Wednesday, March 25, 2015

1.16 The Greenman Family of Riverblossom

Jason O'Mackey Greenman - 21 days til elder - Knowledge - Golden Anniversary

Rose Greenman - 23 days til elder - Family - Golden Anniversary

Daisy Greenman - 4 days til adult

Rose:  Welcome neighbors to our home.

Rose:  We have guest downstairs.

Jason:  But I have a fever that only you can cure.  Won't you cure my fever?

Rose:  Goof.

Daisy:  Puppy.

Puppy:  Can't breathe.

Crowd:  Boo!  Learn how to play why don't ya.

Gabriel:  Why are you so mean to me?

Nina:  Because I can be.  Next question.

Rose:  Jason said he had a fever that only I could cure.  Now I'm feeling strange.  You don't think he could have given me something, do you?

Chloe:  Yes, I think he definitely gave you something.

Jason:  Hey there cutie.  You are going to be a big sister soon.  But first, you get to have a birthday.

Daily Greenman - Popularity - Captain Hero

Rose:  My garden has never looked so neglected.

Daisy:  Don't worry mom.  We'll have it fixed up in no time.

Daisy:  Mom didn't think we should have a party.  To close to her due date or something.  But how can I meet everyone in the neighborhood if no one ever comes over?  So she caved.  Now here we all are having a mighty fun time.

Rose:  Daisy is going to be so mad if I ruin her party.

Nina:  Why are you worrying about that now?

Pounds head on desk...repeatedly.

Apple Greenman

Rose:  Oh no.  Who called the fire department?  I think I can have a baby without them.

Daisy:  Mom is going to KILL ME.  I've set the kitchen on fire.

Pear Greenman

Daisy:  Wow.  Much better.  Thanks.

Isabel:  Congrats Rose.  Sorry but I've got to hurry if I want any burn spaghetti.

Rose:  Burnt?

Rose:  I have an excellent garden but I need a wishing well.  My daughter is all about making friends.

Garden Girl:  I understand.  It shouldn't be a problem but we still have to do an inspection.  You understand.

Rose:  Of course.  

Garden Girl: She didn't use fertilizer.  How could she not fertilize.  I should withhold it just for that.

Garden Girl:  But I won't.  You're in.

Garden Girl:  Don't abuse the well.  We'll be watching.

Rose:  Whatever.  Fertilize?  Ha.  Why would I bother with that?

Rose:  I think I'll take a job.  My first ever. The medical field perhaps.  At least it will get me away from some of these parties.

Daisy:  Come on Mortimer.  I know you aren't to old to dance.  Show us how it's done.

Mortimer:  Well, I was young once.  I may still have a move or two.

Police:  All of you out.  It's to loud and the neighbors have complained.

Daisy:  I wish for friends.  Best friends.  Please.

Daisy:  Yeah the cop chased everyone away.  I think it's because I didn't invite him to the party.

Jason:  Oh no.  I hope Rose doesn't worry.

Daisy:  Don't worry mom.  I'm sure Jason will be fine.

Rose:  I just hope he comes back with all his bits.

Daisy:  I knew he'd be fine.  Nothing to worry about.

Jason:  Rose, I just got home.

Rose:  I know but I just want to make sure all the important bits are still attached.

Jason:  Inspection huh?  Inspect away.

Jason:  I know Rose is worried but I feel great.  Better than ever.  Like I can take on the world.

Isabel:  Would you have invited me to the party if I didn't just walk by?

Daisy:  Um, yes?

Rose:  Happy birthday little Pear.

Pear Greenman - Cancer - 5-4-5-5-6

Daisy:  And then the highchair said, little prince, I've have some yummy mushed fruit for you.

Pear:  Bad story.  Bad.

Rose:  Happy birthday baby Apple.

Apple Greenman - Leo - 5-9-5-5-6

Jason:  Why do I feel so bad all the sudden?

Jason:  Oh.  Cool.

Rose:  By my babies.  Mommies off to work.  Be good for the nanny.

Apple:  Dance.  Dance. DANCE!


Jane:  Your green.  You have vines all over your skin.

Daisy:  Do you always state the obvious?

Nanny:  I'm leaving now.  Don't pop that kid until the other two are out of diapers.  Otherwise I'll quit.

Jason:  I'll see what I can do.


Well that didn't go as planned.  Of course it never does.

Jason skilled throughout the week.  He didn't get many promotions because his wanted skills didn't line up with his career skills.  Eventually things seemed to work itself out.  The abduction wasn't planned.  He was just finishing up his science hobby when they took him.  Oh well.  I do love green babies.

Rose and Jason both rolled up the want to woohoo in the bed straight away.  One time.  Only one.  I had already turned the ACR way down to try to prevent pregnancy but risky got me anyway.  Then I got natural twins.  Apple has to much hair.  Scary.  Pear...I hope he grows into that face.

Daisy is all about the friends.  Parties happen often.  She hasn't shown any romantic interest yet.  I'd be fine if it stayed that way.

Overall a fun play.