Saturday, August 29, 2015

1.41 The Loner Family of Strangetown

1 Bedroom Starter Home

Ajay Loner - 23 days til elder - Fortune - Head of SCIA - Music & Dance

Ajay:  I've just moved in and I'm not really ready to entertain.  But, um, thank you for stopping by.

Lola Curious-Smith:  No problem.  We'll all just hang out here for  awhile.

Trisha Traveller:  I'm sorry Ajay but I'm a married woman.  I can't be kissing strange men I just met.  No offense.

Ajay: .....

Lola:  Did he really think a stranger would kiss him?

Lola:  Oh.  Well maybe her.  But I really doubt she counts.

Ajay:  You want me to go OUT?  Oh I don't know.

Ajay:  I can't believe I let her talk me into this.

Ajay:  What's wrong with the world?  Where old guys get the babes and us younger guys play chess alone?

Ajay:  Play it like you own it.

Ajay:  Ah, guys, I've reached my socializing limits for today.  I'm going to go home...alone.

Green shirt girls:  Awwww.

Ajay:  Trisha, don't you think this is a little...crazy.  I just wanted to talk to you.

Trisha:  A woman has to protect herself from strange men.

Ajay:  But I thought we were friends.

Trisha:  Almost...but, now I'm reconsidering.  You may just be trying to steal my virtue.

Tatiana:  It's doubtful she has any virtue left.

Ajay:  Thanks for coming over Bella.  Oh, you don't think I'm just some strange weird man do you?

Bella:  No, of course not.  So, we going to do this or not?

Ajay:  My first time.

Bella:  I never would have guessed.

Mitch Indie:  Yes, I'm showing up constantly in hopes of finding a wife.  So sue me.

Kevin Beare:  Don't say that to him.  He's a fortune sim.  He just might.

Ajay:  Really?  You don't even know me.

Ajay:  Go OUT?  Oh I don't think I can.  Why?  Um....guest?  Yes, I have guests.  It would be rude.

Oberon:  Really?  More rude than greeting us and never speaking to us again?

Ajay:  I can't believe how dirty these people left my house.  What is that in my sink?

Ajay:  Hello friend.  So nice to see you again.

Herbert:  Thank you.  My wife and I walked all the way from Downtown just to visit you.

Ajay:  Oh, you shouldn't have.

Herbert:  True.  I think we may take a taxi home.

Ajay:  So glad these people know how to entertain themselves.

Ajay:  I love going to work.

Driver:  You have a problem.  You should seek help.

Ajay:  Where are all you people coming from?  Every day there are more of you.

Townie:  How dare he greet us and then ignore us?  Oh wait, booze.  Na, I'm good.

Ajay:  It's not hiding.  It's not.  I need this knowledge for my next promotion.

Ajay:  I find this relaxing.  I have to do something on my day off.

Ajay:  Why did I come here again?  Couldn't I have just taken a nap?

Ajay:  What?  You want to talk?  Really?  Do you not realize that I'm not much of a talker?  That's not rude.  It's accurate.

Ajay:  I just noticed.  You're an alien.

Lola:  Yes.  Half alien.  My other dad was a Curious.  Thanks for noticing the obvious.

Ajay:  You're welcome.

Ajay:  Hello old man.  Can I ask how you get all the babes?  I may someday want one myself.

Ajay:  Why do people keep thinking I'm rude?  I was a simple question.

Ajay:  Wait.  What's happening?

Ajay:  Why did I have to have a career that called for logic skill?

Ajay:  Why did I have to start yearning to know more about science?

Ajay:  Why couldn't I have had nice safe wants?

Ajay:  Why?  Why? Why?

Ajay:  What just happened?

Ajay:  I don't think I'm going to be alone much longer.




Poor Ajay.  I swear I've never played him before when he was so awkward.  He hasn't found a three bolt girl.  He didn't really roll any social wants at all.  He got started doing logic for work and just kept rolling up the wants for it.  The last night he had the want to get another logic skill and to max his science hobby.  Poor guy.  I think alien abduction may have been the only way he could have reproduced anyway.  He just isn't hitting it off with anyone.

It was a bit boring to play.  I've always paired him with Lola but they aren't connecting this time out.  When I left him on his own he would either go play music or cut his bushes.  But, yeah, green baby.  Generation two is going to have a lot of green.

Next up we're playing the final Capp house.  See ya soon.


  1. aww you make him sound that he doesn't like anybody except himself. Hello green babies though.

  2. Poor Ajay! I hope he'll come out of his shell a little bit once he becomes a father :-)
    I like his little house, I've used it a few times in my game, too; currently, I think Heather Huffington lives there.

  3. I've never played Ajay, he does seem to live up to his name a bit eh?
    Gotta love green babies though, :)