.  She was living in Strangetown..  That is where the aliens left her after they abducted her.  She blocked out the horror.  She doesn't remember much of her past with us.  But she's back now and that's all that matters.

Cassandra:  What hogwash.  Abducted by aliens.  There are no such thing.  And isn't it a little convenient that she can't remember her past.  I suppose the aliens did something to her that stopped her aging.

Bella:  I don't remember what the aliens did.  Just bits and pieces that come to me in my dreams.  But I am your mother.  I don't know why I'm not older but I hope you can find a way to accept me back into your heart.

Cassandra:  NO!  I won't accept this WOMAN as my mother.

Don:  Cassie.  Baby let's calm down ok.  Let's just stay for dinner.  Your dad can tell us all about...whatever.

Mortimer:  Well that's the story.  The private investigators that Bella hired finally found me here in Pleasantview and now your mother is back where she should be.

Cassandra:  My mother is dead.

Mortimer:  Cassandra.  You're hurting Bella.

Cassandra:  She isn't Bella.  She isn't my mother.  None of this is true.  Just because you want to believe it doesn't make it so.  My mother has been gone since Alexander was a baby.  She was declared legally dead.  She is dead.  End of story.

Mortimer:  Cassandra...

Cassandra:  No dad.  I don't want to discuss this anymore.  Don, take me home.

Mortimer:  I'm sorry about that scene with Cassandra last night.  I truly thought she would be able to see the truth.

Bella:  It's ok Mortimer.  I understand.  I really do.

Mortimer:  No it's not ok.  I realized that what Cassandra said was true.  You were declared dead.  Not everyone will believe.  I will pass long before you and I don't want you to be left penniless because of all this.

Mortimer:  I guess what I'm saying is that we should be married.  Bella, will you marry me again?

Bella:  Oh Mortimer.  Of course I will.  Nothing would make me happier.

Mortimer:  It's all been taken care of my dear.  We're legally married again.  I've changed my will.  My lawyers are the best.  You will be for now and evermore Mrs. Mortimer Goth.

Bella:  I'm so relieved.  (You know that Don sure is sexy.  Cassandra did well for herself.  Humm.  I wonder if he is keeping his open door policy even after his marriage?)