Saturday, January 24, 2015

1.9 The Ottomas Family of Downtown

Downtown's newest city block

Big Freak'n House (even to big for this family)

Purchased with the use of loan shrubs - the family starts out 26k in debt.

Dora Ottomas - 59 years old - Family/Fortune - 6 grandchildren - Fitness

Peter Ottomas - 21 days til elder - Romance - Rock God - Nature

Samantha Ottomas - 22 days til - Family - Marry 6 Kids - Fitness

David Ottomas - 8 days til adult - Popularity - 5 top level businesses - Arts & Crafts

Sharla Ottomas - 6 days til teen - Grow Up - Fitness
Tommy Ottomas - Toddler 

Dora:  I hate Opal Contrary.  She is the enemy.  No one is to allow her into the house.  That's an order.

Dark Hair:  It's okay Dora.  Just let go of the anger.  Here, I'll help you with that.

Black Jacket:  That old lady is just plain nuts.

David:  I so wish I could argue that point.

Samantha:  Say mommy.

Tommy:  Sammy.

Samantha:  Aw, close enough.

David:  I have to get the family out of debt.  Lord knows dad will never manage it.

Dora:  How did you come up with the money to buy this place David?

David:  I found some cash and borrowed a bit more.  I know people.

Dora:  So we're selling fitness equipment?

David:  Yes.  It's that time of the year when everyone wants to get into shape.

Dora:  I'm bored.

David:  Grandma Dora.  I'm trying to work here.

Peter:  You are so lovely when you're pregnant.

Samantha:  (giggles) Then I must always be lovely.

Peter:  Maybe, if we get some money, we can build the kids a playground out back.  There's plenty of room.

Samantha:  I think that would be great.  But how will we get enough money?

Peter:  I haven't figured that out yet.

David:  I can't believe I own two businesses.  It was a great idea to open a gym next door to the fitness equipment store.

Hal Capp:  Does this seem expensive to you?

Ashley Pitts:  Na.  I think you're just grumpy cause your mom dresses you funny.

David's first kiss.

David:  It's hard running two businesses but with Grandma Dora's help I'm managing it.

Fitness Supply Store (whose name I can't remember) reaches the top.

Sharla:  So you have a twin?  My mommy is having twins.

Utah:  Twins are fun...until they won't share.  

Peter:  Hello.  Welcome to our home.

Patricia:  Is she trying to work this corner to earn money to feed her kids?  What?  I've heard rumors.

Dora:  Dear, you may not want to eat that.  I wanted to make it but I also have soup.  Wouldn't you rather have that?

Dora:  Never mind.  Best of luck with the twins.

Samantha:  Mother Dora?

Dora:  Just an old woman muttering dear.  Just an old woman who sees to much and knows even more.

Peter:  I always hate this part.

Samantha:  YOU hate this part?

Quay Ottomas
 Samantha:  It's another girl.

Mark Ottomas
Samantha:  And her twin brother.  Twins just like Mother Dora said.  I wonder if we'll really have six kids like she says we will?

Dark Hair:  What are we celebrating?

Dora:  My fourth and fifth grandchildren have been born.  And my grandson David has gotten the family out of debt.

Dark Hair:  Nice.  But I would have celebrated that it was Wednesday.

Peter:  It's been so long since you weren't pregnant.  Since we know that won't last long, let's enjoy it.

Sharla:  Ak, grandma Dora is trying to burn the house down.

Dora:  Thank you.  I don't want to die before my sixth grandchild is born.

Peter:  What's wrong with you woman.  We have FIVE children together and I'm not good enough to make out with?

Samantha:  You have bad breath.  Is that my fault?

Two:  Do you know how to pick locks?

One:  Nope.  That's why I told you to bring the sledge  hammer.

Two:  But it was heavy.

Tommy Ottomas 
Tommy:  Happy birthday to one has even noticed.  Dumb family.

Dora:  No sir, this is my grandson's new toy store.  We sell toys and games.  I can show you a lovely chess set.

Red:  I had my heart set on a treadmill but a chess set might be nice.

David:  A brick.  I can't believe people actually buy pet bricks.  

Dora:  A lovely gift for your toddler.

Red2:  I don't have a toddler.

Dora:  But you might someday.

David:  GRANDMA!

Dora:  What?  Have to keep the old spirits up.  Besides, it would have been rude to tell the customer I didn't want to meet her friend here.

Dora:  Ah, a lovely gift for your grandchild.

Jenny Smith:  I don't have any grandkids yet.  I need something for my toddler.

Dora:  Ah, a late in life birth.  I have just the thing for you.

Dora:  This is such a lovely store.  I like this so much better than the last one.

Toy Store in Bluewater whose name I can't remember.

Samantha:  It's not that we forget about you Tommy it's just that we don't have time for you.

Tommy:  So the babies get a party?  Unfair.

Mark Ottomas - Sagittarius - 3-8-9-10-1

David:  Happy birthday Quay.

Quay Ottomas - Sagittarius - 3-5-10-7-10

David: Very good Mark.  You are so smart.

Tommy:  Stupid baby.

Dora:  Grandma Dora is tired Quay.  Could you just pay attention please.  

Dora:  How could they fire an old woman?  Just cause I told on some other old hag.  Who knew her brother had such pull?

Sharla Ottomas - Fortune - Hall of Famer 

Dora:  My grandson David gets me the best gifts.  Now I'll live long enough to see my last grandbaby born.  

Sharla:  Despite popular belief, I don't want to be a criminal mastermind.

Me:  If you didn't want to be fixed up like that, you shouldn't have rolled into that outfit.

Sharla:  You wouldn't do this to Lilith Pleasant.

Me:  Yes, I totally would.

Sharla:  No, it won't take up to much space in your apartment.  Besides, treadmills make great coat racks.

Sharla:  Ugh.  This is so HARD.

Sharla:  Stupid customers talking smack.  I'd like to see them master the cash register faster than I did.

Pump You Up Gym reaches the top.
Sharla's first kiss with Justin Cleveland

Samantha:  Have a good day at work Peter.

Peter:  How could I not after what we just did?

Peter:  How could they fire me?  Now I have to find a new job.  This sucks.  I hate hobby cards.

Sharla:  Headmaster, thank you for coming.  

Sharla:  No no no.  I don't want to be a thief.  I can't understand why everyone thinks I do.

Tommy:  Cause you look like a criminal mastermind wannabe.

Peter:  Your brother does have a point.

Headmaster:  Your daughter looks like a fright but she's rather pleasant to speak with.  I'd be happy to have your children in our school.

Peter:  Thank you so much.  It means the world to Sharla.

The headmaster never got into the hot tub but he tried and apparently that was enough.

Sharla:  I maxed another skill.  Mom, I LOVE this bookcase.

Samantha:  Happy to contribute in some way to the family.

Dora:  Don't be so hard on yourself.  You did birth them all.  That's contributing.

Dora:  I still hate Opal but maybe I will be able to control my anger now.  Or not.

Maid:  Awk.  When will these brats grow up?

David:  I can't believe it.  I'm a man...officially.

Quay:  Why didn't I get a cake?  I wanted a cake.

Mark:  Kids in big families don't usually get cake.  To many people, to little time.

Peter:  Not only did I find a new job in music, I've already been promoted.  Things are looking up.

David:  I've done as much as I can for the family.  Now it's time for me.  I'm moving out, because Grandma Dora said she'd kill me if I didn't.

Dora:  Bye David my boy.  Don't forget now, first comes marriage then comes great grandchildren.

David:  Right.  How about I start with first and go from there.  See you around grandma.  Thanks for all your help with my businesses.

Dora:  No problem child.  I enjoyed it.

David & Sharla move out.

David sells one of his businesses.

David and Sharla move in next door.


Not bad with this crew.



Wow.  I played this week in bits and pieces over a week's time.  

Dora:  What a hoot.  Two loves.  Three gold badges.  Surprisingly didn't annoy me.

Peter:  Kept his romantic wants to his wife for the most part.  He had a few thoughts but usually when he also wanted a skill point that he needed for work.  The other stuff rolled away.  Yeah for faithful romance sims.

Samantha:  Annoying as only a family sim can be.  I don't mind the make friends wants but the make best friends or bff wants are annoying.  For those wondering, kid six is in the oven.

David: Was the main focus of the week.  When I saw his ltw I knew that he was the way to get the family out of debt.  David, peter and Doris went downtown on day one and dug for treasure.  They almost got enough to buy the first business.  They bought a 10k loan shrub to buy the first business.  Even using my new method of having to finish the bottom row of the business perks before moving up a row we still managed to make pretty good money.  The first business earned enough money to buy the second.  The second business earned enough to pay off the family debt shrubs.  Eventually we earned enough to buy business number three.  We then bought business four and five. 1) fitness equipment 2)gym 3) toy store 4)Doc's hideout 5) clothing store    When David moved out he sold business 2 and bought the house next door to his parents.  The house is WAY to big but I'm thinking I'll remodel and make half into a business.

Sharla:  I felt bad at first about giving her that unique looks but I think it just works for her.  Sharla wants to go to college.  She has maxed all but two skills thanks to bookcase + fall.  I started to send her to college but she hasn't been a teen long so I moved her out with her brother instead.

Tommy:  seems super intelligent and learns things really quickly.

Quay:  Got another bad roll.  I was pronouncing it Kay at first but now I think of it as Qway.  I really hope she grows into her looks.

Mark:  Another one who needs to grow into his look.

Actually enjoyed this family.  Took forever to finish but most of that was my fault.  I couldn't seem to stop working the businesses.  I just kept getting carried away.

Well my blogging is caught up.  Yeah.  Happy simming ya'll.


  1. Wow indeed! What a busy week for everyone! The twins looks just like Oliver and Olivia did in my game (except for your CC hair and make-up, of course). Sadly, they have died in house fires, of the whole Ottomas clan there are only David (who married Lilith Pleasant) and Sharla (who married Mercutio Monty) left. Sharla has twins, Orlando and Odell, so the Ottomas name will live on.
    I am so impressed with your businesses! It is a lot of work to get them up to level 10, and you did it so many times!!

  2. I hate that house in my game too, i have remodelled it and cut it half. David Ottomas is at college in my megahood, and the twins have been born. But Dora has died now. Lots of Business to run and very hard work lucky you played the sims over the week and not all at once

  3. I didn't intend to actually get any of the businesses up to level 10. I was playing after work and I would just get caught up in the business. Next thing you know it's time to get ready for bed and I've done nothing but play the business. It worked out though.

    David never wanted to go to college and since his mom wants kids married I went ahead and let him become an adult. I'm on the lookout for a wife for him.

    I lost all my downloaded houses when I reinstalled the game. I need to go find some. I hate building and the maxi houses are pretty bad sometimes.

  4. The twins aren't actually that bad looking :)