Saturday, January 24, 2015

1.8 The Patel Family of Belladonna Cove

The Patel family are our first apartment dwellers.

Ramir Patel - 25 days til elder - Popularity - Celebrity Chef - Tinkering

Ana Patel - 26 days til elder - Family - 6 grandchildren - Tinkering

Ramir:  I think it's great you finally got out of the house.  You should meet new people.  Do new things.  I know you've been sort of down during your pregnancy but that will be over soon.  The baby will be here before we know it.

Ana:  I suppose you're right.  I've just been overwhelmed lately.  And that apartment, it closes in on me.

Ramir:  But we're out today, enjoying the sunshine.  Focus on that darling.  Things will get better.  I promise.

Ramir:  I'm almost there.  Soon I'll be able to cook my favorite desert, cheese cake.

Ana:  Ramir! 

Freyah Ramir
Ana:  A daughter.  We have a baby girl.  

Ana:  Quick.  Hold Freyah.

Utah Patel

Ana:  Two daughters.  How wonderful.  Two little girls to give me six grandchildren someday.

Ramir:  Yes, twins.  I'm glad you got what you wanted.

Ana:  I can't believe we had twins.  I wasn't expecting that, but I'm so glad.  I honestly don't know if I can handle another pregnancy.  

Ramir:  And you don't have to.  Not if you don't want to.

Ana:  A new look for a new mom.  The baby blues will be behind me in no time.

Ramir:  I'm glad the pregnancy is behind us.  Maybe I'll get back the woman I married soon.

Ana:  Mommy's baby girl.

Ramir:  I can't believe I'm changing careers.  But I should take my own advice.  I should go for my dreams.  I love to cook and that's what I should be doing.  

Ramir:  Yes, I've been working out some.  I'd gotten a bit of a belly.  Not attractive.  I'm trying to get back into shape, like I was when Ana and I first met.

Ana:  Come on slow poke.  You can't be late to work today.  We've got the lunch rush.

Ramir:  I'm coming.  I was just kissing my girls before I left.  I'd have kissed you too if someone wasn't in such a hurry.

Ramir:  A birthday party for my girls.  Happy birthday Utah.

Utah Patel - cheesecake twin - Pisces - 5-3-7-3-7

Ana:  Bad police lady breaking up my baby's party.  Happy birthday Freyah.

Freyah Patel - cheesecake twin - Aries - 5-9-7-3-7

Ana:  Such a big girl.  You're growing up so fast.

Ramir:  You want teddy.  We'll be sure to find him before you go to night night.

Nanny:  The twins are in their beds.  You have some time to yourselves.  Oh my.  You've already gotten started.  I'll just let myself out.  See you tomorrow.  Hopefully less of you though.

Utah:  We didn't get a party.  Why didn't we get a party?

Freyah:  Cause the cops are meanies who make everyone go home to soon.

Freyah:  Daddy, do you know any genies?  

Ramir:  No honey, I've never met a genie.

Freyah:  Oh.  But I've got wishes.  I want them to come true.  Like in the story book.

Utah:  Told you there were no genies.

Freyah:  You don't know that.  We just haven't found one yet.

Bartender:  Are you sure you don't mind me coming home with you EVERY day.  It's just that your home is so much nicer than mine.  But I don't want to intrude.  Well I do but I shouldn't admit to that. Unless that gets you to invite me to move in.  I'd love to move in.  In case I haven't made that clear.  I'd want my own room though.  And this apartment is small.  We might have to move.  I don't have any money but I'm sure you'll think of something.  Right Ramir.  Ramir?

Ramir:  Did someone say something?

Bartender:  It's as though I don't exist.


Can anyone see my problem?  Ana was a pain.



I played this a week ago so it's not fresh on my mind.

Well, first off I had Ramir get his cooking skill up some so he could make cheesecake.  I don't generally use cheesecake but I thought that two kids would be better for the 6 grandkid lifetime want.  She starts the round with a stage pregnancy so I just went for it.   I didn't want to have them do another pregnancy.  I doubt they will get pregnant by accident because they don't have much of an attraction to each other.  Just one bolt.  And they don't tend to roll wants for each other.  So hopefully they are done with the family.  If not, three kids are okay too.

The girls look like their parents.  Why do I keep rolling strange letters?  What about an S or T?  I panicked when naming Utah.  I wasn't happy with my choice but couldn't come up with something else.  I wanted something more exotic but not crazy out there.  Oh well.

I considered moving this family out of the apartment at the end of the round.  I'm not a fan of apartments.  However, I've decided to stay with it for now.  I can make it work for a family of four.  I think.

Also, in an effort to keep down the population, couples/sims are now only dating if they have a want to date.  Dates seem to be when risky pops up it's little head most often.  I love babies but there are a ton of people in this neighborhood so we don't need to let things run to wild.


  1. I really like Ana's new look! And the girls are lovely. I know what you mean about not really liking apartments... I played so many of them at some stage that I got rather fed up with them.

  2. and apartments get glitchy after awhile too. Don't worry about the name Utah, it is lovely i am sure she won't hate you for it lol.