Friday, August 21, 2015

1.39 The Broke Family of Plesantview

The Broke family home was immediately given a larger deck.  They need all the help they can get.  The siding was also painted a brighter pink...just cause.

We kept the infamous pool but added a ladder.

The huge bathroom was turned into two smaller bathrooms.  The majority of decorative items were sold.  Items were rearranged.

Brandi Broke - 22 days til elder - Family - Marry Off 6 kids - Arts & Crafts

Dustin Broke - 12 days til adult - Fortune - Space Pirate - Nature

Beau Broke - 2 days til child - Gemini - 6-7-4-3-5 - Fitness

Brandi:  I can't believe I have to find a job.  I mailed in that last payment on Skip's life insurance.  Is it my fault it was lost in the mail?  My life has been nothing but hard every since I first met that man.

Brandi:  That's my good little boy.  Now go play while mommy gets something to eat.

Brandi:  I'm always so hungry these days.

Brandi:  Ugh.  Was it the pizza?

Castor Nova:  How dare you try to flirt with me.  Do you not see my ring?  I'm taken lady.  I don't care how famous you are.  I want nothing to do with you.

Bella Goth:  Well geez, you could have just said no.

Heather Huffington:  Yeah.  You didn't have to be so rude!

Castor:  I wasn't rude.  I was just being firm.

Brandi: Oh heck.  It wasn't the pizza.

Bella:  This is what I needed.  

Gordon:  Beauty and the Gieke.

Brandi:  I'm going to have to potty train another one soon.  All this work.  All alone.

Beau:  Hey.  I'm all grown up.

Brandi:  Oh, hi Kent.  No.  I'm not busy right now.

Brandi:  I'm sure Dustin can handle things without me.

Kent Capp:  Why did I invite him again?

Brandi:  I'm so glad we could capture these memories.

Kent:  Let's make more memories.

Brandi:  Way to leave the pregnant woman out guys.

Kent:  I'm sorry Brandi.  I should have realized you'd be left out.

Brandi:  It's okay.  You can make it up to me.

Kent:  Oh Brandi.

Brandi:  So is that a yes?

Kent:  Yes Brandi.  I'll marry you.  We can raise your children together.

Brandi:  Oh Kent.  You always know just what to say.

Kent:  I hope all this change won't affect the children's grades.

Roxie Sharp:  Oh for crying out loud.  Could you two take it elsewhere please.  PLEASE!

Brandi:  It's very important you do your homework Dustin.  You are going to be the first person in our family to graduate from high school.

Dustin:  Way to dream big ma.

Brandi:  Dustin I want to you accomplish all your dreams.  Whatever they are.  I just want to be realistic.  One step at a time and all that.

Kent:  Hey Castor.  Why don't you and the guys move this around back for me.

Castor:  Why didn't you just put it there to start with.

Kent:  Sim Logic 101.

Roxie:  A hot tub in this neighborhood?  What did they do?  Strike it rich?

Gordon:  Sort of.  She's engaged to a Capp.

Beau:   It's my first day of school.   I wanted you to walk me to the bus.

Brandi:  Oh Kent.  I'm so glad you're willing to move in.  I feel like I'm drowning in responsibility.

Kent:  You're not alone anymore.  I'll help you with everything.  I promise.

Kent Capp - 21 days til elder - Knowledge / Grilled Cheese - Hand of Poseidon - Cuisine
Kent:  I have to admit, this house is a bit of a downgrade.

Kent:  Good one kid.  Let's take this around back and I'll show you how it's done.

Beau:  I'm glad you came to live here Kent.

Kent:  Me too.

Don:  You must be a glutton for punishment.

Kent:  What?  Regan didn't need two.  I bet she'll never miss it.  This is a great way to relax.

Brandi:  I'm not sure if I'm going to buy a big fancy wedding dress.  Money is tight.  

Kent:  Don't worry Brandi.  I'm due a promotion at work.  If you want big and fancy I'll find a way to get it for you.

Beau:  I wanted Kent to teach me.

Dustin:  Well Kent is at work.  Now pay attention.  You need to learn this.

Beau:  Dustin, is Kent going to stay?

Dustin:  I hope so.  I really do.

Dustin:  Well he hasn't ran for it yet.  That's good.  These grades aren't.

Beau:  Mom look.  I made good grades.

Brandi:  Good son. Now go do your homework while I talk to my friends.

Desdemona Capp:  So you're alive.  Aunt Regan said you were abducted by aliens and that they chose to keep you.

Kent:  No kid I simply escaped the family.  So do me a favor and don't tell them where I am.

Desdemona:  Sure Uncle Kent.  Whatever you say.

Willow Broke

Brandi:  Oh my.  It's a girl.

Brandi:  What am I going to do with a girl?

Brandi:  What am I going to do with twin girls?

Vera Broke

(Surprised by twins?  You shouldn't have been.  Check out Brandi's cheesecake theft.)

Brandi:  Honestly, I wasn't sure you wouldn't run.  I'm so glad you didn't.

Kent:  I love you Brandi.  Forever and always.  Til death parts us.

Kent:  Let's consummate this thing.

Brandi:  Oh Kent.

Kent:  I will admit, this is not how I pictured married life.

Dustin:  Mom, put the baby down before you leave.

Brandi:  What?  Oh, right.  I'll leave the stinky baby with you.

Beau:  How long with the twins be stinky?

Dustin:  You don't really want to know.

Kent:  What?  There aren't stinky crying babies out here.

Dustin:  Happy Birthday!!!

Vera Broke - Gemini - 3-10-10-3-3 - Fitness

Willow Broke - Gemini - 3-10-9-3-3 - Fitness

Brandi:  Say bottle.

Vera:  No bottle.

Kent:  They are so cute but the quicker we get them potty trained the better.

Brandi:  Vera, I am so proud of you.

Brandi:  Kent?

Kent:  What?  I'm doing everything I can but for some reason it just isn't working out.

Dustin:  I understand why Kent loves this thing.  It's very relaxing and you can barely hear the twins screaming.

Kent:  Yeah, thanks man.  This energizer thing is a life saver.  I don't think we'd survive the toddler years without it.

Brandi:  Kent, honey, I know we didn't plan this but....we're going to have a baby.  You're going to be a daddy.

Kent:  Wow.  A baby.  That's .....a ..... wonderful.  Really, really great.

Dustin:  Poor Kent.  Having to take up jogging to save his sanity.

Kent:  Good doggy.  You followed me home didn't you.  Well I don't think we can keep you.  There just isn't any more room.

Kent:  The girls will still be toddlers when the new baby gets here.   We're going to need more beds.  Bunk beds maybe?  But where to put them?

Dustin:  Marrying Kent is the best thing ma ever did.  He brought the best toys.

Brandi:  Here we go again.

Kohler Capp

Brandi:  A boy.  Kent will be so proud.

Brandi:  Yes, Kohler is baby number five.  I'm sure we'll have at least another one or two.  Maybe more.  You just never know.

Kent:  Are we trying for a spots team?

Dustin:  You know, maybe I can make something of my life.

Brandi:  But Kent, with today's modern medicine, a woman can have babies well into their 40s.

Kent:  But hun, just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Vera Broke

Willow Broke

Willow:  Bye big brother.  Have fun at college.

Willow:  Did you see the telescope in the back yard.

Vera:  Yeah.  I'll race ya there.

Brandi:  So what if we don't use drugs or anything.  We just try for baby the old fashioned way.  If it's meant to be then it will be.

Kent:  I guess I wouldn't mind practicing.  I just don't want our entire life to revolve around trying to get pregnant.

Brandi:  It won't.  You'll see.

Kent:  Married life is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  But I guess all the work is worth it.

Hey ma.  I've made it to Academe Le Tour.  I wasn't sure about going but I'm glad you talked me into it.  I'll call when I can.  Your oldest son, Dustin.



career happenings:


I'm having a hard time thinking right now but let's give this a shot.

Brandi hooked up with Kent while playing the Regan Capp lot.  These two have 3 bolts so he was an obvious choice to help her make more babies.  When he called on night one, that helped set it all in motion.  After a short casual outing, Brandi rolled the want for a date.  During the date she rolled the want to marry Kent.  I would have married them earlier than I did but I really thought she'd have boys.  Doesn't she always?  But she had girls which is different.  I was not prepared for girls so I rolled my alpha-dice and named them off the top of my head.  Brandi took a job in education.  Her first four wants were for a job and education was one of them.  Brandi has at least one more pregnancy to go.  She has already rolled the want for a baby.  The want for 10 kids has rolled up about three times so far.  That Brandi is such a dreamer.

Kent is on the verge of finishing his LTW.  He was rolling tons of skilling wants up until he rolled the secondary want of grilled cheese.  Stupid grilled cheese.  I would never have thought to put Kent with Brandi but they seem to be a cute couple.  Hopefully they'll live happily ever after.

Dustin had no desire to go to college.  He didn't roll the want not even once.  What's with that?  He's fortune after all.  Oh well.  Due to lack of space, he was sent to college anyway.  Maybe he'll find a fiance while there and make his ma happy.

Beau, Willow & Vera have been somewhat neglected.  I've done my best but houses with lots of kids are hard.

Kohler was named yesterday about five hours after I had oral surgery.  I blame the name on the pain meds.  I had made a nice list of family names to use like Octavious, Hector or Bob.  Beside it was a note I had made about my Kohler toilet.  It needs new gaskets.  Anyway, I wound up rolling K and when I looked at my list....there is was.  After the initial "why did you name the baby after the toilet" I have found that the name has grown on me.  Of course I'm still on pain meds so there's that.

Well I'm done in.  It's time to eat some more soft food, take something and prop myself up on the couch.  I hope this turned out okay.  All I can say is having a cracked tooth sucks but having it removed isn't much fun either.


  1. you did very well being on paid meds. I don't think the cheesecake would have mattered. I think Brandi usually has twins any ways. I was expecting twins from Brandi. But i did forget that she had eaten cheesecake too. I think the name Kohler is actually quite cool.

  2. aww poor you, hope you feel better. :)

    I've always liked playing The Broke's. I guess Dustin got his good grades so late maybe he never thought of college- still he made it and that's good.

    Good idea to increase the deck area. Brandi is pre-programmed to have a 3rd son but with megahood she often has a girl- she did in my megahood and she has had twins before for me with cheesecake I think. That's the beauty of multi play too isn't it that anything can happen while at someone else's lot.
    I think Kent makes a good slave- um, husband. :D

  3. Like Twoyys4me, I've always had a bit of a soft spot for the Brokes. You know of course how things turned out for Brandi in my game - she married Leod McGreggor and her sons had a wholesome, healthy childhood on the farm with lots of pets and orchards and vegetables.
    When I started playing the Brokes, like you, I gave the house a bit of a make-over so that there would be some money to tide them over until Brandi met her future husband and all money worries were over.