Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Pleasant Family

(This begins the blogging of my megahood.  What is a megahood?  It is a combination of all Maxis made families and neighborhoods into one large hood.  I am however missing one family that I know of.  Roseland maybe?  The man and the dog.  But otherwise I'm pretty sure they are all accounted for.  This hood will be played in prosperityish form but not all rules will be followed exactly.  Fact is I broke a major rule in house two.  Oh well.  This is for enjoyment not points so sit back and enjoy the reading.  Round one consists of two days played on each lot.  All lots were set to the first day of summer.  And so we begin.)

The Pleasant Family - House 1-1

From the outside looking in, the Pleasant family is just that.  One big pleasant "we all wish we could be them" family.  But on the inside...

Chaos reigns.

Lilith:  There you go again.  Letting me take the blame for your messes.  I'm sick and tired of being the bad seed.  I may dress like a goth punk but I am NOT the bad twin.  That would be you miss perfect.

Angela:  That's right.  I am perfect in the eyes of our parents and it is going to stay that way.  Why should I take the blame breaking the vase.  They expect it of you.  You should just buck up and accept it.  You will always be the bad twin.  I will always be their little Angel.  Accept it and move on.

Lilith:  Oh I can't wait to move on.  After graduation I'm so out of here.

Angela:  Graduation?  You?  I doubt it.  Everyone knows you'll never amount to anything.  You'll be flipping burgers while I'm off riding the waves of success.

Lilith:  Bitch!

Angela:  Whore!

Lilith:  Am not!  (SLAP!)

Angela:  MOM!  Lilith slapped me!

Mary-Sue:  Oh for gods sake.  Lilith leave your sister alone.  The both of you hurry up.  You'll be late for school.

Kaylynn (aka the maid):  Oh Daniel.  I'm so glad they're all finally gone.  Now I can have you all to myself.

Daniel:  Ah babe.  You can always have me.  Anyway you want.

Mary-Sue:  Damn it.  How could they demote me.  ME?  I've worked so hard all these years.  Daniel is that you.  Those pricks at the courthouse actually demoted me.  Can you believe it?  DANIEL!  NO!  NOT WITH THE MAID!!

Daniel:  Ah hell.  Kaylynn baby I think you need to go.

Kaylynn:  But Daniel.  I really need to talk to you about something.

Daniel:  It will have to wait.  Mary-Sue?  Hunny?  Are you ok?

Mary-Sue:  Bla bla bla....  Da da dumb ass.  HOW COULD YOU!

Mary-Sue:  I've known.  All these years I've known there were others.  I did the best I could to ignore it but I won't ignore what is thrown in my face.  I'm leaving.

Daniel:  Hunny wait.  Let's talk about this.  We can work this out.

Mary-Sue:  Not this time.  Good-bye Daniel

Daniel:  Wait. What about the girls?  At least stay for the girls.

Mary-Sue:  They don't need me anymore.  They're practically grown.  But if they do need me, tell them I'll be at my parents house.  At least for now.

Daniel:  Lilith!  Come back here. 

Lilith:  I'm not taking this any more.  Always blamed.  All the yelling.  The fighting.  I'd be better off living on the streets or staying with some friends. 

Daniel:  Well I've made a mess of things this time.  How exactly do I fix this?  Well at least I don't have to worry about Angela. 

Angela:  Oh Dustin.  I love you so much.

Dustin:  Really?  Do you love me enough?

Angela:  Why don't you come to my bedroom and let me prove it.

Angela:  (Why did dad call the cops?  Why couldn't she have just stayed gone?)

Lilith:  (I should have stayed away.  I could have outrun the cops.  But Dirk kept ringing my cell all night.  For him I'll come home.  For him I'll stay.  At least until graduation.  Them I'm off to college.  Won't they be shocked by that.  The loser black sheep goes to college.)  Hey bitch.

Angela:  Whore.

Kaylynn:  I'm sorry Daniel.  I tried to tell you before.

Daniel:  It's ok babe.  We'll figure this out.  You'll stay here with me for now.  Then....  Well, we'll figure this out.

Daniel:  (What the hell am I going to do?)


  1. hahaha just like I figured it.....

  2. I know you restarted, but wow, that is quite a start for this family way back when. :)