Sunday, January 18, 2015

1.7 The Jocque Family of Desiderata

Strange pointy unbalanced house

Marcel Jocque - 13 days til elder - Family - Head of SCIA - Nature

Sophia Jocque - 13 days til elder - Popularity - Hand of Poseidon - Music & Dance

Violet Jocque - 12 days til - Population - Prestidigitator - Fitness

Sophia:  My glorious husband...

Stephen Tinker:  Thumbs down.  Doesn't sound sincere.  She's up to something.

Jennifer Burb:  So you see a pregnant woman walking up and you think, yes I'll take that last hot dog before she waddles up?  What kind of man are you?

Marcel:  A hungry one?

Sophia:  Don't get me wrong, I love the Rick's parents.  You know I do.  But I just don't think he's the one for you.  You can do better.

Violet:  But I thought you wanted us to marry someday.

Sophia:  I did, when you were both five.  Now, not so much.  Don't limit yourself.  Be happy.

Social Bunny:  I'm standing right here.  I'm here just for you Violet.  No one can love you like I can.  Get off the phone and play with me.

Violet:  Yes.  It's Pink.  My bunny friend.  I haven't seen her since I was four.  We use to eat mud pies.

Violet:  Xander, you've...

Xander Roth:  Grown up.  I know.  And although you still think I'm to young, I'm very mature for my age.

Violet:  Well hello neighborhood greeters.  Welcome to our home.

Cooke:  No one here is single and of age.  Why did I come?

Sophia:  Sometimes you just have to have a new style.  

Sophia:  So Xander, you're the Roth heir?  You know Violet is our only child and thus heir.  Without her, our line will cease to exist. 

Xander:  Well, I'm not an only child.  I do have an older sister in college.

Violet:  MOM!  Stop. 

Marcel:  Thanks for calling us for an outing.  I think we need to get out more.

Sophia:  They just want our daughter for their son.  I'm completely against it by the way.

Violet:  MOM!  Stop embarrassing me.

Marcel:  We could always make another one.

Sophia:  Another what?  Baby?  No way.  I'm to old for that.

Marcel:  You've been saying that since you were twenty-two.

Sophia:  It's still true.

Marcel:  Maybe the rumors are true.  Maybe the aliens will give me the baby I long for.

Kaylynn:  Wow.  Thanks.

Marcel:  No.  Thank you, for fitting us into your schedule.  My wife absolutely hates cleaning up after me.

Sophia:  You need to get your grades up if you want to attend college.

Violet:  I know mom.  I know.

Monty:  Are you blind?  There is no way the Packers will beat the Seahawks.

Violet:  Says you.  The Seahawks are totally going to win.

Marcel:  I can't believe my boss.  Demoting me for playing a video game on my lunch break.  Who does that?

Tybalt:  Wait, is it 'that' kind of party?

Tybalt:  I'm next.  I've got to get in on this.

Violet:  Three first kisses in a row.  It's enough to turn a girls head...round and round and round.

Rick:  HOW COULD YOU?  YOU'RE MINE!  MINE!  How dare you kiss another.

Tybalt:  My lady, I offer my services unto you.  I will rid the world of this miscreant.  You need only say the word.

Violet:  Aw, you're so sweet.

Tybalt:  Wait, I just pledged myself to you.  That means you need to lay off the other guys. K.

Rick:  I can't believe I've been tossed over like this. My parents have been planning our wedding since we were five.  <snicker>  They are going to HATE this.  

Violet:  Hey.  We're having a party.  Come on in.

Tybalt:  I'll make her forget all the others.

Violet:  Thanks for coming everyone.  Especially you Tybalt.  Especially you.

Tybalt:  Later babe.

Violet:  You have to stop walking by my house at all hours of the day and night.  

Rick:  I'm just walking.

Violet:  Stalking.  You are stalking.

Sophia:  I'm glad we didn't throw a party tonight.

Marcel:  Me too.

Rick:  I'm going to have to ask you to stop kissing Violet.  Our families have an understanding.  You're not a part of that.

Marcel:  All these parties are annoying.  Where are you aliens?  Please...take me away.

Xander:  I love you Violet.  I know you're older but I need you to wait for me.  We are perfect for each other.

Violet:  I love you too Xander.  I can't make any promises right now but I'll try.  I'll try.

Violet:  Could he be the one?  Can you really know when you're still so young?

Rick:  You nailed the Roth kid?

Violet:  How did're still spying on me?  What did you do, watch?  

Violet:  I can't take any more of this drama with Rick.  I think it's time to get out of Desiderata for a while.

Sophia:  Have fun at college.  Don't forget to call.

Violet Jocque rolls 6 and will be attending Academie La Tour



Not so good.

I felt so bad for Marcel.  He had the want to have a baby.  He kept it almost constantly for six days.  It was not locked in.  Since he didn't have the LTW for kids I didn't let him try.  He never rolled up the want to woohoo so risky couldn't get involved.  He did try with ACR a few times but it never worked out for him.  I tried to get him abducted which also didn't work out for him.  Both he and his wife are on the verge of being to old so he'll probably never get another baby.  Since it was almost all he wanted his want score was pitiful.  Poor Marcel.

Sophia wanted to make friends.  She wanted to skill if she needed it for a promotion.  She's never been my favorite sim but she wasn't so bad this time.  I admit I had her light a pile of leaves on fire.  I never do that.  She survived...three times.  It would appear she will live to old age. 

Violet grew into a beauty.  She was great to play most of the time.  I didn't plan on having her become so promiscuous with the boys.  ACR just took over so I watched it unfurl.  Sunday she was impossible.  She only wanted BFFs and to go to college.  She played pool enough on Sunday to get a scholarship and then I shipped her off.  And as far as the social bunny goes, I was so busy with her parents on the community lot that I left her on her own.  Who knew she would do that to herself?  Stop playing the guitar already.  Oh, and Violet and Xander Roth now have three bolts.  Despite the age difference I will probably try to keep them together.  Unless I forget, which could happen.


  1. What an entertaining read! Sophie looks tons better with her new hairstyle, although I'm afraid she will never win a beauty contest. Violet truly is a very beautiful young woman now. I wonder what adventures she will have at college. Poor Xander. 3 bolts or not, if Violet keeps her pace with the boys at that rate, he'll suffer heartbreak more than once over the next "years".

  2. love your style of writing, keeps me entertained all the way through. I have to reinstall my neighbourhood again, and i can't get ACR to work at all which i am really annoyed at i love it but oh well. Keep blogging.