Thursday, August 13, 2015

1.37 The Gavigan Family of Downtown

The Gavigan Home - a large house with very little furniture

Nathan Gavigan - 29 days til elder - Fortune - Hall of Famer - Nature

Mary Gavigan - 29 days til elder - Family - Golden Anniversary - Tinkering

Isaiah Gavigan - 8 days til teen - Games

Isaiah:  Dad, we have room outside to build a tennis court.  Or even a soccer field.

Nathan:  That would be great son.  Unfortunately, we just don't have the money right now.  But I'm trying to change that.  Maybe someday.

Isaiah:  Oh.  Okay.

Isaiah:  I wish I was big enough to play with the ball.

Kristin Loste:  Oh Max.  That looks painful.

Max Flexor:  Not really.  I am quite flexible.

 - bu dum bump -

Mary:  My sweet baby boy.  I wish I could have more children.  Maybe soon.

Mary:  ACR says Nathan is in the mood.  My ovaries say I must hurry.

Mary:  I love you Nathan.

Nathan:  Love you too babe.

Nathan:  Mary was a wild woman last night.  

Mary:  I wondering if standing on your head really helps you conceive?  Worth a try.

Mary:  Why did I come on this outing?  What if Nathan gets home before me?  My window of fertility is closing.

Nathan:  Are you okay old man?

Luis Aspir:  No.  Threw my back out swinging a kid around.

Nathan:  Well that's tough.  You should really see a doctor.

Nathan:  So what did you do today Mary?

Mary:  Nothing much.  Did some research online.  Stood on my head for a while.  Went on an outing downtown.  And now I'm teaching our only child to study.  

Nathan:  Good.  Good.  

Mary:  And later I'll need you upstairs, in the bedroom, to help me with something.

Isaiah:  Are you going to hang curtains?

Mary:  Several times I hope.

Mary:  Isn't it such a beautiful day?

Daniel Bell:  Yes.  I suppose.  

Isaiah:  Do you really know how to play this?

Adam Delarosa:  Yes.  My new dad taught me.  Now I'll teach you.

Isaiah:  Thanks.  My dad never has time to play with me.  He's always working.

Adam:  Yeah.  Grown ups do that a lot.

Isaiah:  Dad, you want to play chess when I'm done?

Nathan:  Can't son.  These people need my financial advice.  I can't let them down.

Mary:  Nathan, I appreciate how hard you've worked lately.  But there's more to life than money.

Nathan:  Not really.  In the end, money is the source of all.  Without it you have nothing.

Mary:  Well I have something money can't by.  My family.  And Nathan, our family will be growing soon.

Nathan:  Yes, I've noticed that Isaiah is getting taller.

Mary:  NATHAN!  I think I'm pregnant.  We may be having another baby.

Nathan:  .....  

Mary:  Well I am thrilled.  I had hoped you would be too.

Nathan:  You realize I'm going to have to work even harder now.

Mary: ....

Mary:  I had forgotten this part.

Rose Greenman:  What you need to do is become a plantsim.  You wouldn't have to eat or sleep.  You get everything you need from the sun.  

Nathan:  Really?  So I could work 24/7.

Rose:  Absolutely.

Nathan:  Tell me more.

Nathan:  I'm sorry baby.  I know you've always wanted another baby.  I'm glad this happened and I'll find a way to pay for all the things we need.

Mary:  But we really just need each other.

Nathan:  <laughs>  Mary, we don't even own a television.  We definitely have needs that only more money can provide.

Mary:  I wish we could afford a maid.

Circe Beaker:  We're having this week's Mommy to Be meeting at your place.  I hope you don't mind.

Mary:  No, but you could have just knocked on the door.  No one had to sneak inside while my back was turned.

Circe:  Oh, ignore him.  His hormones are out of wack.  But if he starts trying to do paint himself green again, you'll have to hold him down while I call his wife.  

- pregnancy bliss -

Albany Capp:  I'm telling you.  The aliens swoop down.  They take the man away.  When they return him, he has a baby in his belly.

Isaiah:  How does it get out?  Does it tear it's way out like a monster leaving blood and guts everywhere?

Ajay Loner:  What is wrong with people these days?

Ajay:  You should just ignore everything that man said to you.

Isaiah:  Was he wrong?

Ajay:  Kids your age should focus on playing ball not the ramblings of crazy old men.

Edward Contrary:  Science is indeed fascinating.   The stars are amazing.  And being abducted is such a rush.

Nathan:  Yes, I'm sure it....WHAT?  No no no no no no no no.  NO ALIEN ABDUCTIONS!

Edward:  One no would have worked.  

Nathan:  The extras were for the aliens.

Mary:  Oh my.  NATHAN!  Your baby is coming.

Bellamy Gavigan

Nathan:  Hey look.  You had the baby.

Mary:  Yes, your son is here.  I named him Bellamy.

Nathan:  You wanted a girl?

Mary:  I wanted twins but this little guy will do for now.

Matthew Hart:  There are storms on the horizon.

Isaiah: Looks sunny to me.

- photobomb -

Mary:  Can you believe we are the parents of a teenager AND a newborn?

Nathan:  You know, it is hard to believe. 

Mary:  So, you want to hang more curtains tonight?

- screams silently -

- not my best week -

Career Happenings:


Well, the family started in a bit of a financial hole.  They had about 100 bucks after buying the bare necessities.  Nathan had to get to work right away.  It took most of the week before his dream job showed up.

Mary had the want to have a baby from the get go.  I did not let her try.  I'm learning about ACR.  I had no fear it would give her what she wanted.  It took her about five tries but finally she got pregnant from try for baby through ACR.  

Isaiah wanted to make friends and best friends.  He should have been a popularity sim but I think knowledge will work well for him.  I have no idea what his LTW is yet.  He aged up on Sunday and I never checked.

I rolled my dice for the letter for the baby name.  For some reason, Bellamy Gavigan seemed to work to me. It is a mouth full.

I was hoping ACR would give me a break after Bellamy was born but I didn't do anything to prevent pregnancy.  It wouldn't have mattered anyway.  Risky ACR got me.  Oh the pain.

It was a quick week for this family.  Not thrilling but nice.

Up next, we'll take a trip back to uni.  Next we visit Sim State U.


  1. The conversation between Nathan and Rose Greenman made me laugh!
    The house is one I really like, by the way, and it is the same one I have been playing this week. In my game, the Grunts moved there. Right now, there are only the old General and Ripp living there, with two dogs and a cat. Tank moved out when he married Hermia Capp, and Buck moved in with Beatrice Monty (and died last week there in a house fire, unfortunately).

  2. i think i have Grunts living in that house to with Patricia Wan. I have told you before again and i will tell you again. Your conversations between the sims have me laughing most of the time.

  3. This was a great round- I loved Isaiah's chat with Albany Capp, haha- very alien like indeed.
    It seems only fitting that the poorest families should have the most mouths to feed and now Nathan will have to work forever. :D