Friday, December 26, 2014

1.4 Academie Le Tour - Smith

Academie Le Tour
I wanted to go ahead and work Johnny through college.  I didn't want to play just him so I got the bright idea to go ahead and work another Academie Le Tour student through with him.  I think I got carried away.  I played the entire college life without speeding up any semesters.  I doubt I'll do this again.  Took WAY to long and just about drove me insane.
Johnny Smith - Popularity - Celebrity Chef - Music & Dance - Freshman

Jonah Powers - Romance - 20 loves - Fitness - Sophomore

Roxie Sharpe - Romance - Celebrity Chef - Music & Dance - Sophomore

Edwin Sharpe - Knowledge - Head of SCIA - Tinkering - Freshman

Jonah:  Hey Edwin, these notes you made don't even make sense.  If I turn this in, I'll be flunked for sure.

Edwin:  Better you turn in my squibles than whatever you could come up with on your own.

Roxie:  He has a point babe.

Pol:  My oldest has invited the family for a small party.  Why would he include that Grunt?  Doesn't he know they're not to be trusted?

Johnny:  It was good to see the family.  I think I'm going to like college life.  If only the cops stay away.

Jonah:  But why can't you sit in on my classes?  You let me copy your notes?

Edwin:  I have to go to my own classes.  I can', I WON'T do everything for you.  It's not like I'm getting anything out of this and honestly, I don't like my sister that much.

Roxie:  Thanks bro.  I love you too.

Cop:  Stupid students and their stupid loud parties.  Do they think I have nothing better to do?

Rommie:  But Jonah....

Roxie:  Is at class for a change.  Don't worry baby, I won't tell if you don't.

Johnny:  How could you think that I would go all the way with a photo booth no less.  I only do that with my teenage girlfriend.

Cook:  Who set up this system?  I could have DIED before it ever came on.  Is this why we have such a good retirement plan?  Because you know I'll not live long enough to use it?

Greek House:  Welcome.  

Johnny:  Ah.  This is a dream come true.  I hope it won't hurt your feelings that I never visit the Greek House and I never move in.  

Roxie:  That was so hot.  I'm so glad Jonah and I have classes at different times.

Roxie:  Old man Goth is STILL alive?  I would have thought he'd died ages ago.

Edwin:  I love sewing.  It's so relaxing and Jonah never bothers me when I'm out here.  That may be why it's so relaxing.

Professor 1:  Oh, so it's that kind of party.  Well, I'm game.

Professor 2:  How could you?  I profess my love and then find you here making out with some bimbo.

Jonah:  But dude, I only wanted your love, not your body.

Jonah:  What a killer party.  Three people love me.  Two hate me.  I love all five regardless.  Life is good.

Jill:  I told you we've be besties someday.

Evil Witch:  You're still to perky. 

Edwin:  How is this fair?  I haven't even kissed anyone and the Evil Witch gets the girl?

Evil Witch:  Once you go evil nothing else will do.

Roxie:  How could he?  How could Jonah cheat on ME?  Sure, I've cheated on him repeatedly but he isn't supposed to cheat on me.

Jonah:  Here babe.  Just a little something that says I'm sorry and I still love you.

Roxie:  I think I'm going to be sick.  You pull this, on me?  I'm the one who taught you this trick.  I HATE YOU JONAH POWERS!!!  HATE YOU!

Jonah:  Johnny, I really respect you man.  You've grown to mean the world to me.  Please take this rose....because Roxie wouldn't take it and I'd hate it to go to waste.

Johnny:  Oh Jonah.  I think I love you just a little bit.

Jonah:  Me to dude.  Me to.  But you know I don't swing that way so this is strictly a platonic kind of thing.  K.

Jonah:  Well, I'm out of here.  So long losers.

Roxie:  Seriously?  A light blue romper?  What am I, three?  

Party Crowd:  Party on the stoop.  Whoop!  Whoop!

Johnny:  It sure is a lot quieter with the two of them gone.

Edwin:  It's ALWAYS quieter when my sister isn't around.  

Edwin:  Oh Delilah, I've missed you.

Edwin:  This explains so much about my sister's behavior.  

Delilah:  If you start acting like your sister now, I'm going to have to gut you.

Johnny:  Love.  LOVE.  love.   You hurt me so good.

Edwin:  Look out world.  The new and improved Edwin Sharpe is coming at ya.

Johnny:  I rock the puffy vest.

Well, our first four college students have graduated.

It took FOREVER!  We won't be keeping up with university wants ever again.

Johnny has moved back home to live with his parents.

Any university students who don't have a home neighborhood, or possibly who hate their family, will be rolling for a neighborhood using a random number generator.  I had always intended for Roxie and Jonah to stay together just because they have three bolts for each other.  After the cheating incident, I thought that their time together was over.  However, they both rolled Strangetown...strangely enough.  So they are roomies.  We'll see if they can get past the anger and rebuild what they once had.

Edwin rolled Veronaville.  I think he did it to escape from his sister and her theatrics.

Thoughts:  Uni sucks.  Takes to long.  Annoys.  Just drives a person nuts. But the benefits are good so we'll be back.  

Johnny threw a LOT of parties.  It was one of his few easy to do wants.  Roxie was the easiest to do.  She rolled up romancing wants and skilling wants.  Edwin skilled a lot.  Johnny and Jonah wanted friends and best friends a lot.

Johnny joined the Greek House because he had the want.  He, Jonah and Roxie were Big People on Campus.  Despite making friends almost exclusively from the campus directory, no one managed to be abducted into the secret society.  I wasn't actually trying.  I just figured I would luck into it.  Both Jonah and Johnny had close to thirty friends each.  I really thought I should have had it.  Not sure what happened.  Oh well.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  I was a sad depressed mess but I'm coming around.  My Christmas is on the 27th this year.  So yeah for pressies tomorrow.  Have a good one guys and happy simming.


  1. Oh wow, that must have been some session - playing an entire college life! I usually have more than enough of college when I play one "year" :-D To make things a bit more efficient, I always try to have one dorm as full of playables as possible, and play that dorm every time one of its residents' names comes up on the alphabetical list I use for playing.
    Good idea to take photos of every student and display them on the walls, maybe I should start doing that, too.
    Sorry to hear you were sad at Christmas. I hope today makes up for that :-)

  2. i use the college adjuster, just make the time go quicker, otherwise i will get bored playing the whole way through, and i use that just get to the final exam sometimes. I hope today was a good day for you. I had my children and grand children all over today.