Sunday, August 9, 2015

1.35 The Bell Family of Desiderata Valley

The Bell Family of Desiderata Valley (enjoy the only pic of their house)

Hannah Bell - 21 days til elder - Family - World Class Ballet Dancer - Arts & Crafts

Issac Bell (hides from camera apparently) - 21 days til elder - Popularity - 20 Best Friends - Arts & Crafts

Daniel Bell - 6 days til teen - cuisine

Sharon Wirth (Hannah's sister) - 28 days til elder - Romance - Hall of Famer - Music & Dance

Issac:  I'm just saying that if I was going to let a sibling move in, I might mention it to you first.

Hannah:  She's my baby sister and she had no where else to go.  Of course we'd let her move in.

Issac:  But you could have asked.  And she'd have a place to live if she'd stop dating losers who steal from her and then kick her to the curb.

Hannah:  That's my sister you're talking about.  I agree she should make better choices but she's still my baby sister.  

Nina Caliente:  You might as well let this one go.  There's just no winning when sisters are involved.  

Daniel:  It's wrong to fight.  Didn't your mommy and daddy never tell you that?

Sharon:  Oh Conrad, this was an AMAZING first date.  

Conrad:  Just wait for date number two.  Then I'll really pull out all the stops.

Hannah:  My life hasn't exactly turned out the way I thought it would.

Daniel:  I wish I had a brother or sister to play with.

Issac:  Miming is the life for me.

Sharon:  Why are you stalking us Wanda Tinker?  Why?

Wanda:  Nothing better to do.  Not needing to sleep leaves a lot of hours in the day to fill.

Hannah:  Off to work.  Take good care of my kid or else.

- Fun with Strangers -

Hannah:  I got a promotion but broke my hand.  Dancing is hard on the hands.

Hannah:  You need to do your homework and make good grades so you can have a good job someday.

Daniel:  Do you need a college degree to be a Mime?

Hannah:  PLEASE set your sights higher Daniel.  I beg you.

Wanda:  Back again.  I may not need to eat but I have had some mighty tasty vittles on some of these lots lately.

Issac:  I never know what's going on around here.

Daniel:  Weeeeeee.

Luis Aspir:  My back!

Issac:  Oh no.  I'll never hear the end of this.  Wait....why are the walls red and the appliances green?  That looks horrible together.

Issac:  You are really calm under pressure.

Firefighter:  I've been trained.

Issac:  I swear I'm straight but I find you very attractive right now.

Firefighter:  I hear that more than you'd think.


Issac:  I'm not culinary expert but I do know a thing or two about fashion.  

Sharon:  My brother-in-law is a huge film buff.  

Issac:  It' true.  I love watching films.

Sharon:  He loves to sit his big butt on the couch for hours on in.

Issac:  At least I own a couch and a house to keep it in.  Something for you to strive for dearest sister-in-law.

Hannah:  So how long were you planning on staying with us again?

Sharon:  You know that I'm not good with time.  Just know that I'll let you know before I move out.

 Ashley Pitts:  I've come to steal your kisses.  mawahaha

Sharon:  You do know that they say that she killed her husband right?

Conrad:  Oh Sharon.  I love you so.

Sharon:  Surprisingly, I love you too.

Conrad:  I can't believe it.

Sharon:  Neither can I but I rolled the want so here we are.

Conrad:  Yes.  I'll marry you.

Sharon:  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Wait.....what did I just do?

Connor Weir:  Congrats guys.  Congrats.

Sharon:  Thanks for sharing our moment with us....she says sarcastically.

Conrad: Harsh.

Connor:  I was just walking by.  Give a guy a break.

Conrad:  I know how we should finish off our second date.

Sharon:  Well you did promise.

Daniel:  Aunt Sharon's getting married?

Connor:  Yeah.  Just ask Conrad.  He's standing right behind you daydreaming about who knows what.

- daydreaming -

Conrad:  I am so awesome.

Conrad:  Wait Sharon.  Where did you run off to?

Sharon:  It was just a little nausea.  But it had me thinking.  Maybe we should go ahead an get married.

Conrad:  I, Conrad Bruening, take you Sharon Wirth to be my wife.  I'll love you until I catch you cheating.  I'll take your last name because who cares about mine.  I'll give you all my money for ever and ever until the day one of us dies, preferably of natural causes. 

Mr. & Mrs. Wirth

Conrad:  My wife is so HOT!

Sharon:  I'm going to be SICK!

- now we're all going to be sick -

Conrad Bruening Wirth - Mr. Big - 29 days til elder - Fortune - Cheif of Staff - sports

- stalkers suck -

Conrad:  I do miss the party life but medicine has it's own rewards.  And some day I'll discover them.

Sharon:  I'm going to be one hot moma.  

Kent Capp:  Dancing is of course artistic in it's own way but musicians always get more respect.

Hannah has nothing but best friend wants AGAIN so....yes.

Hannah:  You are incredibly attractive despite the beak.  

Eagle:  We have three bolts.  You should ditch the husband and kids and run away with me.

Hannah:  Now now.  Let's not get carried away with ourselves.  This is just for wants.  Nothing more.

Blue Shirt:  I will hate you FOREVER!

Conrad:  Yeah.  Well I wish to see your ghost so right back at ya.

- never seen it before and hope to never see again -

Daniel Bell - Family - Top Entertainment Field

Mitch Indie:  I'm on a roll.  I've crashed yet another family's entry.

Conrad:  Awkward.

Daniel:  What is?  I don't see anything?

Sharon:  If you two keep fighting you'll both be arrested.  Have no doubt, I will leave you to rot in jail.

Conrand:  Really?

Sharon:  Yes.  And, by the way, I'm pregnant.  Congrats on your super sperm.

Conrad:  Thanks.  They are wonderful just like the rest of me.

Daniel:  I can't believe they've stole my bedroom and left me with this girly pink room.

Eagle:  I will win her from her husband and ensure my entry into the neighborhood.

Jodie:  Oh, preggers.  Congrats.

- Daniel's first kiss with Desdemona Capp -

Hannah:  No, I'm not ready to leave my husband yet.  You can call but Issac will never believe you.  

- pregnancy is tiring -

Checo Ramerz: Great.  Just what this neighborhood needs. I wonder if I could sell him a vanity?

Sharon:  I really wish there was booze in this.

Issac:  That is so fascinating.  You study the stars and so do I.  Mine are just human and make more money than I could ever dream of.

Sharon:  I will not put on any more pounds.  I won't allow it.

Vidcund Curious:  Do these people not know the word maintenance?  Roses must be maintained.  Trimmed.  Cared for. Loved.

Vidcund:  They could at least hire somebody to take care of this.  At some point it becomes a health risk.

Conrad:  You glow my darling.  I just love you so much.

Don Lothario:  Well h-e-l-l-o.

Sharon:  Can it dude.  I'm to pregnant for that right now.

Don:  Fine but take my number for afterwards.  

Sharon:  Sure.  It could happen.

Sharon:  I'm going to work.  Dressed like this, I'm sure to get promoted.

Sharon:  I knew it.  I rock.

Sharon:  I kick ass too.

Sharon:  I worked up an appetite but now...I'm losing it.

Wanda:  Why must I keep walking in on things like this?  

- breathes through mouth -

Wanda:  I guess I could go home.

- deep sigh -

Wanda:  Na.  Home is boring.  I'll see what's going on in the kitchen.

Issac:  Oh Hannah.  What has gotten into you?

Hannah:  .....

Sharon:  Can I skip this part?

Conrad:  Oh.  The baby's coming.  I thought this moment would never get here.

Sharon:  Well Conrad, you're a father.  You have a daughter.

Conrad:  A daughter.  To love and protect.  I might need to sit here for a few more minutes.

Rachel Wirth

Career Happenings:


This family was all about friends.  By the end of the week the family had 52 friends.  Until I started working on this blog, I had forgotten that Issac needs 20 best friends for his LTW.  I'm sure he'll get there eventually.  Making friends is about all he, his wife and his son did.

Hannah tried to get pregnant via ACR on several occasions with no luck.  They had a few rounds of risky woohoo but nothing there either.  She's sad but I'm not.

Sharon got pregnant on risky woohoo.  Since she was already engaged and Conrad was still on the lot (in the middle of the date) I went ahead and married him in.  I wouldn't normally marry in an outsider but they do have three bolts.  You can't go against three bolt love.

Daniel never rolled up any wants about college.  He won't be attending.

I had originally thought to move out the Wirth family.  I later decided against it.  I don't need another household.  Hopefully, risky will be nice and we won't have any more kids this generation.


  1. Action-packed! I agree - there is no stopping a 3-bolt-love :-)
    Like you, I've never seen this message about having to pay top dollar before, only the positive ones from townies (which I usually ignore).
    Daniel and Desdemona, that has a nice ring to it. Wonder if they'll go steady?

  2. No you don't really want another household when your playing a megahood. I sometime add townies that are 3 bolts but i am trying to keep it to a minimum.

  3. Great round, good to add to the Wirth's funds by adding in Mr Big too, last time I moved him in a glitch in the game gave me 1 simoleon. :D
    I'm trying to keep the household's together more rather than splitting them off too, harder work but less homes.
    I hadn't seen that negative message before either- I guess my sims need more townie enemies. :)

    1. I am wondering if the negative message is because it was a 'rich' sim that had an enemy. That's all I could think of. I'm glad Mr Big brought a bunch of funds. Stuff is super expensive and we're running through the cash faster than I'd like.

  4. Omg, I like this family and Mr.Big. Rachel will sure be cute :)