Monday, October 12, 2015

1.43 The McGreggor Family of Riverblossom Hills

The Old McGreggor Farm

Leod McGreggor - 16 days til elder - Fortune - Business Tycoon - Nature - Father of twin sons with Andrew Martin

Leod's initial wants - Note this week will be Saturday - Sunday week or 9 days

Leod:  It's so lovely now that the snow is melting.

Leod:  You're not from around here are you?

Romeo Monty:  No, but I do know a thing or two about farm life.

Leod:  I'm so glad you could come.

Andrew Martin:  I'm so glad you called.

Daisy Greenman:  It's very rude to gossip about little old ladies.  Even crazy evil old ladies.
The 'barn' is gutted for much needed funds.  Leod can't stand being broke & I want to keep the orchard.

Leod:  I could afford all the things I want if I just sold the orchard.  
Why is there a voice in my head saying NO! you can't do that?

Leod:  Greetings stranger.

Leod:  Hello Castor Nova.  Welcome to my home.

Leod:  I love our 'dates'.

Andrew:  And I love you.

Luis Aspir:  What are they doing inside when it's so beautiful and warm out here?

Corwall Capp:  I prefer not to think on it.

Betty Goldman:  You don't visit anymore Leod.  Your sons are growing up without you.

Leod:  The old orchard is taking more work than I'd anticipated.  Perhaps I can get by soon.

Betty:  See that you do young man.  See that you do.

Leod:  The work just never ends.

Leod:  I wonder if I can afford a maid.  And perhaps a gardner.

Kaitlyn Langerak:  I'm not here looking for work.  I'm visiting with all the available men.

Leod: Oh, well I think my neighbor may be available.  He lives just to the north of me.

Jane Stacks:  Oh my what big muscles you have.  And that

Leod:  Oh....well thank you.

Andrew:  Well did you get the cash for a new truck?

Leod:  I didn't invite you over to talk about my new truck.  My new farm work truck.

Leod:  I had other ideas.

Andrew:  I love your ideas.

Leod:  A Caliente.  On my farm.

Dina Goth:  Do I know you?

Leod:  Oh no, we've never met.  But your reputation precedes you.

Peter Ottomas:  Never trust a flatterer.  Trust me on that.

Dina:  Wait?  What am I doing?  Why am I doing it?

Peter:  Told ya.

Leod:  Hello Mr. Smith.  

Pollination Smith:  One of ours?

Leod:  What?  Oh no.  My boyfriend Andrew is the father.

Pol:  Ah, good good.  We do so try to keep track of ours and I don't recall you on the list.

Leod:  I wonder if this could harm the baby?  No.  Certainly not.  It doesn't hurt the trees.

Leod:  My first harvest.  Not the best quality but it still makes me happy.

Leod:  So you're not upset about the new baby?

Andrew:  No.  I'm very happy.  Very happy it's you this time.

Leod:  Thank you for talking me into this date night. 

Andrew:  Well you needed to get away from the farm for a bit.

Leod:  Andrew.  You are the best man I've ever known.  I love you.  I can't live without you any longer.  Will you marry me?

Andrew:  Oh Leod.  I've wanted this for a while now.  Yes.  Definitely yes.

Blond Teen:  You can't seriously be getting married right here by the photo booth?

Blond Teen:  Well, I guess you are.

Mr. & Mr. McGreggor

Andrew Martin McGreggor - 20 days til elder - Fortune - Criminal Mastermind - Games

Leod:  I'm so happy we're finally going to be a family.

Andrew:  Oh yeah.  Me too.

Angus Martin - 4 days til child

Torin Martin - 4 days til child

Leod:  My sons.  Let's go home.

Andrew:  Leod, where are we going to set up the nursery.

Leod:  I've already thought of that.

Andrew:  You converted the barn?

Leod:  Yes.  Isn't it great.  And my father said we'd never raise colts in the barn again.

Leod:  Um, Andrew.

Leod:  ANDREW!!!

Camden McGreggor

Leod:  I have another son.  I am such a lucky man.

Leod:  So very very lucky.

How did I never notice that this clock moves?

I can't admit how long I sat and watched it go round.

AND here we go again.

Andrew:  Dang it.  The carpool is here.  I've barely even started.

Andrew:  Maybe this afternoon.

Nanny:  Such dirty boys, the lot of you.

Angus:  Potty?  Need to potty.

Nanny:  Don't you dare young man.  I just got you squeaky clean.

Leod:  I think I'll try my hand at gardening.  But maybe just the one plant for now.

Andrew:  I can't wait until the boys get older.  This is such a great place to raise kids.

Camden McGreggor - Sagittarius - 4-9-4-8-5

Leod:  Come now Camden.  This is no way to behave.

Camden:  NO!  NO NO NO NO!!!!

Torin Martin

Angus Martin

Angus:  I got you dead to rights you dirty rustler.  Now it's off to the pokey with ya.

Torin:  You'll never catch me sheriff.  My horse is as fast as they come.

Camden:  Puppy.

Wolf:  Ah darn.  Cute kids are my kryptonite.

Torin:  But daddy, daddy said I could.

Angus:  Almost perfect.

Andrew:  And so we meet again Mr. Bush.

Pictures of Our Daddies
HOUSE SHOTS (cause I didn't forget this time)



Barn / Nursery

Sweet dreams to all and to all a good night.


Almost perfect!

Career Happenings:


Ok, so the barn is WONDERFUL now.  I love it.  I did away with the hole to the second floor.  I have stashed a baby crib up there.  Love it.  I used this hacked door frame that I  had downloaded for something else but never used.  So far I've had no problems with temperature or anything.  Just had to share that.

The first few days of the week, Andrew was constantly calling and asking Leod out on dates.  They dated every night.  It was sweet.  Andrew rolled the want to marry Leod.  Technically Leod never rolled a corresponding want.  But, since he went and got himself knocked up by risky, I married them anyway.  Hence the wonderful barn nursery.

The Fall brought the desire to learn skills for their careers.  Much studying at the end.

The kids are cute.  I'm not sure where I'll fit another bed in the house.  Camden may get his own bedroom suite in the barn.  Hopefully, Leod and Andrew, who go at it like bunnies if I don't stop them, won't accidentally get any more kids.  I think three is enough.  I had wanted to invite bit brother Jacob Martin over on Sunday but I forgot.  I got busy with other stuff.

So that is week one.

See ya back here soon.  Happy Simming All.