Sunday, January 25, 2015

1.10 Urele-Oresha-Cham House at Sim State University

Urele - Oresha - Cham House
We've headed to Sim State University.  Originally I had thought to wait and play the college students through little by little but basically none of them this first round.  I've now changed my mind and will be playing some of the students through in round one.  Sim State has two Greek Houses.  I'm combining them because I don't want to play two.  Just based on the house size and layout I've chosen the fraternity instead of the pretty pink house across the way.  For this round the guys will be inviting over the girls and the merging will begin.

The Students who eventually live here:
Ashley Pitts - Romance - Hall of Famer - Sophomore -Drama Major - Sports

Joshua Ruben - Fortune - 5 top level businesses - Freshman - Psychology Major - Sports

Kevin Beare - Family - 3 kids graduate college - Freshman - Biology Major - Arts & Crafts

Castor Nova - Knowledge - World Class Ballet Dancer - Freshman - Drama Major - Arts & Crafts

Brittany Upsnott - Popularity - Media Magnet - Sophmore - Art Major - Sports

Heather Huffington - Romance - Woohoo 20 sims - Freshman - Drama Major - Nature

Tiffany Sampson - Knowledge - Head of SCIA - Freshman - Psychology Major - Nature
Jane Stacks - Family - Golden Anniversary - Junior - Physics Major - Tinkering

Allegra Gory - Knowledge - Game Designer - Freshman - Math Major - Fitness
I didn't keep up with daily wants this go round.  Instead I handled things as follows:  learn needed skills for the semester, do term paper, complete wants, work on lifetime want or if annoyed with them, let them roam free.  I sped up semesters on about half of the students.  Some are still in college and won't graduate during round one.

I didn't take many pictures.  The students made me want to cuss just a little to often.

Castor Nova and Jane Stacks realized they had three bolts of attraction.  After falling in love, Jane moved into the house to be with her man.  At one point they fell out of three bolts.  It seemed that their love just wouldn't last.  Then all of the sudden they were back to three bolts again.  Jane grabbed hold of her man and told those other girls to BACK OFF.

Kevin Beare and Tiffany Sampson were another three bolt couple.  Their relationship didn't last.  As they skilled, their attraction diminished.  Although Tiffany wanted to keep their relationship together, Kevin kept chasing after other girls.  In the end they drifted apart.  Tiffany remains in school and is currently unattached. 

Ashley Pitts and Heather Huffington were also a three bolt couple.  But their romancing ways destroyed their love.  Heather told Ashley to hit the road and take that hussy with him.  The two, although no longer furious at each other, are no longer even friends.

Heather was wooed by Kevin.  The two fell in love.  They weren't all that attracted to each other but Kevin just didn't seem to care.

Although I never really reroll aspirations for my students, I was ticked off at Heather for constantly trying to break up Castor and Jane.  I clicked yes and rerolled.  Heather Huffington became a Family sim with a lifetime want of marrying off six kids.  Yes, I regreted that one.  Then Heather and Kevin realized they had three bolts for each other.  They became an item.  

Ashley Pitts was the first to graduate.   He was tired of getting between Heather and Brittany.  Ashley rolled for a new neighborhood and is now the owner of a lovely home in Veronaville.  He has no current love interests but he's always looking.

Tiffany Upsnott was next to graduate.  She has two bolts and fell in love with David Ottomas during a toga party.  Tiffany moved in with David and his sister Downtown.  They aren't engaged and if things don't work out between the two she can always move out.

Eventually Castor proposed to Jane.  She was obviously shocked but did say yes.  

Castor and Jane have purchased a little house in Bluewater Village.  They both have the wants to get married locked in tight.  Hopefully certain vengeful women will not try to mess with their relationship before next round.

Heather Huffington and Kevin Beare are not engaged yet as neither had the want and I didn't think to do it.  They have bought a home in Desiderata Valley.  Hopefully they will marry (or not) and have six kids to fulfill both their lifetime wants.

Allegra Gory stumbled across a three bolt match is one of the Curious brothers.  The have a crush on each other at this point.  Allegra moved to a small house in Strangetown so that she'll be nearby in case he calls.  We'll have to wait and see if things work out for them.

Joshua Ruben, Tiffany Sampson and Joshua's brother Martin are currently holding down the fort.  Basically I just reached my limit of dealing with these kids.  College is best done in short bursts.

Sorry but no pictures of the house.  I did do a bit of remodeling.  I moved a wall to enlarge the kitchen.  I took one upstairs bathroom and enlarged it to contain four individual shower stalls.  I took another bathroom upstairs and put in toilet stalls.  One of these days I'll remember to take more pictures of the houses.  I just don't remember until I'm blogging and I never have the game open when blogging.  My computer bitches when I do that.


  1. I never have the game open while blogging, either.
    How different Castor looks with his hair not in his face, and Brittany Upsnott (not Tiffany Upsnott, as you call her a bit further on in the post) looks actually rather good with the hairdo you gave her.
    Yes, college can't be played for too long or it makes even the calmest player go nuts! For me, the alphabetical order of surnames still works best. And like you, I try to fit as many students into one house as possible (8 without hacks), so that the whole college thing can be dealt with as efficiently as possible.

  2. all of the above sims have graduated in my game. I think Kevin is with Allegra/ and jane stacks and caster nova are together. I don't think any of that group are together. I hate playing college to long as well, a semester at a time is long enough for me.