Tuesday, August 11, 2015

1.36 The DeBateau Family of Belladonna Cove

The DeBateau Family lives in the top floor of this apartment complex.

Oh how I hate apartments.

Armand DeBateau - 22 days til elder - Family - golden anniversary - sports

Tara DeBateau - 15 days til adult - Knowledge - max all skills - fitness

Tara:  I love school so much.  There's always something new to learn.

Armand:  Ah, another day, another corporate merger.

Tara:  They say it's all in the body positioning.  

Armand:  You're a very good dancer Kimberly.  Thank you for coming over tonight.

Kimberly:  Thank you for having me.

Kimberly:  Do you feel it Armand?

Armand:  Yes.  I love you too.

Tara:  I'm so glad we've got the penthouse suite.  I have such a great view of the northern sky.

Tara:  Dad, that woman you use to be married to is here.

Armand:  If you're here to tell me I'll never find another woman who'll have me then you've wasted your time.  I have officially moved on.  And it was good.  Fantastic.  Much better than anything we ever had together.

Jessica Peterson:  Way to go Mandy.  Have you moved the little strumpet in yet?  Has she agreed to give you the heir you always wanted?  Yeah, I thought not.

Armand:  You can't hate the institute of marriage just because of the mistakes I made with Jessica.  It wasn't marriage that was the problem.  It was the two of us that had the problem.  

Tara:  Maybe but I'd rather focus on learning and avoid all the messy personal connections.  Life is simpler that way.

Armand:  Maybe.  But it isn't nearly as fun.

Tara:  So says you.

Armand:  Oh Grumly, I don't care that I had to pay $1455 for you.  No I don't.  Cause I love you SO MUCH.  You are just so darn cute.

Armand:  Samantha.  Carlos.  How nice of you to stop by.

Armand:  Is that better?  Life is to short to be filled with stress.

Samantha Cordial:  You're right Armand.  Life is to short.  We should live it to the fullest.

Armand:  Well...I'm definitely doing that.

Tara:  I can't believe I let myself get distracted from my studies.

Armand:  Ah, the breakfast of champions.  And men who have been with twin sisters.  What am I going to do about that?

- not creepy at all -

Armand:  And he scores again.  

Armand:  Well friends, I have to say that Dante's Inferno is a bit tamer than I thought it would be.

Armand:  It was a good day off.  I really enjoyed myself.

Armand:  Oh Kimberly.  Thanks for coming over.  There is something I wanted to discuss with you.

Kimberly:  Later.  First you kiss me.  Then much later we'll talk.

Armand:  No I said.  My secretary did it.  Ha ha ha.

Tara:  That so wasn't funny dad.

Armand:  Really?  My staff laughed hysterically when I told it at the office.

Tara:  Oh Samantha.  Hi.  Dad?  No, ah, he's not available.  Late night board meeting or something.  Yes.  I'm sure he'll be available by morning.

Samantha:  Oh Armand.  I've missed you so.

Armand:  I've missed you too love.

Armand:  Samantha, dearest, we really should talk.

Samantha:  Later.  Let's talk later. 

Armand:  You have a way of talking my love.

Samantha:  Oh yes, magic is wonderful.  When used for good of course.  We could make the world a better place if we all had magic and used it responsibly.

Tara:  I'm going to miss dad's library.  The one on campus just won't be the same.

Tara:  Higher learning here I come.

Armand:  The house will be so empty without Tara here.  Of course I could ask someone else to move in with me.  But who?  Samantha or Kimberly?  How can I ever choose?

Tara:  Dear dad:  Sim State is nice.  I haven't had time to begin my studies yet.  The other students keep attempting social interactions.  I'm sure they'll eventually get the hint and go away.  I hope this email finds you well.  Hopefully a certain set of twins hasn't ganged up on you and cut off body parts.  All jokes aside, please make a decision soon.  I think you will be much happier after you settle down with just one good woman.  Class starts in a few so I have to go.  All my love to you.   Your only daughter, Tara.


It was a dull week of the DeBateau family.

Armand is a business tycoon.  Since his lifetime want doesn't revolve around a career, I just let him keep that job.  So no skilling needed.  Armand wasn't rolling any romantic wants for anyone but he constantly wanted to invite someone over.  I invited over the available women with the highest attraction in hope of starting a relationship.  ACR took over from there.  I had thought that after falling in love Armand would roll a want to marry.  He didn't.  Not either time.  Oh well.  He has time before he needs a wife.  Eventually he will marry.  Fate will determine the woman.  We'll see if she will be kind to him.

Tara was all about skilling.  She doesn't have more than one bolt with any teenagers she knows.  Maybe she'll find a guy after she maxes her skills.  On a weird note, a Count kept calling her ever night.  EVERY night.  Weird, but could lead to my first biting.  Don't know if I should hope for that or not.  Once it starts it just doesn't seem to stop.

The cost of the guinea pig was outrageous.  I guess it's because they live in an apartment?  I have no idea.  I don't play them enough.  I bought Armand one anyway because it was hard to get wants to fulfill.  On his off day he went to three different community lots just to roll five wants for that day.  I no longer let sims have dates unless they roll the want or have a LTW that needs them.  His lack of wants almost made me break my own rules.

Please let the next family live in a one story house.  All those floors.  I am SO glad I'm rotating between neighborhoods.  If I had to do a lot of apartment families in a row this neighborhood would come to a screeching halt.


  1. From your post, it does not look like a dull week at all! I understand how you feel about apartments... I have moved out many households that used to be in apartments because those lots seem to have a tendency for bugs.
    In my game, Armand brought his parents back from the dead... now he has died, too, long after his mother died a second time, and only his father remains as the only Zombie of New Maximiliania - and I so dislike playing zombies!
    Tara married Alexander Goth but died years before him, being considerably older. They were very happy together, though.

  2. My Armand Debateau i can't tell you cos i haven't published that yet and Tara is in college, and hasn't found anybody from the megahood she likes yet.

  3. I'm not a fan of apartments either- I like my Sims to have way too much stuff to fit in a tiny apartment. :D
    Like my Librarian friend Tara married Alexander Goth in my megahood too. They were 3 bolters I think.
    Armand had a fun week I think but will he pick one of these lovers or someone new?!
    Sometimes those darn wishes won't change no matter where you take them do they?!

  4. I haven't played with apartments in forever before yesterday(I finally graduated 3 sims because their father wanted 3 of them to graduate and moved them into one of Belladonna'Cove's many apartments)