Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lost Goth Returns

House 1-4 The Goth Family

(Simmers note:  I always redo the Goth house.  Each time I say it's the last time but it somehow never is.  This time I got the crazy notion to add a basement.  I mean if any family would have a hidden basement in their home it would be the Goths.  I couldn't figure out how to do walls and When I added the cement floor tiles they went up and made it look like I had cement walls.  It isn't pretty but it's functional and it's where every guest heads apon arrival.  I'll be darned if I know how to take pictures down there though.)

Mortimer Goth:  No Dina.  Now isn't a good time.  I have some family matters to attend to.  I'm sorry but I really can't talk now.  I have to go.

Bella Goth:  Who was that?

Mortimer:  Oh no one dear.  No one.  Oh Bella it is so good to have you back in my arms.  Finally our family will be complete again.

Bella:  Do you really think the kids will accept me back?

Mortimer:  Of course.  Why wouldn't they.  You're their mother.  I called Cassandra's cell and left her a message that I needed her home immediately.  As soon as she's here we'll tell the kids.  Oh Bella.  My beautiful Bella.

Mortimer: Cassandra.  Why did you bring Don with you?  I told you that this was a family affair.

Cassandra:  Don is family dad.  He and I were married two days ago.  I've moved into his home.  I can't believe you didn't  notice.

Mortimer:  You eloped.  But why?

Cassandra:  I know you don't trust Don but I love him.  I trust him enough for the both of us.  You will simply have to accept it.

Mortimer:  Is that why you thought I wanted to postpone your wedding?  Oh no dear.  I just wanted you to wait until your mother arrived home from Strangetown.

Cassandra:  My mother.  My mother is dead.

Bella:  No Cassandra.  I'm not.

Cassandra:  Who are you?  Dad, who is this woman?

Mortimer:  Don't you recognize her Cassandra.  It's Bella.  It's your mother.

Cassandra:  No she's not.  She can't be.  She's my age not yours.  This woman is an impostor.

Mortimer:  No Cassandra.  Bella is back.  Alive and sound.  She was living in Strangetown..  That is where the aliens left her after they abducted her.  She blocked out the horror.  She doesn't remember much of her past with us.  But she's back now and that's all that matters.

Cassandra:  What hogwash.  Abducted by aliens.  There are no such thing.  And isn't it a little convenient that she can't remember her past.  I suppose the aliens did something to her that stopped her aging.

Bella:  I don't remember what the aliens did.  Just bits and pieces that come to me in my dreams.  But I am your mother.  I don't know why I'm not older but I hope you can find a way to accept me back into your heart.

Cassandra:  NO!  I won't accept this WOMAN as my mother.

Don:  Cassie.  Baby let's calm down ok.  Let's just stay for dinner.  Your dad can tell us all about...whatever.

Mortimer:  Well that's the story.  The private investigators that Bella hired finally found me here in Pleasantview and now your mother is back where she should be.

Cassandra:  My mother is dead.

Mortimer:  Cassandra.  You're hurting Bella.

Cassandra:  She isn't Bella.  She isn't my mother.  None of this is true.  Just because you want to believe it doesn't make it so.  My mother has been gone since Alexander was a baby.  She was declared legally dead.  She is dead.  End of story.

Mortimer:  Cassandra...

Cassandra:  No dad.  I don't want to discuss this anymore.  Don, take me home.

Mortimer:  I'm sorry about that scene with Cassandra last night.  I truly thought she would be able to see the truth.

Bella:  It's ok Mortimer.  I understand.  I really do.

Mortimer:  No it's not ok.  I realized that what Cassandra said was true.  You were declared dead.  Not everyone will believe.  I will pass long before you and I don't want you to be left penniless because of all this.

Mortimer:  I guess what I'm saying is that we should be married.  Bella, will you marry me again?

Bella:  Oh Mortimer.  Of course I will.  Nothing would make me happier.

Mortimer:  It's all been taken care of my dear.  We're legally married again.  I've changed my will.  My lawyers are the best.  You will be for now and evermore Mrs. Mortimer Goth.

Bella:  I'm so relieved.  (You know that Don sure is sexy.  Cassandra did well for herself.  Humm.  I wonder if he is keeping his open door policy even after his marriage?)


  1. never changes, does she?

  2. She's the only Maxis-made Sim missing in my game - I never brought her back, but reading your account almost makes me wish I had!

  3. I haven't decided if I will bring Bella back. On one hand I think it could be fun, but it would be sort of weird to have her Cassie's age. :)