Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's Broke

Brandi Broke:  Oh Beau.  I know you miss your daddy.  But daddy is in heaven now.  It's just me and you and your older brother Dustin.  Course I don't know where Dustin is.  He should be here helping out but no, he has places to be.  I've completely lost control since your daddy died.

Beau:  Da Da.

Brandi:  Yes baby.  Daddy is in heaven.

Beau:  Ma Ma.

Beau:  Ma Ma.

Beau:  Don't worry mom.  I'm older now.  I can help around the house.  Don't worry.  I'll help you with the new baby.  I promise.

Criminal friend of older brother Dustin:  So.  You'll be starting school soon.

Beau:  Oh yes.  But I worry about my mom when I'm away.  She needs someone to look after her.

Criminal:  Yeah.  It's hard being a single mother of three.

Beau:  Yeah.  So would you look after my mommy for me?

Criminal:  What?

Beau:  Just stop by every now and then.  Make sure she isn't passed out on the kitchen floor.  Stuff like that.

Criminal:  Kid. Your mom doesn't exactly like me.

Beau:  Well I like you and she doesn't need to know.  If you do this I'll owe you.  I'll pay you back someday.  I promise.

Criminal:  Ok, sure kid.  I'll keep an eye on things until you hit high school.  Then you'll owe me a favor.  Deal?

Beau:  Deal.


  1. What? lol Ok....Beau chatting it up with the criminal dude. lol

  2. Hmm...I'm not sure he's the best guy to look after mom. lol