Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back to the Burbs

Lucy Burb:  Mom.  Is this it?  Is this our new house?

Jennifer Burb:  Ask your dad.  This is his surprise.

John Burb:  It's not a surprise baby and yes this is our new home.  We talked about moving out of Downtown and moving back to Pleasantview to live near your cousins. 

Lucy:  Yeah.  I will go to a new school.

John:  Right.  It will be hard at first but it is for the best.

Jennifer:  We don't have jobs here John.  It's to far to commute.

John:  We'll find something babe.  I promise.  This will be great.  You'll see.

Brandi Broke:  Na Na.  You can't get me.

Lucy:  Yes I can.  Watch this.

John:  (It's so good to be out of the city and back to the burbs.)

John:  (Jennifer seems a bit depressed.  She misses her job and friends.  I know this is for the best though.  Yes the  house is a little old fashioned and needs some work but it's ours.  No more renting.  Why can't she understand how important this is?  How can we expand our family in that tiny little apartment?)

John:  Yes we've been looking forward to this move.  Owning our own house.  Having room to grow our little family.

Brandi:  Oh that's so lovely.  I love kids.

John:  Yeah.  Me too.  I've always wanted a son.  Not that I don't love you Lucy.  You are my world but I would love to have other children.  I'd love to fill this house up.  We can't wait to have a big family.  Right Jen.

Jennifer:  (mumbles) right.  (I would rather be a business owner.  I did the childbirth thing once.  Why isn't that enough for him?)

Jennifer:  Hi.  Do you live around here?

(Some dude):  No.  I'm just visiting.  I live in another neighborhood.

Jennifer:  Oh.  (To bad.  He's hot.)

Lucy:  Is this right dad?

John:  Right Lucy.  Just like that.

Jennifer:  No no.  I want something profitable.  I need a low buy in.  I'm short of cash.  But this needs to be a business that will make enough cash for me to expand.  I want a business empire.  No no.  This will be in my name only.  John won't be involved at all.  He just doesn't have my vision for the future.


  1. Um yeah. I never felt that Jennifer and John were a good match.

  2. You really brought out the compatibility issues these two share. They can make it work sometimes, but they aren't really the best match....not the worst though either.