Tuesday, May 5, 2015

1.18 The Baldwin Family of Belladonna Cove

I've been slacking on my blogging.  I'm going to try to rectify that.  Yes, it's catch up time again.  Also of note, my monitor went out.  I had to get a new one.  It took me forever to get the settings situated.  I was playing this household while adjusting the settings.  Just a warning in case things look strange every now and again.

The Baldwin family began as apartment dwellers.  As I am not a fan of apartments, they were moved into this new house that I downloaded from somewhere (MTS maybe).   I hate building SO much.  Pitiful house tour at the end of the post.

Benjamin Baldwin - 10 days til elder - Popularity - Become Mayor - Tinkering

Isabel Baldwin - 13 days til elder - Family - Become Captain Hero - Cuisine
Marcus Baldwin - Capricorn - 6-5-8-3-3 - Sports

Sofia Baldwin - Aquarius - 2-3-9-7-4 - Fitness

Benjamin:  Your roommate seems to be....friendly.

Chastity Gere:  Yes.  Maybe a little too friendly.

Chastity:  Gabriel.  I just need a moment.

Chastity:  I am such a jealous girl.  He he he.

Samantha Cordial:  I never would have kissed you if I had known you had that kind of relationship with your roommate.

Gabriel Green:  But I don't.  I mean, I didn't.  I mean...

Samantha:  Save it for someone who cares.

Chastity:  Don't worry Gabriel.  I'm here to cheer you up.

Samantha:  Have at it harlot.  I can do better.

Isabel:  No Uncle Carlos, we don't need any help.      A loan.  We took out a little loan.  Benjamin is sure we'll get it paid off soon.       Because the next mayor needs to have a nice home.  Something stunning that people will envy.      Benjamin doesn't have crazy ideas Uncle.  It's not crazy for a scientist to go into politics.  It happens all the time.     Please don't call my husband that Uncle Carlos.  Please.      Thank you.

Gabriel:  (All these years of looking for love and it was right there living in my home.)

Chastity:  (I hope Gabriel doesn't get clingy.  I don't like clingy and we live together.  It could get messy quick and I don't want to move.)

Gabriel:  You don't need to try and make me jealous.  I've moved on.

Samantha:  How about moving right on out of the room then.

Wanda Tinker:  Harsh....but entertaining.

Wanda:  The roads of love are full of twists and turns.  You may regret that which you let walk away.

Gabriel:  Did you read that in a fortune cookie?

Wanda:  How did you know?

Sofia:  Uncle Carlos.  Let's play.  PLEASE!

Carlos Contender:  I can't say no to you little bit.  

Regan Capp:  I think you will make a wonderful mayor someday.  Of course I can't vote for you but I'll tell all my friends of your plans.

Benjamin:  Thank you.  

Isabella Monty:  I think it's so wonderful that the neighbors here are friendly.  No fighting.  It must be heavenly.

Mercutio Monty:  Or boring.  What is there to do for fun if you don't fight your neighbors?

Isabel:  Happy Birthday to you.  Happy Birthday to you.  Happy Birthday my precious Marcus.  Happy Birthday to you. 

Marcus:  Thank you mommy.  I would have liked a cake though.  For future reference.

Alexandra O'Mackey:  What if someone sees?

Benjamin:  We're only dancing.  No matter what, it can only ever be dancing.

Alexandra:  We'll see.

Isabel:  Is all this socializing really necessary?

Benjamin:  Of course.  This is the life of a politician.

Isabel:  I know.  I just miss you.  I don't feel like I ever see you anymore.

Benjamin:  I'm here now Isabel.  That's the best I can do right now.

Sofia Baldwin - Family - 6 grandkids

Isabel:  Benjamin!  One of your constituents is having a meltdown on the lawn.

Monty:  What?  We should tell all that will listen that the Baldwin family should rule us all?  Are you sure?  Well, okay.  I'm sure you know what's best.

Benjamin:  I'm not one to spread rumors but I swear that's what I heard.

Sofia:  (Gavin is SO cute.)

Benjamin:  I know that not all politicians are trustworthy.  But I am worthy of your trust.  

Marcus:  Speeches are boring.  Swimming is fun.

Dora:  Don't worry.  No one will ever hear about this from me.

Benjamin:  That's all I wanted to know.

Marcus:  Dad wanted me to play baseball but I want to play soccer.  I will rule the soccer field.  Right dad.

Benjamin:  Right son.  Positive thinking is always the first step.

Isabel:  What kind of idiot built a home with no stairs?  Now I have to fix the elevator in the middle of the night so my kids won't be trapped upstairs.  At times like this, I really miss the apartment manager.

Career happenings:

The pitiful house tour: 

Upstairs.  The room with the big windows became the master.  The two rooms to the left became the kids bedrooms.  The other room became a hobby room.

Ground Floor:  Kitchen to the left, living room at the right front and nursery in the back.

Back of the lot view.  The banana tree got moved because it was in my way.  I sold the drive way part that was underneath the carport to make more outdoor space.

It's not a bad house but I wish there were stairs.  Sorry that the pictures were before the furniture arrived.  As I said, I was messing with the settings.  I thought I had taken more pictures but I guess not.

More thoughts:

This was a frustrating play for me only because of my monitor situation.  No matter what setting I used, I didn't think things looked right.  Drove me batty for a while there.

Benjamin:  I had a hard time with wants this round.  Benjamin has a crush on Alexandra O'Makey because they danced together.  He had the want to dance with someone and they had three bolts so he was able to dance with her even though they didn't know each other that well.  The thing with Dora was all ACR.  Isabel was at work.  I turned my head for one moment and Benjamin lost his mind.  Oh well.  At least Isabel is ignorant of it all.  Hopefully she'll stay that way.

Isabel:  Once she found a job in law enforcement, Isabel didn't get to spend much time with her husband.  She and ACR did try for baby once but they were unsuccessful.  

Sofia:  Has two bolts with Gavin.  I haven't played that lot yet.  Maybe they will work out.  She has not had the want to go to college.  She probably won't.

Marcus:  Spent time making friends and playing.  

Well that's all for now.  More soon...I hope.


  1. Funny how in my game it was the other way round - Isabel left Benjamin for her three-bolt-love Beaumont DeBateau... he was always faithful to her. Marcus and Sofia are grown-up and live in their parents' old house. It is nice to see them all young and hopeful again!
    The house is not bad, and it certainly looks large enough to fit a staircase somewhere.

  2. Nice read. My Sofia has just gone to college and Marcus is turning to a teenager soonn. You need one of those small staircase, that twirl upwards and i cannot recall what is called at all. Lots of action going on there. Has Wanda turned into a plantsim?

    1. Yes, Wanda and Stephan Tinker are both plantsims now.