Saturday, May 9, 2015

1.21 OHV Fraternity

I had planned on heading to university after playing the Ramaswami family but I forgot.  So, I headed there after the Goth family.  This time we are playing La Fiesta Tech.   The seasons in this neighborhood is set at summer-fall-summer-spring.  The neighborhood has two greek houses; one sorority and one fraternity.  I only wanted one to play.  After checking out the houses, the decision was made to play the fraternity.  I had to do a little work on the house to make it more playable.  I had thought I'd taken pictures but apparently not.  So a quick rundown of the changes: a co-ed bathroom upstairs, took out the bathroom downstairs, added a back door to keep everyone from walking around the house constantly, made four bedrooms upstairs, moved a few walls upstairs to prevent route failure.

I took a different route when playing this house.  I made sure the student had all skills needed for the semester.  I then let them do their own thing.  I tried to fulfill wants for whoever had the worse aspiration.  Mainly I played on high speed.  The grades came out a lot more realistic than they usually do.  This is officially the LAST college lot that will be played with ACR on.  I am NOT dealing with this again.  You'll see why later.

So...our students were:

Guy Wrightley - Popularity - Hall of Famer - Arts & Crafts

Mickey Dosser - Romance - 20 loves - Nature

Matthew Hart - Family - Captain Hero - Fitness
Sarah Love - Family - 6 grandkids - Tinkering

Monica Bratford - Knowledge - Criminal Mastermind - Sports

Jessie Pilferson - Romance - Rock God - Fitness

DJ Verse - Popularity - Media Magnet - Arts & Crafts

Zoe Zimmerman - Popularity - The Law - Tinkering
Jasmine Rai (Placeholder) 

A summary of events:

This was a very frustrating round of play.  In other notes, all students became big men/women on campus.  No one joined the secret society.  Guy earned a gold flower making badge.  Monica earned a silver robotics badge.  Both were done towards graduation when I was very fed up with them all.

Due to my level of frustration upon graduation, all students were dumped into Belladonna Cove.  Each girl in a different apartment.  Each guy in a different house.  No rhyme or reason.  I may move them next round.  I should be calmed down by then.


  1. Good for u on removing college ACR ;) and can u please leave a review here - ? :)

  2. Oh dear, all those love triangles and quadrangles! But I like it that you left the Sims do their own thing once they had the required skills to progress. I do the same when I play a uni household.
    It will be interesting to see how your newly graduated Sims will do in the main neighbourhood.

  3. i see lots of kicked over bins i see in your neighbourhood when you decide to play. ACR can be a lot of fun but not always.

  4. I've never played with ACR- it's a Romance mod yes? Looks like a barrel of fun for the Sims though. ;D

  5. One question, how do you turn off the ACR for college lots?