Saturday, May 9, 2015

1.23 The Curious Family of Strangtown

 This will be a short week: Saturday and Sunday only.

Pascal Curious - 19 days til elder - Knowledge - Education Minister

Vidcund Curious - 23 days til elder - Knowledge - Hand of Poseidon

Pascal:  I've been dreading this part.

Merian Curious - staged alien pregnancy

Vid:  Wow.  This is great.  But I thought she was part alien.

Pascal:  She was a bit of an experiment.  Obviously it didn't come out quite like I'd planned.  

Vid:  Well she's great anyway.  Welcome little Merian.

Pascal:  Eventually you have to accept your receding hairline and lose the comb over.

Allegra Gory - Knowledge - Game Designer

Vidcund:  Allegra, I'm so glad you've graduated.  

Allegra:  Vidcund.  Thank you for inviting me to move in.  

Vidcund:  Well Lazlo flaked on us and we have this new baby to deal with.  So....WELCOME!

Allegra:  Have a nice trip Pascal.  I want to hear all about it later.

Pascal:  I guess I get to have a green baby this time.

Vidcund:  That's a sweet baby.  No don't spit up on Uncle Vid.  I really hate being dirty.

Vid:  So, are you going to talk about it?

Pascal:  I'd rather not.  

Vid:  Selfish.  I'd share if it had happened to me.  Not that it did.  I was busy taking care of YOUR kid.

Pascal:  Don't worry.  I'll be taking care of my daughter from now on.


Merian Curious - Scorpio - 10-9-10-0-6 - Science

Lucy Burb:  Are you sure you should be eating green pizza?

Lilith Pleasant:  What's the worse that can happen?

Vidcund:  Allegra, will you marry me?

Allegra:  Yes.  Yes, I'll marry you.

House Shots:

2nd Floor

I sold all the extra stuff on the house reducing it to just one level.  I then extended the ground floor.  I then added two bedrooms and one bathroom upstairs.  I am not entirely happy with it but so far it's working well.

Ground Floor

Career Happenings:

Merian's Family Tree:

Due to the fact that I have a multi-polination tech hack, Merian only has one parent.  She was named for Maria Sibylla Merian.  I was trying to carry on the family naming theme.  I'm not sure how I did.

Additional Thoughts:

I am playing weeks (Monday - Sunday) in this hood.  Since this lot started at 1 am on Saturday, I either had to have a short week or a long week.  I went with short.

I wasn't trying to get Pascal abducted but I knew it could happen.  I was still surprised by the abduction.  After the abduction I saved the game.  I played the final day.  When I went to exit to the main screen, I remembered that I hadn't taken any pictures of the house.  So I hit no, which wasn't don't exit but don't save.  I was SO pissed at myself.  So I had to replay the second day.  That is mainly why there weren't many pictures on day two.  The first time through, there was no risky baby.  Wasn't happy about that but oh well.  I mainly wasn't happy because I had already cheated and knew that Pascal was pregnant with alien twins.  So we have three adults, one toddler and three babies on the way.  My population control is non-existent at this point.  I have decreased the risky percentage on ACR.   I had it listed at 13% since I've stopped dating so unless the want is there.  I've lowered it to 8%.  Standard is 5%.  We'll see how things go.  I just feel like there are babies everywhere.

Allegra and Vidcund have found their dream careers.  Pascal has not.

I had the desire for the engagement, not them.  I'm not sure if they'll marry or not.  We'll wait and see what they wish for.

I am happy to say that I am completely caught up with my blogging (for Sims 2 anyway).  

Happy Mother's Day everyone.  Have a safe and wonderful day.  Happy simming and I'll hopefully see you soon. 


  1. Vidcund and Allegra, what an interesting couple! But somehow I think they match well. What happened to Lazlo? I am sure you've already told us in your blog but I'm afraid I can't remember.
    I love it that you named the little girl after Maria Sibylla Merian! A cousin of mine was named Sibylle (the German version of the name ends on an "e", not an "a") after her.

    1. Alright, got it about Lazlo :-) I simply read your posts in the wrong order, starting with the newest.

  2. I have done that a few times presses the wrong button, exit without saving. I don't think i have changed my ACR settings at all, and all the couples try for a baby as soon as possible and nearly always get pregnant and the ones i do want to get pregnant take six or seven times.In my neighbourhood two of the Curious brothers married the Cordial Sisters. I like Aliens babies though.

  3. I love Vidcund's new look with the Mohican, suits him and his personality :D
    How odd that Pascal never had a green-skinned baby! I wonder if his twins will be green? heh.
    I usually sell all the tiers as well, gives you loads of money to turn their house into some semblance of rational play! :)

  4. Allegra and Vidcund are a very interesting couple ;) and I love Vidcund and Pascal's makeovers :)