Thursday, May 7, 2015

1.20 The Goth Family of Pleasantview

Mortimer Goth - 58 years old - Knowledge - Max All Skills - nature

Bella Goth - 29 days til elder - Romance - Hall of Famer - tinkering

Cassandra Goth - 26 days til elder - Family - Marry 6 Kids - tinkering

Alexander Goth - 4 days til teen - cancer - 4-6-4-7-4 - nature

We started the week with Alexander and Cassandra having problems with their wants.  Nothing I tried fixed it.  This is a problem when playing a wants based challenge.  I left these two to do their own thing.  They got their wants back after a good nights sleep.

Instead I focused on getting the family back together.  This neighborhood has Bella attached to the family tree but not living in the household.  Mortimer quickly invited her over.

And they renewed their wedding vows.  Now the family is back as it should be...except for the fact that Cassandra is older than her mother.  Nothing is perfect.

Cassandra:  YOU!   How dare you walk by my home.

Opal Contrary (I just realized I have an Opal & Opalina):  What?  I'm not allowed to walk for good health?

Antonio Monty:  My best friend is a volleyball.  He is very intelligent.  Smartest man I know.

Cassandra:  Okay.

Mortimer:  Just like old times.  I'm so glad your home my Bella. 

Bella:  Ah, too.

Monty:  See Cassandra.  This is my best friend.       Yes.  I think she's lovely too.

Don Lothario:  Stay away from my girl or I'll take you out....crazy or not.

Son of a....

Mortimer:  I have to get in shape for my Bella.  

Luis Aspir:  It must be nice having enough money to put a basketball court on your roof.

Bella:  I can't believe I'm pregnant.  This was not part of the plan.  Come back.  Inherit everything.  Have some fun.  That was the plan.  Dang it.  I never was able to resist Mortimer.

Cassandra:  Can't I just make a change.  It doesn't mean I'm trying to hold on to my fiance.  It doesn't mean I'm looking for someone new.  She shows back up after YEARS of being away and thinks she can just be my mother again.  She looks younger than me.  I'm sure Don noticed.  Ugh.  I wish she'd have stayed away.

Alexander:  I'll just stay out of the way.  No one ever notices me anyway.

Cassandra:   It's okay Don.  I know you have a lot going on with your career.      No.  There's nothing much going on here.        I don't want to talk about her.        Don't worry about me.  I'll see you when I see you.

Cassandra:  No touching the baby bump.

Loki:  Well I do know a thing or two about infants.  If you should want to give yours up, I have some theories and I need a new test subject to test them on.

Cassandra:  You're a lot of fun when you're not talking crazy.

Mortimer:  Weeeeeee

Bella:  You have to get all this homework done.  What if you want to follow in your father's footsteps? That will take good grades and lots of hard work.

Alexander Goth - Pleasure - Professional Party Guest
Alexander:  Then I'm pretty sure I don't want to follow in his footsteps.

Mortimer:  I love you Bella.

Bella:  Me too.

Timothy Riley:  Wow.  Don must be so thrilled.

Cassandra:  Why?     Oh.      I'm sure he will be once I tell him.

Bella:  You do realize it takes work to hold a relationship together.  I haven't seen that man of yours in ages.  Are you to ever going to get married?

Cassandra:  You're one to talk Ms WalksOutOnHerFamily.  And I'm sure we'll get married.  Eventually.  When I'm ready.  When we're ready.  Later.  Eventually.

Cassandra:  No.  I'm not ready.  I AM NOT READY.

Heath Goth

Hannah Goth

Bella:  I can't believe it.  I'm a grandmother.  I'M A GRANDMOTHER?  That just seems so wrong.

Bella:  Oh no.  Now I'm going to be a mother again.  This is just way too much.

Alexander:  Mom, I think you're upsetting the babies with all that scary panting.

Bella:  Oh damn.  I think some of my heritage has slipped through.

Gabriella Goth

Cassandra:  Yes, my mother tried to give me some relationship speech.  You have to work on your relationship.  You aren't seeing him enough.  When are you going to get married?

Albany Capp:  And?  When are you going to get married?  Those babies need a father don't you think?

Herbert Goddies:  All this time and he still doesn't know.  Young kids today.

Cassandra:  When I said I'd see you around I really thought I'd would have seen you before now.  Have you been sick?

Don:  Na.  Just busy.  Things to do.  Career.  And things.

Don:  What do you mean we have TWINS!  When were you going to tell me?  At their high school graduation.

Cassandra:  I think you're overreacting.  And I would have told you at the wedding... probably.

Don:  I can't believe you.  I can't even look at you right now.

Cassandra:  How are you feeling now?

Cassandra:  I'm in  a funk.  I just need to find a way out.

Gypsy:  Why not spice things up with a three bolt date?

Cassandra:  Well, he definitely isn't Don.

Date:  Who?

Cassandra:  Oh.  No one.

Cassandra:  You know that really does make a body feel better.

Cassandra:  Hello neighbor.  So good to see you.

Cassandra:  Do you see what she's wearing?  So awful.  

Herbert:  So, is that daughter of yours ever going to marry that boy of hers?

Mortimer:  Doubtful.    Very doubtful.

Darren Dreamer:  Well that's what I heard.  That you were out with someone new.  That you had moved on.  Is that not true?

Morty Roth:  Never mess with plantman.  

Butler:  Goodnight Miss Cassandra.  

Date:  She is going to be so surprised.

Date:  I'll leave it right here by the door.

Date:  A sunflower for my Cassandra with a note that says "Call Me".  I hope that's not to forward.


Bella:  How is this possible?

Cassandra:  Happy Birthday Hannah.

Hannah Goth - Cancer - 7-2-9-5-4

Mortimer:  It is great having grandkids.  So much life and love after so many years of sorrow.

Alexander:  Happy Birthday baby sister.

Gabriella Goth - Gemini - 7-10-10-3-4

Heath Goth - Aries - 7-7-4-5-4

Cassandra:  How long do these toddler years last?

Alexander:  Forever and ever when you want to marry six kids.

Bella:  This is so nice.  Me and Mortimer spending time together.

Alexander:  I finally met a girl.  I finally met a girl.

A little something for Cassandra's backpack.

Bella:  Oh no.  Please don't take him.  Please.  Not yet.

Bella:  Oh Mortimer.  How could you leave me like this?

Alexander:  No.  I don't have much time these days.  I'm having to help raise my little sister and my niece and nephew.  It's exhausting.  I'd much rather be out having fun...but I'm the man of the house now.  I have to keep the train on the tracks so to speak.

Sharla:  I completely understand.  Living in a large family is hard.  Sucks the fun right out of you.  But at least you're rich.  That has to help.

Career happenings:

House Tour:

I completely squared off the house.  I used the half walls on the roof to make a nice outdoor space.

The new entryway.  

Alexander wanted a hot tub.  I added hedges to hide it from the road.  A small pond for those daily fishing wants.

The back yard is mainly unchanged and still a bit of a work in progress.

The roof.  The visitors love it and the ghosts can't get them up here.

Third floor is for skilling and recharging.

The second floor changed a little.  The nursery is in the hall.  Strange I know but it works for me.

Downstairs is relatively unchanged.  Other than moving the stairs of course.  

And under the house I hide my bat box.  Never know when you might need it.


First, I am so sad to lose Mortimer so soon.  He only needed ONE more skill point to fulfill his LTW.  He would have had it if he hadn't helped with child skilling.  He had the wants though so....he taught all three children their nursery rhymes.  Goodbye Mortimer.  I'll miss you.

I had not planned on Bella getting pregnant.  Not once and definitely not twice.  Oh well.  As far as Gabriella's skin tone, it comes from a genetic skin I picked up from a sim I downloaded.  It crops up every now and then.  I like to think of it as Bella's distant alien ancestry shinning through.  I like to think she went back to visit the family for a while.  That's why she seems so young and vital when she should be an old hag.

Cassandra....the most annoying sim EVER.  She had no wants on day one for her staged wedding so I didn't marry her.  ACR took over and she headed off with Don and after seeing her LTW I made it possible for her to try for baby.  Silly me, I thought that eventually she'd roll a want regarding Don.  Any want.  But she didn't.  I sent her downtown after the birth of her babies to roll her wants.  She hooked up with Don.  No babies resulted.  But she only got one or two wants fulfilled.  So I sent her to another lot and finally did the blind date.  That didn't result in many wants either.    Should Cassandra still be living here when we get back to this lot I will have her move out so she will have room for all the kids she needs.

Alexander has not rolled up any wants to go to college.  He will probably stay home.  I can't believe he rolled pleasure.  He just doesn't seem like a pleasure sim to me.  After his teen transition I fulfilled all his wants by buying things.  Good thing the family is loaded.

Still not caught up but almost.  Two more to go.  I'll try to get them up soon.


  1. Wow, some surprising developments in this family!
    I like the roof space.
    Never got Bella back in my game, maybe I should have tried - it would have been nice. I actually liked Cassandra a lot; she married Cyd Roseland in my game.
    Yes, Mortimer died early... it's a shame he didn't make his LTW, but he still got the marble head stone because you fulfilled so many of his other wants.

  2. i like what you did to the house too. I have never thought about changing the roof for a flat one. All that risky whoo doesn't help. So many babies, i can't remember whose is whose.

  3. haha, Cassandra had twins in my game too as did Bella the one time I played her. But both in the same house? It's a Toddlermania nightmare. :D
    It is a shame poor Mortimer doesn't live long. I guess he needs Elixir to make it to the second week which I forgot about in my game.
    Alexander has a thing for redheads doesn't he? He usually ends up with one in my game.