Sunday, May 24, 2015

1.24 The Capp Family of Veronaville

This branch of the Capp family was originally placed in this small Veronaville home.  It was all they could afford with just 20k.

But some of the members felt that such a small home was beneath them.  I myself just didn't feel like playing in the tiny house.  So....using a hacked computer, a 100k loan was taken out by Cornwall.  It charges interest at least twice a week.  More if you are spending TONS of time on community lots.  

Cornwall Capp - 20 days til elder - Fortune - Business Tycoon - Science

Regan Capp - 26 days til elder - Fortune - Business Tycoon - Science

Kent Capp - 28 days til elder - Knowledge - Hand of Poseidon - Cuisine

Regan:  Oh Cornwall.  Thank you for buying me this new home.  It's so much better than that tiny little place where we've been squatting.

Cornwall:  Anything for you dearest.  No one should expect US to live in such a tiny insignificant home.  And don't worry yourself about the loan.  With the three of us contributing, I'm sure we'll have it paid off in no time.

Kent:  Perhaps I should have found my own place.  I think I would have liked the tiny little house.  Now I think someone is going to be dipping into my earnings until I have nothing left.

Kent:  It's nice meeting new people.  Before, we couldn't leave Veronaville.  We were 'protected' by the mist.  I call it 'trapped' but whatever.  At least now there are more people to share ideas with.  More things to learn.  What a wonderful Megahood we live in.

Contender:  Well, there are a lot more women now.  That is ALWAYS a good thing.

Regan:  I can't believe Benjamin Baldwin invited me downtown.  I knew we could become prominent in all of the Megahood if we just tried.  If only the rest of the family would work harder.  We could really become THE family of the Megahood.  Oh, there's my nephew Hal.  

Regan:  Politics is always a great way to gain power.  If we align ourselves closely with the future Mayor of Belladonna Cove, we can someday use him to make our family MORE.

Hal:  Well, I'm not sure how he plans to be elected when he cheats on his wife in such a public place.

Regan:  What?  Oh no.  MEN!  Why is he doing this to me?  Now I'll have to distance myself from him.  Unless I can find a way to spin this to my advantage.

Cornwall:  You seem deep in thought dearest.

Regan:  Yes.  Things took a turn with the Baldwins.  I'm rethinking my plans for that family.

Contender:  What about my niece's family?

Regan:  What?  Your niece?  Oh....that's right.  Isabel is your niece.  Well, you'd better warn her.  Her husband wasn't exactly discrete with his newest paramour.  

Brandi Broke:  Oh Kent.  You are just so sweet.

Kent:  Not always sweet.  Not always.

Cornwall:  I hope Regan is asleep.  I don' want her to worry but we have overspent.  If I don't find some buried treasure or something, they may come and take all we have in payment.

Kent:  It's hard to concentrate with all this noise. 

Lola:  You could put the book away and join in the conversation.

Kent:  Why would I want to do that?

Regan:  Oh no.  All these people in my home and now this.  What will they think of me?

Regan:  That I was hormonal and burnt dinner?

 Denise Jacquet &Ashley Pitts

Cornwall:  Regan dear?  What was it you wanted to tell me?

Regan:  This is the way.  Food brought right to your door.

Cornwall:  No.  I'm not criticizing.  But perhaps the most expensive of everything isn't needed at this time.

Regan:  I'm going to have to finish the nursery.  New furniture.  New wallpaper.  The works.  Nothing is to good for the newest little Capp.

Cornwall:  I'd better get back to digging.

Kent:  I'm going to move out.     Regan, I'm moving out.     Yes, I'm moving out.      Maybe I should just wait until she has the baby.  Yeah.  I'll just wait.  I can move out anytime.  Right?

Emilia Capp
 Regan:  A daughter.  A lovely baby girl.  She's so perfect.  Just as a Capp should be.

Regan:  Why are you trying to do that on your own.  Just call the repairman. 

Cornwall:  Broke.  No money.

Regan:  I can't believe I'm doing this.  It's so undignified.

Cornwall:  Well I can't afford to keep wearing these suits each day.  I'll have to....downgrade.  

Cornwall:  I'm just saying, the Goth family is just a bunch of want-a-be's.  Yes you managed to have a nice chunk of change and a musty old house.  But there aren't that many of you.  Nothing like OUR fabulously large and well established family.

Cassandra:  Well actually...

Cornwall:  Now don't cry little missy.  I'm sure your family is the SECOND best family in the megahood.  That's nothing to cry about.  Nothing at all.  Perhaps your children will even be worthy of marrying into our family.  You know we don't share our bloodline with just anyone.

Cassandra:  I just want to stab you in the eye.  One hard thrust with a butcher knife. It would make my day.

Regan:  Can a Goth toss a baby with such precision?  I think not.

Dina:  She may be right.  That is a nice tight spiral.

Cassandra:  I hate you all.

Jenny Smith:  That seems harsh.  I was just standing here.

Emilia Capp - Scorpio - 8-8-10-2-6

Cornwall:  We need to dig more so we can hire a servant to do all this toddler stuff.

Emilia:  Daddy no love?

Cornwall:  When you're older and can take care of yourself maybe.

Sunday 'Family' night
 Goneril:  Can we leave now?

Kent:  Now this is how you spend family night.  All alone skilling.

Whoops.  I can't spell.  But I did pretty good.  Of course I bought most of the wants for the Fortune sims.

We managed to pay off half the loan and pay off all the interest owed.  We found 3 treasure chests and 2 expensive vases.  The interest on Tuesday was 6k.  Yikes.  But we managed by having Cornwall & Regan dig after their 5 wants were fulfilled.

Career info:

The Maid has a second job?

Say what?

The House:

Front of the house on a very large lot.
We added a pond for those pesky fishing wants and a drive way to hold the wanted car.

Back view.
 We moved the tree and planted new sod for that all over green effect.

 We split the bathroom into two smaller bathrooms.  All new wallpaper throughout.  We lost the extra bathroom and made one very large nursery/kids room.  It may be split into two rooms later if Uncle Kent doesn't move out.  He really wants to I think.  Using all his hard earned money to pay off his kin's debt just isn't his thing.

 The bathroom was again split into two bathrooms.  The front door was changed.  New wall paper throughout.  A larger back patio was made.


I personally love this house.  I have played it before.  I once actually added a third floor.  Yes I love large houses.

Cornwall & Regan:  I bought most of their wants.  They wanted things.  Lots of pretty new expensive things.  I did my best.  They also wanted skills for promotions and then promotions.  I think they did pretty good on their careers.

Emilia:  Was a ACR try for baby.  I wasn't upset since they didn't have any other children.  I was sad that she was a girl.  I had the perfect Shakespearean name picked out for a boy.  Oh well.  That's how the cookie crumbles.

Kent:  Skill.  Skill.  Skill.  The thing with Brandi Broke was all ACR.  They have two bolts.  We'll have to see what she thinks when we get to her house.  I've never put these two together.  Could be interesting.

It was nice playing a family with money for a change.  It was not nice as the interest started accumulating.  We managed but barely.  If these two reach their LTW...and I don't control them...things could get ugly.  Oh well.  That could be fun too.


  1. sounds like you had a very fun but interesting household. I have never used a hack computer to buy a house, but each to their own. I think i have said somewhere before on here i prefer smaller houses not big ones, or they sims take too long to get to one place to another.

  2. I don't use hacks or cheats (other than the occasional "move_objects on" for the purpose of decorating) in my game at all, but it is interesting to see what others can do with it in their game.
    Usually, when three adults work, the money comes rolling in in no time, and I always end up with those exceedingly rich families :-)
    Love the house, too - I think it is the same one I've given to one branch of the Capp family myself.

  3. Yes I love this house too and before Veronaville Wishes blew up I had Regan and Cornwall living in it too! They never had kids sadly, probably the only couple in my game who it never happened to, even with Risky present!
    It would be good to see Brandi and Kent together. In my Megahood she married Carlos Contender. :D