Saturday, October 10, 2015

1.42 The Capp Family of Veronaville

(It's a little long guys.  Sorry.)

Historical Capp Manor (post makeover - forgot inside pics yet again)

New digs for the deceased Capps

Consort Thebe Capp - 56 years old - Fortune / Knowledge - 5 top level businesses - science

Tybalt Capp - 5 days to adult - Popularity - 20 best friends - Music & Dance

Juliet Capp - 9 days til adult - Family - Golden Anniversary - Games

Hermia Capp - 12 days to adult - Family - Golden Anniversary - Film & Literature

Hermia:  Dearest Puck.  Let's go steady.

Puck:  Sure love.  Whatever you want.

Puck:  Way to make a guy feel good about his decision.

Tybalt:  A night with the lovely Jules.  I just hope her dad doesn't find out.

Business One Purchased

Juliet:  You want me to do manual labor?

Consort:  Now granddaughter, it's nothing like that.  I want you and your brother to become skilled artisans.  True artisans can make a fortune.

Juliet:  Sounds like manual labor to me.

Juliet:  This isn't so bad after all.

Consort:  Thank you young Slob.  And you come again.  Really Landgrabb?  You're going to let a homeless vagrant out do you?

(The towns first and only Servo is sent out into the world.)

(Will he/she ever be seen again?)

Business Two Purchased

Juliet:  Oh Romeo, Romeo, please be my boyfriend Romeo.

Romeo:  Sure babe....for a kiss.

Juliet:  Oh you.

Juliet:  This type of bamboo will grow well on your family's farm.  It will grow quickly and block the entire place from view.

Consort:  I've got my eye on you two.  Don't think I don't.

Juliet:  Never doubted it for a minute.

Tybalt:  Some of these coins look strange.

Evil Witch:  Are you saying my money is no good here?

Tybalt:  Are you saying this is really money?

Romeo:  I wonder if he'll ever except my love for his sister.

Tybalt:  Please.  She'll eventually grow out of this faze and leave you behind.  I look forward to that day.

Business One Sold

Business Three Purchased

Consort:  You just MUST buy this rug.  It matches your bow.

Bow:  Oh he's so right.  We must have it.

Tybalt:  Yes, even YOU can have this beauty of a rug.  But we are only accepting credit cards now.  No more disappearing coins from you.

Evil Witch:  What the heck.  I'll take it.  I'll even pay for it.

Sell Business Two

Buy Business Four

Tybalt:  I can't Jules.  The old man is keeping us prisoner and forcing us to work in his businesses morning, noon and night.  It's pure torture.  But on the bright side, I inherit all this someday.  Yeah, maybe I shouldn't complain to much.

Sell Business Three

Sell Business Four

Purchase Business Five

Consort:  I should have forced Tybalt to come with me.  Hermia is useless.  I can't believe I'm having to do manual labor.

Green Ghost:  It's about time you got back to your duties boy.  We have an estate that needs tending.  Stop your goofing off with 'lifetime wants' and take care of your wife's ancestors as is good and proper.

Consort:  What do you mean you're not going to college?  I thought you and your sisters understood the need for a good education.  Without it, how can we show everyone how much better we are than them?

Tybalt:  Well we wanted to go.  But after all that manual labor, I just don't see the point anymore.

Consort:  Stupid children.   Stupid uneducated children.

Tybalt:  I wonder if the old man will be happy with this?  Na.  You know he won't.

Tybalt:  I'm getting really good at all things mechanical.

Consort:  I'm not giving money to anyone's political campaign.  I don't care what you thought I promised, the answer is no.  It's my money and you lot can't have it.

Tybalt:  I wish .....

Tybalt:  Damn.  Didn't work.

Tybalt:  Much better.

Consort:  You are one mean old woman.  I like that about you.

Tybalt:  It was great to see the family.  I hope the leave quickly.

Tybalt:  Travel?  Why would I do that?  I have everything I have right here.  I'm the heir after all.  I'm NEVER leaving.

Consort:  The help is slacking yet again.

Tybalt:  Why would we recycle?  That's for hippies and environmentalists.  We're rich.  We have an entirely different set of priorities.

Tybalt:  The old man shouldn't have put this thing in.  It's always breaking down.  It could kill someone someday.  The last thing we need is more ghosts.

Tybalt:  Yes mom.  I'll watch my manors.

Juliet:  I'm going to have to let you go.  My brother appears on the verge of cheating on his teenage girlfriend.  I need to find the right angle for the perfect blackmail video.

Violet:  We shouldn't do this.

Tybalt:  Oh, it's happening.  I've been waiting years for this.

Tybalt:  YEARS!

Tybalt:  Worth the wait.

Dora:  Keep up old man.

Consort:  Old women are the best.

Juliet:  Wait till the old man sees this.  His head will explode.

Consort:  I swear ancestors of my dead wife, the mess will be cleaned up immediately. 

Tybalt:  People really do that?  Why not just build a munchie bot?

Tybalt:  Actually, I'm feeling fabulous these days.  Absolutely fabulous.

Tybalt:  Hello family...and friends.  Welcome.

Tybalt:  Come on in.  Enjoy yourself.   Help yourself to the food.

Tybalt:  The old man will hate it so you should eat two servings.

Hal Capp:  Can do.

Juliet:  Did we have to throw a party?  Really?

Juliet:  Well, let's do this.

Juliet:  Yeah, I'm all that and then some.

Ripp Grunt:  But what if your grandfather....

Miranda Capp:  His head will explode and I'll win the pot.  I've got dead by age 65.

Juliet:  Excuse me.  This is my day.  Not the day of my slutty cousin. 

Jill Smith:  Should we really?

Melody Tinker:  Oh yes.  We should.

Juliet:  Isn't this the guy who seems to make it into each and every post?

Mitch:  Hi.  I'm Mitch Indie.

Juliet:  Well hello handsome.  So, how do you manage to get in so many posts?

Cornwall Capp:  Regan!  Call off you family ghosts!

Regan:  You know I can't do that.  It's not my fault they don't like you.  You shouldn't have said that about my dead greatgrandmother.

Hermia:  I wonder if they even missed me at the stupid party?

Juliet:  I don't like not being the center of attention.  They are all going to have to go.

Consort:  I hate to think of what we spent on that party.  At least the food was good.

Consort:  Careful there Cornwall.  We seem to have had a malfunction.

Cornwall:  This entire family is a malfunction.

Consort:  Yes.  I'll get it taken care of right away.

Consort:  Where do I even begin?

Consort:  I swear I think the ghosts tear the robots up on purpose.


Well....I played this over a month ago so I don't have many thoughts.

Consort topped the business field.  He is carrying on with many old women but no wants to marry one.

All three kids started the week with wants to attend university.  Wants that didn't roll away for a very long time.  Eventually they did lose the wants and they didn't roll back.  I'm fine with that.

Servos only enter the neighborhood if sold to someone playable who buys it on their own or sold to someone non-playable who becomes playable.  It's just how I roll, and keep down the metal population.

Yes, I left the yard in that shape.  Don't you know that will be a shock when next this house comes up again.

And I really don't remember much else.  I've been meaning to get this up for a while.  Sorry for the delay.

Well, happy simming everyone.


  1. I loved this update! The Capp manor grounds are so huge, it takes them so long to get to car pools and school buses, doesn't it.
    But first of all, congratulations to Consort for having fulfilled the 5-businesses-LTW - so far, no Sim has managed that in my game, and you did it in just one round!!! I really am impressed.
    Poor Hermia, she was quite the forgotten sibling, wasn't she?
    What your Sims say always matches their facial expressions so well, some of the comments made me laugh out loud :-)

  2. I'm also impressed with your fulfilling Consort's business wishes. Way to go. :)
    Tybalt fits the bill as all things evil doesn't he? His makeover is certainly an improvement!
    Your usual hilarious narration made for a very entertaining read.
    I bet that will be a shock when you open the lot next time. :D