Saturday, April 11, 2015

1.17 The Contrary Family of Desiderata Valley

The Contrary Family of Desiderata Valley

Their lovely one level home.  

Edward Contrary - 9 days til elder - Knowledge - City Planner - nature

Opal Contrary - 13 days til elder - Knowledge - City Planner - Sports

Rick Contrary - 13 days til adult - Fortune - World Class Ballet Dancer - Sports

Edward:  I'm not sure I should invite them in.  Chaos could ensue.  I'm not a fan of that.

Edward:  I prefer predictability.  Calm logic.  Not raging hormones.

Rick:  That's cause you're an old fuddy duddy.  Let the woman heart fart on some guy who's not her husband.  It's not going to hurt you one way or another.

Opal:  How did we go so wrong with this one?  Couldn't even snag the perfect wife.  Refuses to follow our lead into knowledge based endeavors.

Edward:  But he's all we have Opal.  We must tolerate him if we hope to continue our line.

Kevin Beare:  Just cause she's looking at you like your a slab of meat doesn't mean you have to do anything about it.  Just chill out and shoot some hoops with me.

Victor Aspir:  I don't know.  This gathering is making me very uncomfortable.  Maybe I should just go home.

Kevin:  Wuss.

Rick:  Yes, I'm trying hard to meet new people now.  My parents had me betrothed, if you can believe that, from early childhood to Violet Jocque, or so they tell me.  Well that has apparently fallen through.  I'm dealing with the pain and humiliation as best I can but searching for that perfect woman who will make Violet green with envy when she sees us together.  My parents have given up on me because I'm 'such a disappointment'.  Whatever.  When they die I get their stuff.  I can't wait.

Victor:  What a sad way to look at life.

Chloe:  Not really.  I've heard worse.  I'm from Strangetown after all.

Edward:  Opal, grab your purse.  We're meeting the Jocque's downtown.  Maybe we can get them to talk some sense into their daughter.

Edward:  A plant sim.  I'm always wanted to study one up close.

Opal:  Well I wanted to become one but someone didn't think it was a good idea.

Opal:  I thought we came here to talk to them.  Instead we're seeing who can outperform whom?

Edward:  Maybe if they see how passionate we can be they'll push their daughter at our useless son.

Opal:  That is the worse excuse to have public woohoo I've ever heard.

 Edward:  But Marcel, our family is living under a cloud of shame since calling off the betrothal.  Can't you make your daughter do her duty?

Marcel:  No, not really.  Besides, it's her mother that was so against it.  Women.  Who can understand them?  Or control them?

Rose Greenman:  It's amazing you two are married.

BUT there will be NO wedding between our children.  Deal with it.

Jane Stacks:  Why haven't they fed us?  A person could starve.

Kevin:  Or they could act like their a 4 instead of a 2 and walk over to that bar over their and get something themselves.  And while you're over their, how about making one for me too.

Jane:  I'd rather go home and get Castor to cook me up something.  Later.

Opal:  You know humans have a belly button right about there.

Chloe:  So do I.

Opal:  I don't believe you.  Prove it.

Chloe:  You really are a rude wench aren't you?

Chloe:  He he, there's a Beare sleeping in your house.

Opal:  That's it.  It's time for everyone to hit the road.  And take the Beare with you.

Chloe:  Nope, he's your Beare now.  If your not careful he'll hibernate there until spring.

Kevin:  Where did the ladies go?

Edward:  They left.  So should you.  

Opal:  This coffee tastes bitter.

Rick:  I made it with all my love.

Opal:  Is that a parakeet?  Nope, pigeon.

Castor:  You are rude and your nose is funny and NO I'm not single.

Edward:  This is nice.  Just you and me.  Snuggling on the couch.

Son of a biscuit eater. 

Opal:  Should we tell him?

Edward:  No.  Let it be a surprise.

Edward:  I love logic.  It's so stimulating.

Rick:  Hey dude.  I can't wait to attend your school.

Headmaster:  Slow down now son.  I need to look around first and see if you're our kind of person.

Headmaster: You know, I really don't like this kid but I think I'll let him into our school anyway.  Why not?  If I don't get more kids in the school soon they'll have my job.  Say, do you have kids?

Victor:  ....

Opal:  Well, the whole world will know now.

Kent Capp:  So, got into private school.  Congrats.

Rick:  Thanks.  Made me happy for a minute or two.  Then I realized the parent patrol have gone and put a new bun in the oven.  They're trying to keep me from what is mine and I just won't allow it.

Kent:  What's yours?

Rick:  All their stuff when they die.  What?  They get to keep it UNTIL they die.  I think that's generous.  If they piss me off I'm sending them off to an old folks home as soon as I graduate college.

Rick:  I'm looking sharp.  Maybe I'll attract a lady.

Edward:  Opal.  I thought you were staying home.

Opal:  No way.  And let someone else get me promotion.  Never.

Edward:  But the baby.

Opal:  Is fine.  You didn't marry a weak little wallflower.  Deal with it.

Rick:  Our lives is so boring.  Nothing interesting ever happens.

Opal:  Nothing ever happens huh?

Edward:  I'm sorry but this really isn't a convenient time.  Could you come back later?  No?

As One:  OMG!!!

Edward:  I would have preferred a softer landing.  Just saying.

Opal:  Would you all stop staring and get me some DRUGS!!!

Emma Contrary

Opal:  I can't believe this.  I had a GIRL!  My enemy WATCHED!  Get away from my child evil woman.

Dora:  You are weak and not nearly mean enough to deal with the likes for me.

Edward:  Come on Emma.  Let me show you your new room.

Edward:  Well, this is all yours now.  You aren't the son I wanted but maybe we can make this work.

Rick:  Don't worry little sis.  I don't hate you.  I don't even hate them.  I REALLY don't like them.  But I'll share my stuff with you until you're old enough to move out.  Maybe I'll even find you a boy to marry.  I wonder what kind of bride's price I could get for you?

Kaylynn:  If you don't mind me saying so, you really are hot.

Edward:  Um, thank you....but I'm married and old.  My sperm count is now quite low.

Kaylynn:  Oh.  Never mind then.

Opal:  I new there was a reason we only had the one kid.

Rick:  Hey hot chick.  Parents.  Friends.  I AM OUT OF HERE!!!!  See ya.  And don't trash the place.  I want it in tip top shape when I get back.

Rick:  College, here I come.

Rick rolled a 2 and is headed to La Fiest Tech.
 Rick:  I wonder what dorm Violet is in at Academe Le Tour?

If only Rick wasn't a Fortune sim.

The original back yard.  I play from the back of the houses in TS2.  I've moved the trees to the side, deleted several large bushes from the front and moved the gate to encompass the entire yard.  

I sold the original tv and moved the furniture a bit.  I combined the kitchen and dinning room into one larger room.  I actually like this house quite a bit.




Edwards first large thought was to have a baby.  I ignored it, didn't lock it in and watched it roll away.  Silly me to think that would be the end of it.  Edward is NOT alien pregnant.  He's to old.  Missed it by a day or maybe two.  We were just trying to fulfill the want to max his science hobby.  I had considered having him summon the aliens just because but then he went and knocked up his wife and that though went away.  When I checked him he had a 2% chance at try for baby.  I forgot to check Opal's chance and took no extra precautions to prevent little ones.  Oh well.

Opal's first large want was to become a plant sim.  I ignored it, didn't lock it in and watched it roll away.  Her hobby wasn't even nature and I didn't want to deal with a garden.  She and Edward mainly had skilling wants.  When they FINALLY found their dream jobs they could use all those skills to start getting promotions.

Rick's first large want was to go to college.  I ignored it, didn't lock it in and it NEVER rolled away.  So off to college he went.  He was a bit of a pain.  Only wanted buy me wants.  I did my best.

Edward is a day or two from elder.  Opal isn't far behind.  Emma is going to have old parents.

In other news I have mainly been playing the sims 4 lately.  I started an ISBI that can be found here but I haven't updated it lately.  I purchased the new expansion and I'm having a blast.  I played a lot last weekend but no blogging.  I'll try to get it up eventually.  Not enough time for all the things I want/need to do.

Hope to keep this neighborhood up too.  Sometimes it's nice to get back to the more familiar instead of trying to figure out the new.  Until next time, happy simming everyone.


  1. love the baby name Emma (which is my name).. Nice to see the Contrary's love reading the way you interact with them.

  2. I've always liked the Contrarys' house, too! Unlike you, I am such a harmony seeker with my Sims (most of the time, anyway) that I strove to make Rick's relationship with his parents a good one.
    It will be interesting to see how Emma turns out looks-wise and whether Rick will find a nice girlfriend to sort him out :-)

  3. Your so lucky with your Contrary family photo(1st one) because mine is the stupid bunny ears :( and in my game their daughter's name is Melissa