Sunday, September 12, 2010

They're Oldies

House 1-2 The Oldies

Coral Oldie:  Of course you can come home Mary-Sue.  You can always come home to your moma.  No matter what.

Herb Oldie:  But what about the kids?  How are the grandkids handling your separation? 

Mary-Sue:  They're handling it fine dad.  And I like the way you didn't ask how I was handling things.  How I was handling finding my maid bonking my husband in MY bed.

Coral:  Now Mary-Sue.  Let's not get vulgar.  We all know what happened.  You don't have to say it aloud.

Mary-Sue:  That may be your way of handling things Mother, but I have chosen a different road.  I won't bury my head in the sand and pretend that my husband is off playing poker when he's across the street doing the mailman's wife.

Mary-Sue:  Simoleans?  Can you spare some simoleans?  Anyone?

Mary-Sue:  Please.  I have to get away from this place before my mother drives me to drink.

Angela:  Hi mom.

Mary-Sue:  Hi dear.  What are you doing here?

Angela:  Grandma called.  She said we should come over and clear the air.

Mary-Sue:  Did she now.  Daniel.  I see you brought your *gasp*

Daniel:  Now Mary-Sue.

Mary-Sue:  How could you?  You brought your pregnant mistress to my parents house.  How could you?

Lilith:  Why shouldn't he.  You left him no choice.  You were always gone.  Always at work.  Always to busy.  Always to tired.  You haven't been there for him in years.  Did you really think he would just do without?  Can you be that naive?

Daniel:  Lilith.  Let it go.  Why don't you go inside and have some of Coral's homemade cookies while your mother and I talk.

Daniel:  Mary-Sue..

Mary-Sue:  No.  Don't Mary-Sue me.  She's pregnant.  How long have you known.

Daniel:  Not long.  It was a bit of a shock.

Mary-Sue:  Is it even yours?

Daniel:  Funny you asking that.  Isn't that what my parents said when I told them we were getting married.

Mary-Sue:  So that's it.  You want to marry her.

Daniel:  No.  I don't.  I want you to come home.  I want us to be a family again.  I love you Mary-Sue.  I always have.  I know I've screwed up but we can figure this out.  We can make this work.

Mary-Sue:  Right.  Me, you and your mistress.  I'm not my mother Daniel.  I won't ignore what is going on underneath my nose.  Not anymore.  I know about the others but this one.  I can't ignore this one.  In our bed Daniel?  You had to do her in OUR bed?

Daniel:  Mary.

Mary-Sue:  No.  It's over.  I want a divorce.  I'll stay here with my parents for now.  I'll take back my maiden name.  You can marry her or live with her or just have her on the side.  I don't care anymore.  I can't care anymore.  It's over Daniel.  It's just over.

Mary-Sue:  This is the right thing.  I won't let anyone change my mind.  Mary-Sue Oldie.  It's been a lot of years since I signed that name.  But I'll get use to it.  This is for the best.  This is for the best.  It has to be.

Daniel:  How did it come to this.  I never meant for this to happen.  Mary-Sue gggggone.  Kaylynn pppppregnant.   *laughs hysterically*

Coral:  Now Lilith.  You know you're always welcome here but I think for now you should go back home with your dad.

Lilith:  But grandma.

Coral:  Now dear, this is hard on all of you.  I know that.  But your mother has a lot to deal with just now.  Give it a little time.  If you still want to move in you'll be more than welcome.  Just give your mom a little more time to heal.

Lilith:  Yeah. Sure.

Coral:  So when are you going to tell Daniel?

Mary-Sue:  I'm not.  It's none of his business.

Coral:  Are you saying it's not his?

Mary-Sue:  Mom.  Of course not.  But he has Kaylynn and the girls to deal with.  I can handle this.  And you won't tell him.  In time....maybe....I'll tell him when the time is right.

(Author's Note:  Prosperity Challenge means no reloading when bad things happen.  I broke that rule on this lot.  Not long after I had saved the game, Mary-Sue had a miscarriage.  I couldn't take the broken look on her face.  I exited without saving.  I never do that.  Even when just playing for fun but in this case I did.  So Mary-Sue is having her baby.  It will be an Oldie because I changed her last name.  And thus the Oldie family will live on.)


  1. I really think I'm hooked now :o

  2. Miscarriage? I didn't know this was possible in the game!

  3. It's sad to realize this hood ended, this story is pretty crazy. :) I'm sure it will be in the remake though too.