Saturday, January 3, 2015

1.5 The Capp Family of Veronaville

The Albany Capp family of Veronaville

Albany Capp - 10 days to elder - Family - Golden Anniversary - Science

Goneril Capp - 21 days til elder - Fortune - Criminal Mastermind - Cuisine

Miranda Capp - 13 days til adult - Romance - Hall of Famer - Science

Hal Capp - 4 days til teen - Grow Up - Music & Dance

Desdemona Capp - 6 days til teen - Grow Up - Science
also: Ariel Capp - 4 days til child - Grow Up - Nature

Ariel:  Mommy!  Play!  NOW!

Goneril:  Albany, I think we should head downtown for a while.  Just to get away.  

Albany:  Miranda, your mother and I need some alone time.  You'll watch over the family, correct?

Miranda:  Sure thing.  Just don't forget to use protection.  This house is barely big enough for the six of us.

Goneril:  Can you believe those Summerdreams?  Throwing it in our face.  That they defeated Mother.  That our family isn't in control anymore.  I bet they destroyed the mist just so the rest of the world could see our defeat.

Albany:  Honey, I think he's just walking down the sidewalk.  

Goneril:  Don't you dare stand up for those....those.....elves.  They have destroyed our way of life. 

Albany:  (mumbles)  The one where the women in your family rule over all the men in Veronaville.  Yeah, that's a loss. 

Goneril:  What did you say?

Albany:  I love you sweetie but you're going have to accept that things have changed.  We are being held to the same standards as the other neighborhoods whether we like it or not.  And right now, we have some alone time.  Let's not waste it arguing.  

Goneril:  There aren't that many of them.  If we...did away with them...things could go back to the way they were.

Albany:  Killing elves won't put the mist back to protect our neighborhood from the others.  It won't take away the knowledge of our existence.   It would just be murder.  Nothing would change.

Goneril:  You are such a stick in the mud.  You don't have any respect my criminal mind.  There is a way to fix this.  I just have to figure it out.

Albany:  Let's not speak.  Let's love instead.

Evil Witch:  So, you're a vampire.  I must say, I'm not impressed.

Vampire:  I may not sparkle but I, never the less, rule the night.

Evil Witch:  I have a spell for never ending daylight.  How will you handle that hot stuff?

Vampire:  Do you think she can really bring never ending daylight?

Goneril:  Na.  You know, my family could take over this place called Downtown.  We would rule it with an iron fist and bring all the men to their knees.

Vampire:  Perhaps it's time to move to the suburbs.

Miranda:  You know, we don't have to hide anymore.  I could flirt with your right here in the open and no one would care.

Old Man Monty:  Oh, I care.  I can't wait to see your mother's face when she find out you're messing with a Monty.  (cackles)  Only thing better would be if you were messing with an elf.

Miranda:  I'm really getting the hang of this kissing thing.

Brandi:  They're kids.  They'll grow up and find that just one little kiss can lead to a lifetime of heartache.

Ariel:  No watch.  No watch me.  Daddy...make stop watch me.

Miranda:  Way to go Ariel.  I knew you could do it.

Ariel:  Yes. When no watch me.

Albany:  The stars look so much brighter now that the mist is gone.  Lovely.

Goneril:  Oh.  I don't have time for the stomach flu.  And that's all it is.  Just a stomach bug.

Goneril:  I can't believe it.  I thought for sure I was wrong.  Another one.  Just what I didn't want.

Miranda:  Birth control.  Learn it.  Use it.

Goneril:  A little late for that.

Goneril:  Oh Hal.  You've done well.

Hal:  Wait.  Are you having another one?  I don't want another baby in the house.

Miranda:  A little late for that wish.

Ariel:  We grew up.

Townie:  I grew up too.  Excellent.

Titania:  I'm bored.  You people are boring me.

Hal Capp - Family - Captain Hero

Ariel Capp - Grow Up

Brandi:  Isn't he a bit young for you?  Oh wait, you're a Caliente.  You girls have no limits.  None at all.

Dina:  Jealous much?

Brandi:  So Don, rumor has it you're doing her sister Nina.

Don:  Quiet woman.  What she doesn't know won't hurt me.

Brandi:  Pig.

Goneril:  Ah, Queen Titania, here to dine in my lowly home.  Should I kiss your feet now or later?

Titania:  Boring.  All of you bore me terribly.

Goneril:  The door is right there.  Feel free to use it.

Goneril:  Please let this be the last.  Please...the last time.

Emilia Capp - daughter of Albany & Goneril Capp
Goneril:  A girl.  A lovely daughter.  

Hal:  Way to go mom.  Five natural births.  What a champ.

Goneril:  Enjoy this sight.  It won't be happening again if I have a say.

Hal:  She is a beauty.  

Albany:  The family has grown larger and stronger with her birth.

Hal:  I don't think Mother wants any more.

Albany:  Well I've never really given her a choice.  Despite what they think, women can be manipulated just as easily as men. 

Albany:  Daddy's sweet baby girl.  Just remember, you don't have to be a criminal like your mommy.  Just grow up and be happy. And get married and give me grandbabies.  Nice law abiding grandbabies.

Goneril:  You can see so much now that the mist is gone.  Who knew the old guy had it in him?

Old Man Monty:  Stinking lowlife Capps.  Spying on old men and their young wives.  How dare you?

Goneril:  Ha.  Take that old man.  I would continue this beating but I have to head to work.  I have a big job planned for this evening.

Goneril:  I don't know why my work bothers you so.  Our family has been in this line of work for generations.

Albany:  But the world has changed.  You could change too if you wished it.

Goneril:  But I don't.  

Albany:  (sigh) I know.  

Albany:  Please don't take after your mother.  I beg you.

Una:  Your family is so interesting.  I'd love to include you in the book I'm going to write.

Ariel:  Um, okay.

Vortex:  My dad's an alien.  We're much more interesting.

Albany:  No Goneril.  No fighting during the party.

Goneril:  But there is a MONTY in our home.  

Albany:  NO!  Not tonight.

Goneril:  Fine.  Tomorrow it is.

Emilia Capp - Grow Up - ?

Desdemona:  Hey guys.  It's my birthday too.  Guys?

Desdemona Capp - Knowledge - Chief of Staff

Hal:  So, isn't this place great?  I come here as often as I can.  Love the vibe.  Love to meet new people.  

Sandra:  Yeah, it's okay.  It is good to see people outside of Riverblossom Hills.  

Grunt:  I know.  Girls heart fart over me wherever I go.  I'm just that hot.

Miranda:  Well, you're okay.  I haven't jumped your bones yet so you can't be that special.

Grunt:  Ouch.  Way to hurt my delicate ego.

Hal:  Hey, did you know you had a book floating over your head?

Desdemona:  So?  You have a bar over yours.

Hal:  Wicked.

Hal:  Just ignore my dad.  He's heading to work.  He's started working in law enforcement.  Yeah, and get this, my mom is a crook.

Sandra:  Really?  

Hal:  Oh yeah.  That's how the Capps got all their money.  But the Summerdreams came in and took most of it so we're kind of poor now.

Sandra:  Really?  Don't tell my dad that.  He wouldn't want us hanging out if he knew you were poor.

Hal:  So let's never tell him.

Desdemona:  Really Dongsool?  We have our first kiss and now you want to FISH?

Dongsool:  Well....yes?

Goneril:  Albany, if we move Downtown the kids would have better schools.  We could live a more normal life.  I promise to follow the law and avoid criminal activities.

Goneril:  DANG IT!  I can't even keep a straight face while saying it.

Desdemona:  Mom is really putting some time in on this machine.  I don't know why she bothers.   No one believes a word she says anyway.

Miranda:  Uncle Kent.  Welcome.

Kent:  Hey my niece.  Nice hair.

Emilia:  Play with me.  Someone.  Please.

Puck:  Oh Miranda.  I think I love you.

Miranda:  Me too.  I love you too.

Ariel:  I don't understand this game.  I wish we owned a video game system.

Miranda:  Hal?  Where are you going?

Hal:  College.  Got a scholarship to La Fiesta Tech.  See ya.

Puck:  Dude.  You ruined my rose giving moment.  

Miranda:  Academe La Tour.  And step on it.  I'm not going to stay here forever.

Puck:  Well I'll just take these home then.  Titana is going to kill me when she sees I've cut her prize roses.

Hal Capp rolled 2 and heads to La Fiesta Tech

Miranda Capp rolled six and heads to Academe La Tour

Not bad.  Not bad at all.

House shots:

I thought I took pictures of the house but apparently not.  Only this one picture of dripping water.  I did expand the bottom floor because things were so tight.  I changed out the stairs to the spiral ones which saved space but caused traffic issues.  The top floor is still the original size.  They only had so much money.



I like Albany.  He was great.  He stayed home with the kids until Friday when he took the highest paying available job in law enforcement.  He watched the stars a lot because he loves science.  No abductions.  I kinda wanted one and yet I kinda didn't.  Now he's almost an elder so green babies are out of the question.

Goneril was annoying but in a good way.  She and Albany have one bolt of attraction.  She rolled up skilling a lot.  She dated early on which led to a risky baby.  Only one date late in the round which luckily didn't result in a pregnancy...I don't think.

Miranda started out a skiller.  She wanted to go to college for the first two days.  Then it went away.  It did roll back up on the last day so I sent her to college.  She was more a knowledge sim than a romance sim for some reason.

Hal, Desdemona & Arial were kind of annoying.  They kept wanting to make friends then best friends.  It was hard to keep them up but I managed I think.  They were all better as teens.  Kids are hard as a lot of their wants can't be done.

I finally rolled a more normal letter which when googled with Shakespear led us to baby Emilia.  She REALLY looks like her dad and mom.

Mom and Dad dug for treasure on day one while downtown which kept them in cash until the baby was here.  I think the family did pretty good.  Enjoyed them for the most part.

Well, Happy New Years everyone.  Happy Simming.


  1. Happy new year to you too. I love the way you put a spin on the pictures to make your own stories. I lol a couple of times. Lucky i was the only one in my living room.

  2. The Capps certainly are an interesting bunch, aren't they! I like Emilia and hope for Goneril that she'll be the last child in this family.