Sunday, September 12, 2010


The purpose of this blog is to immortalize the lives of my megahood sims.  I have been a little to stressed to play a challenge.  This megahood is played in a relaxed prosperity style.  There are no points.  No rules that can't be broken.  Just fun and stress relief.  Hopefully I will keep this up better than I have my other blogs.  (Sorry about that.)

I started this hood on the first day of summer for all houses.  Round one is two days.  A get to know period you could say.  Round two will be three days.  I had intended to go back to my normal seasonal rounds after that but I am enjoying the shorter rounds and may stick with that. 

I hope you enjoy this blog.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hello! I have come across your blog by someone else's Sims2 megahood blog. My own megahood is called New Maximiliania and has ALL Maxis-made Sims and ALL Maxis-made lots and houses in it; I started playing that in 2008, so of course there have been some deaths, many births, marriages and Sims who have reached Permanent Platinum. It will be fun to look at what you have done with the same families I know so well from my own game!