Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bye Bye Bachelor Days

House 1-3 Lothario

Nina:  Oh Don.  I can't believe you're actually going through with it.  Marriage?  *shudders*

Don Lothario:  *laughs* Like it's any different from what you and your sister are doing.  Going after old men for money.  At least Cassie is young.

Nina:  But not sexy.

Don:  Now now.  Underneath all that prim and proper beats the heart of a woman.  I'll find the sexy in her.  Don't you worry.

Nina:  Me worry?  I never worry when I'm in your arms.  I just hope your upcoming marriage won't keep you from my bed.

Don:  Never babe.  Never.

Don:  Oh Dina.

Dina:  No one can know about this Don.  I want the Goth fortune but I haven't yet been able to bring myself to go all the way with Mortimer.

Don:  Really babe.  You know I can keep a secret.  Even your sister Nina won't hear a thing from my lips.

Don:  Cassie?  What are you doing here in the middle of the night.  The wedding is only days away and you said you wanted me to stay away until the wedding.

Cassandra Goth:  Oh Don.  That was before.  Now my dad wants me to postpone the wedding.  You know he's never really approved of you.  I just can't convince him that you don't want me just for my money.  Oh Don, what will we do.  I just can't wait a couple more MONTHS to be with you.

Don:  So Mortimer wants the wedding postponed.  But Cassie, you're an adult.  Your father can't make you wait.

Cassandra:  Don.  What are you saying?

Don:  I'm saying marry me.  Right here.  Right now.  We can finally be together. 

Cassandra:  But the wedding?

Don:  We can still have the wedding.  We'll renew our vows in front of everyone. 

Cassandra:  Oh Don.  I can't believe it's finally happening.

Don:  Me either Mrs. Lothario.

Cassandra:  Mrs. Lothario.  Aww Don.  I'm going to cry.

Don:  Cassie.  You've made me the happiest man in Pleasantville.  No.  In the entire Megahood.

Cassandra:  Oh Don.  I do love you.

Don:  *sings the bride into his arms*  Now Mrs Lothario.  How about that wedding night.

Don:  (He can't stop me now.  Oh Mortimer can hold back her trust fund but I will already have emptied her account into OUR account.  No matter when she leaves me I won't let her take a dime with her.  Finally.  Easy street.)

Ajay Loner:  So Cassandra.  You just got married.  Did you get any nice gifts.  Artwork?  Statuettes?

Cassandra:  Oh no.  Not yet. We eloped.  No one knows we're married yet.  But I'm sure we'll get some great gifts after the new gets out.

(Author's note:  I wasn't sure that she'd actually marry him.  I kept their interaction to a minimum and then proposed marriage.  I would have been fine with her standing him up but she didn't.  She married the guy.  If he breaks her heart it's her own fault.)


  1. ha yeah I was surprised to see it go on. Heh.

  2. Wow....Cassie is really dumb in this hood. lol Well, she wanted him, she's got him.