Sunday, September 12, 2010

Traveling is Over

SIMMERS NOTE:  We leave Pleasantview and move on to Belladonna Cove.  I've never played most of these sims so this should be interesting.

Tina Traveller: (There they go again.)  Mom?  Dad?  Which room is my room?  (Right.  I'll just figure it out myself.)

Tina:  It's just like before.  I thought when we bought a home that they would start paying attention to me.  They always left me with Grandma while they went off traveling. Now Grandma has died and there is no one to take care of me.  They didn't really want me.They've never wanted me.  They should have just left me in the foster home.

Trisha Traveller:  I can't believe I burnt the first meal in our new home.

Trent Traveller:  It's ok babe.  After fifteen years of eating out you can't expect to cook a masterpiece on the first try.

Trisha:  I suppose.

Trent:  I know you have always wanted to be a real chef.  Now you can.  You can just practice and soon you will be the best cook in Belladonna Cove.

Trisha:  You think?

Trent:  I know.

Trent:  Hey girl.  This is the man cave.  You need to go in the other room and play with the girls.

Teenager:  (I'm so rolling his yard).

Trent:  So you got Tina off to school?

Trisha:  School?  Oh right.  That was today.  Yeah I saw her leaving.  To catch the bus I guess.

Trent:  Good.  It's nice to be alone again.  Let's celebrate.

Trisha:  What did you have in mind?

Trent:  Why don't I show you.  Make love indoors.  What a novel concept.

Tina:  I can't believe I'm pregnant.  All these years, making love in the jungle, on the beach, in the woods, and never did I get knocked up again.  Just the once.  Now we settle down and I'm instantly with child.  Yeah, and both of us unemployed with our savings dwindling fast.

(Stranger on the Couch):  (Can't believe she's telling me, a complete stranger, her life story.)

Peter WhatsHisName:  (She'll do it outdoors.  YES!  Wonder if they have an open marriage.)

Trent:  I have got to find a job.  I promised Trisha.  This is my fault after all.  It's always my fault when something goes wrong.  If I can't find something legal soon, I might have to fall back on my old habits.  If I can lift in another country, surely I can lift here.  Course this time I can't exactly flee the country if things go bad.


  1. Hahaha you have Peter pegged correctly. lol Trent a criminal? heh

  2. oooh, and interesting back story. Too bad this was the first and last post for them this go around.