Monday, June 9, 2014

Season One - Summer - Grunt

Grunt Family of Strangetown

One of my least favorite houses ever.

Front view.

Ground floor.

Second floor.

General Buzz Grunt - 15 days til elder - Popularity - LTW Captain Hero

Tank Grunt - 5 days til adult - Popularity - LTW Become General

Ripp Grunt - 8 days til adult - Romance - LTW woohoo 20 sims

Buck Grunt - 4 days til teen

Apparently Buzz and his wife Lyla divorsed BEFORE she became a ghost at the Spector residence.  Now a days, Buzz is running after Nina Caliente.

The family headed to the park to buy cell phones.  Buck tries to get love from his daddy.  Things don't go well.  Buzz is a bit of a hands off parent.

Tank meets a beautiful girl, Lucy Burb.  They shared a moment but then she quickly left.

The Grunt family didn't stay long either.  Buzz got into a bit of a fuss with the neighbors.  He then stormed home dragging his kids with him.

After arriving home the family shared a rather depressing breakfast.

Then people began to appear.  Lots of people walked by and the family greeted them all.

The welcome wagon consisted of Circe Beaker, Nervous Subject & Wanda Tinker (who just keeps showing up).  ACR sent Nervous after Circe several times with disastrous results.  

Eventually he gave up on her.  Birds don't reject you.  Pretty birds.  Do you want to be friends?

You can't tell here but Tank did some flirting with Angela Pleasant.  

Buzz couldn't understand why his children let all these strangers into their home.  He hid upstairs taking his anger out on the poor punching bag.

Ripp gets a first kiss from Miranda Capp.

Tank and Lucy get busy when no one is looking.

Buzz tries to cook dinner but has no skill.  Instead he starts a fire.  He was cheered up by the flock of people exiting his lot.  Apparently even popularity sims can have an antisocial day.

Buzz & Tank find their dream jobs.

At my insistence, the family share meals often.  Some of them have even become friends.

A back stoop was constructed and the rear staircase replaced.  It's not the perfect place to do homework and spy on the neighbors.

Ripp and Tank earn promotions.

Buck has a birthday.  He has grown into a knowledge sim that longs to be chief of staff.

Challenge:  How far can we spread the flu? Game on.

Another birthday, this time Tank.  I love my graphics card!

Ah.  Better.

The heir of the Grunt family.

The Headless Horseman is promoted.

A quick dinner for a family a men who just can't cook.

The kitchen becomes blocked by chatty teens.

First day of the rest of his life.  But then again...isn't every day.

Dancing with the neighbors.

Buck gets his first kiss.

People begin gathering in the yard again.

Luckily they were scarce when Buzz arrives home.

Tank entices one of his neighbors into this bed.  I think her last name is Wan but I could really be wrong.  She could be the roommate of Wan.  I think Wan has a roommate.  Maybe?  Anyway, the two are highly attracted to each other.  I have no idea if she is already spoken for.  We'll have to see.

Despite being a romancer, Ripp wants to attend college.  He manages two scholarships and heads off.  

Although it could happen, I don't plan on having Buzz find a wife and start a second family.  Hopefully one of his sons will produce a second generation Grunt.