Sunday, August 16, 2015

1.38 Urele-Oresha-Cham

We are at the Urele-Oresha-Cham Greek House at Sim State University.  Currently we have three members living at the Greek House.

Joshua Ruben - Senior - Fortune - 5 Top Businesses - Studying Psychology - Natural Hobby: Sports - in love with Tiffany Sampson (no bolts)

His brother:  Martin Rubin - Freshman - Knowledge - Space Pirate - Studying Literature - Natural Hobby Cuisine - in love Marla Biggs (3 bolts - already graduated)

Tiffany Sampson - Junior - Knowledge - Head of SCIA - Natural Hobby Nature - Studying Psychology - in love with Kevin Beare (2 bolts) & Joshua Rubin (no bolts)

As a reminder: I don't keep up with wishes in uni.  I make sure each student has the skills they need for that semester.  I then work on whichever sim is in the worse shape.  I try to keep them in gold or platinum if possible.  Sometimes it works.  Sometimes...not so much.

This Greek House is the only playable lot in Sim State.  All new students are called, made friends with, invited over and pledged.  They move in after becoming members if/when there is room.

We find Martin working on his body skill.

Later, he and Tiffany complete their wants to do their term papers.

The kids are always bringing junk home.  It is stashed in their backpack to be sold later.

With new students at Sim State, the dorm kids are invited over.  Most are already members but Tara DeBateau is quickly pledged.

Tara:  I'd be honored to join your Greek house.  Thanks for asking.

The Davis brothers are moved in.  They're twins who look a lot alike and have annoyingly similar names that I am always confusing.

Almeric Davis - Freshman - Popularity - Celebrity Chef - Cuisine - Undesided (Had 3 bolts for Demi Tellerman but it dropped down to 2 bolts later on)

Aldric Davis - Freshman - Popularity - Media Magnet - Film & Literature - studying Art I think

Most of the dorm kids apparently had the flu.  They brought it with them an then tried to spread it around.  Thanks guys.

Tiffany gets a 'first kiss' from this guy at a party.  I think he's the fitness hobby master.  I'm not sure though.

I greet the walk-bys as often as I can especially if they're playable.

Martin is a bit of a clean freak.  He gathers up the leaves that someone else swept up.  I'm to lazy to tell them to do that.  I had considered having someone burn them but I never got around to it.

Tara has become a full member.  She's never left.  She's been here all semester in that same spot studying her little heart out.  Yes, there is a snap dragon above her head but still, this is nuts.  Don't you ever get tired?

Tara:  Not of studying.  Who could ever tire of that?

I have to many kids in the house now.  The freshmen are falling through the cracks and doing their own thing.  In this case, the Davis brothers are becoming friends.  I'd have thought that as twins they would already have been friends.  Apparently not.  But now they are.  It is as it should be.

Our other set of brothers, the Ruben brothers, also become friends.  I had a hand in this.  They didn't have the want but I did and sometimes that's enough.


Yet another student moves into the house.  The accommodations are getting tight.  But that won't last long.  

Sandra Roth - Freshman - Family - Captain Hero - Hobby: Fitness - In love with Hal Capp (2 bolts I think)

Tiffany has graduated.  She had the want to graduate so she's very happy right now.

Our popularity brothers like parties.  Apparently Daisy Greenman likes Almeric.  Who knew?

After graduation, Tiffany Sampson rolls a 6 and moves into Desiderata Valley.  She never rolled any romantic wants for Joshua so I'm assuming that it's over.  If not, she can tell me all about it later.

Joshua graduated.  He also was not rolling any wants towards Tiffany.  He rolled an 8 and headed downtown.  It's a great place to start 5 businesses.  Also, Joshua technically graduated first so he'll be before Tiffany in the rotation next round.  (If we ever make it that far.)

Aldric:  Bye Joshua.  Don't worry.  We got this.

Joshua:  Yeah, whatever.  Just try not to burn the place down.  Our insurance was dropped after that wild party last semester.

And Tara is still here.  A year later.  The same spot.  The same book.  Is she asleep?  Dead?

Tara:  Don't be silly.  I'm mediating.  I learn better that way.

Tara DeBateau - Freshman - Knowledge - Max All Skills - Fitness - Undecided Major

Aldric:  Since you won't leave, how about moving in.

Tara:  About damn time.

The guys threw another party and Tara decided she was suddenly a romance sim.  She began rolling wants to flirt with Oberon Summerdream who is technically single.

But those darn cops showed up to quickly and broke things up.

Aldric:  A lousy party.  I'm so embarrassed.  I'm going to go hide in my room.

Tara, who is still not tired, bowls the night away.

Tara:  You do realize that you're not doing that in the most efficient way.  It's all in the way you hold your body.

Sandra:  You do realize that some people don't like to be criticized and might just take this silly hat off and throw it at you.

To keep Tara out of trouble, we fulfill one of her wishes.  She asks Oberon out on a date.

I wonder what Titania is going to think about this?

Tara:  Who cares?  Oberon deserves someone better than her anyway.

I see blood flowing down the street.  Unless of course she's fallen for someone else when I wasn't looking.

Ah, those college years....aka, Sandra tries to use the energizer right as she's slipping into green.  Oops.

And we will end this round right here.  We graduated the oldest two.  We are left with four freshmen and one sophomore.  They'll graduate eventually.  I have no worries.

I will admit that I am having second thoughts about this idea of mine to play the kids in all three universities.  Eventually I may just pic one Greek house and play everyone through that one lot.  If I do, it will NOT be this lot.  It is so freaking slow.  I know I always have a bunch of people around but it still seems like it should run faster.  There are a lot of nice things on this lot so if I decide not to carry on with this Greek house, I'll probably just let the last students pack everything up and take it home with them.  But we'll have to wait and see.  I just can't help thinking that I could design a better Greek house than this that would run more smoothly.  Yeah, except that I hate to build and I'm lazy.  Hum. Well...

Next up we head back to Pleasantview.  I'm out of married couples and can't decide which family I want to play next.  If I'm still undecided when I get there, I might just roll for it.


  1. I never play greek houses in college maybe i should change that. That's why it nice to split them up so you not a playing university all the time. Have you gone through all the families yet? If not just roll the dice to to see which area you go to and find one that you haven't played.

  2. I always liked this house and after a bit of tweaking finds it runs fine. Do you have the lot debugger? Maybe you have some invisible sims somewhere on the lot.
    I only ever add one college to a 'hood, but as it's a megahood do you have all the sims anyway? I can't remember how it works. :D

  3. I actually liked playing the original Greek Houses, but nowadays there are just not enough students left in my game. Therefore, it was nice to sort of revisit the place in your game!