Tuesday, August 25, 2015

1.40 The Jacquet Family of Bluewater Village

Denise Jacquet - 54 days old - Fortune - 6 pets reach top of career - Science

Gilbert Jacquet - 15 days til elder - Romance - Hall of Famer - Arts & Crafts

Denise:  Oh Gilbert, I'm not upset that you sold your father's business.  After all, now I can afford to buy a few dogs and work towards my own dreams.

Gilbert:  What?

Denise:  Hello little Abbey.  I've already made the call and soon you'll have a sister named Lulu.

Heather Huffington:  Dogs are scary.

Gilbert:  I know just how to relax you Heather.

Heather:  <giggles>

Denise:  No Abbey.  I just bought that.  Besides, chewing marble is bad for your teeth.

Lulu:  Fight!  FIGHT!  Get that wolf Abbey.

Lulu:  What a wuss.  

DJ Verse:  Don't bother player.  I don't swing that way.

Gilbert:  Good to know.

Gilbert:  Wow.  What a night.

Chloe:  I could make it better.

Gilbert:  About your earlier comments...

Chloe:  You are such fun Gilbert.

Gilbert:  Why thank you.

Denise:  So, that Heather seemed nice.  I don't suppose I'll be seeing more of her will I?

Gilbert:  Mom!  I thought we'd agreed to never discuss my love life.

Denise:  That was before.  Back when you were young and I was under the impression that you would eventually settle down.  Will you ever settle down Gilbert?  In my lifetime perhaps?

Gilbert:  No mom.  It's not likely.

Denise:  You look like a cave woman in that outfit.  Well, if cave women were plants.

Gilbert:  MOM!

Denise:  Isn't she lovely.  This is Cleo.  She's going to take Abbey's place.  Poor baby still hasn't found her way home.

Denise:  Yet another woman that my son won't marry.  You know I have nothing against green grandchildren.

Gilbert:  MOM!

Alexander Goth:  I can't believe they just did that.

Gilbert:  Oh baby.  That was so good I'm seeing double.

- - -

Gilbert:  Chloe, I think I love you.  But don't worry, I won't do anything crazy like ask you to marry me.  No matter how much my mother wants me to.

Chloe:  Thanks.  I appreciate it.

Gilbert:  Thanks so much for bringing the mutt back.  You've made my mom very happy.

Denise:  Oh my little Abbey.  I'm so glad you're home.

- another reason to hate sim pets -

Denise:  Oh Lulu.  You are such a good girl.

Lulu:  Yeah.  I know.

Miranda Capp:  Oh Gilbert.  That was so wonderful.

Gilbert:  Yeah.  I've hit my stride now.

Jessie Pilferson:  Don't mind me.  I just stopped by for a snack.

Denise:  Why did I buy you those expensive pet beds when you both refuse to use them?

Denise:  So Johnny, are you gay?  I've really become attached to the idea of green grandbabies.

Gilbert:  MOM!!!  I'M NOT GAY!!!

Denise:  Oh.  Well, never mind then.

Townie:  Why did I set him up?  I wanted him.

Jane Stacks:  I can't believe I just did that.  Did him.  What got into me?

Gilbert:  Besides me?

Jane:  I've got to go.  Bye.

Gilbert:  Finally we're all alone.

Gilbert:  Chloe, I love how you say hello.

Gilbert:  <whistles> Pretending not to notice.

Denise:  This isn't how I thought my golden years would be.  Maybe Lulu will give me grandbabies.

Gilbert:  Must get fit.  Must fight the aging process.  Must be able to keep Chloe's undivided attention.

Denise:  I swear the women in this neighborhood treat my baby boy like some dessert to be devoured and then discarded.

Jessie:  But to be honest Mrs. Jacquet, Gilbert seems to prefer it that way.

Gilbert:  Hello rich passerby.  Welcome to my humble abode.

Armand:  Should I run?

Miranda:  Oh Gilbert.  I just couldn't stay away.

Gilbert:  I understand.

Gilbert:  Stop by anytime.  I'm always in need of a pick-me-up.

Gilbert:  Women are like putty in my hands.

Gilbert:  Yet another woman loves me.  How will they all survive without having me as their very own?

- genius dogs are stupid -

Denise:  So we'll just find you a nice young fellow.  Then you can give me cute little grandbabies.

Lulu:  The human seems to have lost her mind.  But she keeps me fed and bathes me regularly so I shall stay for now.  But I refuse to have a litter for her.  The other idiots would probably try to eat them.


career happenings:


For the record, I am feeling better.  Unfortunately I wasn't when I played this.  Sorry.

I let Denise adopt dogs.  I hate sim pets.  So annoying.  Abbey made me scream.  So  VERY annoying that dog.  Each day Denise had two unmoving wants: Abbey & Cleo get promotions.  Of course that didn't happen.  Stupid dogs.  I did buy a few wants.  Two of them were expensive statues that the dogs CHEWED UP.  Errr.  No Denise didn't really have any wants for grandkids.  I just threw that in.  I think this may be one family that will completely die out in generation one.  Sad.

Gilbert is a romancing fool.  He did manage to find his dream job so there's that.  He rolled up a lot of wants for dates.  That's why his percentage was so hi.  He's blond because his eyebrows were so I figured that was his true hair color.  I always make him blond in my game.

Sorry if this update was subpar.  I feel it was.  Sorry.  Wait...I feel like I'm repeating myself.  Yeah I probably am.  My heads starting to feel loopy.  I think the pain meds have kicked in which is good because my mouth was really starting to hurt.  Anyway, I'm off to find the couch.  Yeah reclining couches!   Thanks for reading my nonsense and happy simming.


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better!
    Yes Gilbert is a natural blond, I always make him that way. He married Chloe in my Megahood- they had cute green babies. :D
    I had Brandi Broke adopt Abbey for her want of raising 20, she isn't the easiest dog as I recall.
    There is a glitch in the game though that it doesn't have to be 6 separate dogs reaching TOC to earn the want, I had 3 dogs do 2 careers each and gained the LTW. :)

  2. I didn't know Gilbert was a natural blonde. Mine has married a university student and having a baby why she runs around having affairs. Glad your feeling better too. I still think the post was great.

  3. I had no idea Gilbert was blond - I must confess I don't really take notice of my Sims' eyebrows all that much. Maybe I should!
    In my game, Gilbert had an Alien daughter, Jacqueline Jacquet, and never had a child with the love of his life, Daisy (Rose Greenman's first"planted" child). Denise died long ago in my game, so it was nice seeing her again.
    Hope you'll be as right as rain soon again!