Sunday, September 12, 2010

"RICH" Husband Hunt

Dina Caliente: Can you believe he threw me over for HER?  That impostor whore.  Hi, I'm Bella Goth.  Oh please.  Who really believes she is THE Bella Goth and not just another con artist.

Nina Caliente:  Apparently a grief stricken Mortimer Goth.  I heard he's changed his will already.  That well has run dry baby sister.  You'll never be the mistress of Goth Manor.

Dina:  Don't call me that.  Two minutes does not a baby sister make.

Nina:  Whatever you say baby sis.

Nina:  You know I guess you'll juts have to earn all that money you want.

Dina:  WHAT?  No.  WORK?  No.  Not me.  I plan on marrying my money.

Nina:  So only working on your back then?

Dina:  Pot calling kettle sis.

Nina:  Hey.  I don't charge.  But that is an idea.  When our savings runs dry I can find a man charge him for my loving arms.

Dina:  You'd do better with blackmail.  We aren't that desperate yet though.  I am going to find me a man.  A rich man.  And he IS going to marry me.  I will be a rich widow.

Nina:  You are a widow.

Dina:  RICH widow.  Not debt laden widow.

Dina:  You go to that rich private school don't you.

(teen who's name I can't remember):  Yeah.  My dad sent me after my mom died.  Things have been hard you know.

Dina:  Really.  That's so sad.  (Humm.  Possibilities.)

Dina:  Hey Nina.  Heading downtown to work on my project.

Nina:  Sure thing baby sis.  So Daniel. What were you saying?

Daniel:  Saying?  (Can't think with a beautiful woman in the room.  So lovely.  I would love to...)

Nina:  We can do all that later Danny. First it's food and talk.

Daniel:  Did I say that out loud?

Nina:  You didn't have to babe.  You didn't have to.

Michael Bachelor:  They will never change.  I can't believe I didn't see them for what they were.  How could I have thought such a young lovely girl could have really loved an old guy like me?  Run men.  When you see them coming just run.

Dina:  Ummm.  Dina's on the prowl.  Rarrr.

Dina:  Oh hello.  You don't know me but I had a lovely conversation with your daughter the other day.

(What's his name. <I haven't ever played that neighborhood.>) Really.  You know my Angel.

Dina;  Oh yes.  I am so sorry to hear about your wife. 

(Mr Moneybags):  Umm.  Yes.  Another gold digger.  Look honey I'm not looking to remarry right now.  Maybe if I find the right girl but that won't be someone who uses my little Angel to get to me.

Dina:  Oh Malcolm.  It's so nice to finally meet you.

Malcolm Landgrab IV: Right.  So you are looking to marry money.

Dina:  What?

Malcolm:  Well I am looking for a brood mare.

Dina:  WHAT?

Malcolm:  Well I do need an heir to leave my money to.  You have nice breeding hips.  I'll give you a call.  Maybe we can work something out.

Dina: ?

Consort Capp:  Well  hello dear.  Aren't you lovely.

Dina;  Well thank you.  I'm Dina,  It's so lovely to meet you.

Consort:  Oh the pleasure is mine.  I'm looking for a wife.

Dina:  Really?


Consort:  Oh yes.  It's time my son settles down.  But not with that woman he hangs around with.  Bad blood there.  But you, you would make me beautiful grandchildren.

Dina:  What?

Consort:  KENT!  Kent come over and meet this one.  She has such lovely hair.

Kent Capp:  Oh Dad.  Please not again.

Dina:  This is not how I planned my search to go.

Dina:  So, how much money do general's make these days?

General Grunt:  Excuse me.  I have an alien to spy on.

Dina:  I just don't understand.  Why am I having such a hard time finding my Millionaire?  Is there anything you can do to help?

Evil Witch:  Well, if you study the ways of the dark side, I might could help you with that.

Dina:  Just a little studying.  I was never good in school.

Evil Witch:  More like a life time devotion to the dark arts.

Dina:  Oh.  I'm not good with commitments. 

Evil Witch:  Then why are you looking to marry?

Dina:  Oh but that is a short term commitment.  A year or less.  I can do that.

Evil Witch:  You sure you don't want to join the cause.  You would fit right in with the other members of the Dark Coven.

Dina:  I don't know what is wrong.  I just couldn't find a mark.  Not one solid lead.  A few I could work on but it would take a lot of work.

Nina:  Well you are going to need to get to it baby sis.

Dina:  What's the hurry.  We haven't completely run out of cash yet.

Nina:  Well thing is, I seemed to have messed up somewhere.  Seems I have a little Caliente in the oven.

Dina:  WHAT?  But you are always so careful.

Nina:  What can I say.  Woohoo is risky and no one's perfect.  I'll be a mother before the end of the year.

Dina:  But Nina.  Who's the father?

Nina: ....

(Didn't plan on this.  Downloaded the new ACR.  Still feeling it out.  Wasn't expecting Nina to try for baby like that but oh well.  Need a second generation after all.)


  1. yeah, that is right, leave us hangin'..Who's Da Daddy????

  2. The teenage girl is Tara DeBateau and her Dad is Armand DeBateau :-)

  3. Wow, Dina really struck out. Loved all the different reactions to meeting her. lol