Sunday, July 5, 2015

1.34 The Viejo Family of Riverblossom Hills

Catherine Viejo - 54 days old - Romance - woohoo 20 sims - music & dance

Betty Roth Goldstein - 55 days old - Fortune / Romance - earn 100k - cuisine

Andrew Martin - 27 days til elder - Fortune - Criminal Mastermind - games

Jacob Martin - 11 days til adult - Popularity - Captain Hero - nature

Betty:  Finally, after all these years, we can openly be together.

Catherine:  I love you Betty.  I'm so glad we're together now.

Leod McGreggor:  Well until recently it was always winter.  Snow everywhere.  Piles of it. I for one am enjoying the new four seasons.  Can't wait for the snow to be gone for a while.

Andrew Martin:  The aliens are EVERYWHERE!  Stealing men and making them have their babies.  It's not safe to go out at night.

Leod:  A little dramatic don't you think.

Andrew:  Sorry about earlier.  It's just every time I hear about an abduction I get so stressed.  What if it happens to me?  

Leod:  Don't worry Andrew.  I'll help you relax.

Betty:  I've finally found true happiness.

Betty:  I really appreciate you guys helping me with my business.  I think this town really needs a good grocery store.

Catherine:  I'll bake up some goodies for you to sell.

Andrew:  I'll man the register.  As soon as I figure out how.

Leod:  So, will I see you later?

Andrew:  I hope so.  If I get out of here early enough.

Betty:  Cheesecake seems to be a big seller.

Cleo:  But she's my aunt.  I would think she'd want me to have it.

Andrew:  Sorry but we don't give away merchandise.  Not even to family.

Betty:  Yes, I love my business.  I think I'll keep it.

Betty:  And maybe buy another.

Andrew:  I hope I'm that hot at her age.

Betty:  You won't be.  My Catherine is one of a kind.

Betty:  I just don't think I'm into selling musical instruments. 

Leod:  Andrew, I've missed you.

Andrew:  I've missed you too.  But since I live here rent free, I felt like I had to help the ladies with their businesses.  But I can make it up to you now.

Leod:  You'd better.

Jacob:  Thanks for helping me with this Mrs. Catherine.  I didn't want to bother dad since he's...busy.

Betty starts a home business.
Brandi Broke:  This is nice.  No kids in sight.

Catherine:  Oh dear.  You are a handsome one.

Catherine:  This upsets me.  It seems I've lost my touch.

Vidcund Curious:  Old age will do that.

Catherine:  Young and dumb.  My favorite kind of man.

Andrew:  What is wrong with me?

Jacob:  That list is long dad.  What?  I was just kidding.

Andrew:  Heartburn.  Why do I have heartburn?

Andrew:  Apparently pregnancy makes your hair fall out.

Catherine: ZZZZZZZ

Betty:  I'm glad we are finally getting to spend some time together.

Catherine:  Yeah, me too.

Fur Vest:  She has real talent. 

Andrew:  You have no idea.

Andrew:  Oh no.  I've been dreading this part.

Angus Martin (maybe)

Andrew:  Could you hold him please.

Andrew:  No wonder I got so fat.

Torin Martin (maybe)

Catherine:  I can't believe we have babies in our home.

Did I know about this?

Betty:  You guys sure can make some stinky diapers.

Andrew:  Oh Leod.  Our sons are so beautiful.  I hope you approve of their names.

Leod:  I think they're perfect.

Leod:  I love you Andrew.  I love you so much.

Blond:  Are you planning to move in now?  To be with your children?

Leod:  Well.... I can't leave my farm.

Blond:  But what about your kids?

Betty:  Blondie has a point.  What's best for your kids?

Leod:  Well I know what I want but I'm not sure what Andrew wants.

Blond:  Well yo might want to figure that out.

Jacob:  This is a great place to live but I can't wait to move to college.  I hope dad can manage with me gone.

Betty:  I'm not sure about keeping a home business going.  Especially now that we have babies to raise.  Maybe I should close it.  Maybe.

Betty:  Or I could just buy a new business.

Betty:  This is kind of fun.  Relaxing.

Betty:  I'm just so HAPPY!

Cleo:  Aunt Catherine.  It's so great to see you.

Catherine:    It's good to see you too.

Catherine:  I have something for you.  Since I can't leave you my house, I want to give you this high value gift.  A little something to help you in the future.

Cleo:  I don't know what to say.  Thank you Aunt Catherine.

Catherine:  You're welcome dearest.

Betty:  Happy Birthday boys.

Angus Martin (I'm almost sure) - Sagittarius - 3-4-7-6-5

Tarin Martin (50% chance anyway) - Aries - 3-9-7-6-5

Catherine:  I can't believe how domestic we've gotten.

Betty:  Do you think I should close the home business?

Catherine:  And lose the free childcare?  Never.

Andrew:  Goodbye Jacob.  Don't forget to call.

Jacob:  La Fiest Tech.  And step on it.

Angus:  Me cutie.

Jacob:  I don't think I'm dressed for this heat.

The House:

The Front

The Back

2nd Floor



Job Happenings:


My main goal for the week was to finish Betty's LTW.  I wanted to work on Catherine's as well but my one attempt was a complete failure.  Jacob was ignored a lot.  Poor thing.  Maybe college will treat him better....yea I doubt it too.

The twins were natural twins and a ACR risky pregnancy.  Andrew and Leod have 2 bolts and if Leod wishes it, his little family will be moving in with him.  We'll have to see what he thinks when we get to his place.

I think we sold all but one business (the first one).  I really liked that one so we kept it.  I was going to give Cleo the 3rd business but I was confused.  I thought she was related to Betty but she's related to Catherine.  So we just bought her a really expensive item (20k I think) and gave her that instead.

I don't remember what else I did.  It was far to long ago.  This is the last update as I haven't played this neighborhood in a while.  I'll have to try to get it back to it soon.

Until then, happy simming.


  1. What a busy family, businesses and babies! No wonder Jacob was a little neglected...
    I remember when I played Catherine and Betty years ago, the first thing I did was remove their "old age" make-up. Now they are long gone and rest side by side on Gamesend Grounds in New Maximiliania.

  2. That was a great round. I love this house with a bit of tweaking it's nice to play.
    Fab job with the 100K, that's a good way to earn it too.
    Lots of romances going on and the twins are adorable.