Sunday, January 11, 2015

1.6 The Roth Family of Riverblossom Hills

It's a very cold first day of summer.

Morty Roth - Knowledge - Space Pirate - Nature

Stella Roth - Popularity - Media Magnet - Arts & Crafts

Sandra Roth - Family - Captain Hero - Fitness

Xander Roth - Grow Up - Nature

Sandra:  Yeah, I've been dating Hal Capp.  At least I was before he headed off to college.  Have you met his sister?  She wants to be a wild one but I'm not sure she really is.

Dustin:  Wait, I thought you were going steady with some other guy.  From your hometown?

Sandra:  Well, technically.  But he never calls me.  I haven't seen him since we were practically kids.  And he's not as dreamy as Hal.  Besides, I'm young.  This is the time a girl has to scan the market for the best catch.

Dustin:  I hope Angela does't feel that way.

Sandra:  Do you realize you have.....stuff all over your face?

Grunt:  It's my camouflage.  All soldiers wear it.  

Sandra:  Into battle maybe.  Not if they're trying to impress a girl.  Just FYI.

Sandra:  Dad, you're staring. 

Monty:  You just look so much like your mother at that age.  

Sandra:  Parents can be so embarrassing.

Monty:  No worries little plant, I'll have you back on the straight and narrow in no time.

Monty:  You can't let yourself fall this far behind Xander.  You'll need good grades to get into the best colleges.

Xander:  Dad, can I just be a kid for a while first?

Monty:  Oh, plenty of time for that after your married.

Stella:  Fired.  I'll never fulfill my dreams at this rate. Now I'll have to go find another job.  At another firm.  Sometimes I just don't think I'm cut out for media.

Guy with Dog:  Perhaps you need to just freshen yourself up a bit.  Have a spa day.  Buy a new outfit.  It will improve your confidence and you'll surely be ruling the media market in no time.

Stella:  Are you saying this lipstick makes my mouth look big?

Marty:  I love learning.  The stars are very lovely tonight.

Stella:  Now that I've found a new job, I just have to prove to them that I am creative.  I am creative.  I am outstanding.  I am marvelous.  I WILL make them see that.

Sandra:  I ROCK!  Now maybe I can take a day off and have a little fun without dad having a conniption.  

Morty:  Oh what lovely blooms.  You see, you are improving.  Soon you will be at your best.

Stella:  You shouldn't be filling Xander's head with such rubbish.  Aliens?  Pure fiction.  Plant sims, yeah, those exist.  But aliens?  I'd have to see it to believe it.

Sandra:  Aliens?  I bet little green babies would be cute though.

Morty:  I've done it.  I've unlocked the tightly held secret of the plant sims.  I've evolved myself into something so much better than I was before.  I can't wait to show the kids.

Morty:   Off to work ye land lovers.

Sandra:  Oh Hal, you shouldn't say that.

Hal:  But it's true.  You are beautiful.  

Sandra:  And you are wearing grandpa shorts.  Sorry.  Didn't mean to kill the mood.  They're just so THERE.

Garden Club Queen:  So, you think you're good enough to join our club?

Monty:  Well, I hope so.  I've worked very hard on my little garden.  Very hard indeed.

Xander:  I think it looks nice.  Lots of butterflies to catch.

The Megahood's first Wishing Well

Monty:  It's so nice to be able to study 24/7.

Sandra:  Why do I have to do this?  Dad is becoming a tyrant.  He could just weed his own garden.

Xander Roth - Fortune - Become the Law - Nature
Xander:  I think everyone forgot it was my birthday.

Stella:  You've ruined my meal.  I'm calling the cops right now.  I'd leave before they arrived if I were you.

Sandra:  I'm heading to college dad.

Morty:  Okay.  Study a lot.  Learn Sandra.  Don't just have fun.  You can do that after you're life is settled.

Sandra:  Goodbye Riverblossom Hills.

Sandra Roth rolled a 4 and will be our first student at Sim State University.

Weekly Score:
Could have been better.


Thoughts:  When someone said the Roths were a play on the Goths, man they weren't kidding.  I really don't think I've ever played this family before.  They were interesting.

Morty started the week with a major want, to become a plant sim.  It' didn't roll away.  I started a garden outside of his greenhouse in the hopes of fulfilling it.  I knew as soon as I went into the house that I would be working on a wishing well.  They had the money available to buy enough plants, fountains and statues to get the job done.  Plus it worked with the plantsim theme so I was all in.  Morty was a true knowledge sim.  He rolled wants to learn....period.  He rolled no romantic wants for his wife.  After his skilling made him fit, he and Stella found themselves with one bolt of attraction.  ACR got hold of them once and only once.  Thus, this is the first neighborhood household I've played where no new babies was born.  I  toyed with the idea of a baby plantsim.  They are so cute.  But Morty doesn't need an heir and he isn't a family sim so unless the want rolls up he probably won't have one.

Stella stayed true to her popularity roots.  She wanted to be friends with everyone she met.  I discovered that I hadn't put phones in the downtown homes because of her.  I have since fixed that.  I had to if I wanted to get any wants at all taken care of for her.  She rolled no romantic wants for her husband or anyone else.  She rolled wants to skill when needed for work.  She was actually fun to play.  I did find myself wanting her to have a romance though, even if it was outside her marriage.  But the wants didn't roll up and I didn't push her.

Sandra was fun to play.  She and Hal Capp have two bolts of attraction and the same lifetime want.  They could end up together but it's to early to be sure.  She was going steady with Jacob somebody, one of her neighbors.  They had one bolt and since she didn't roll up any wants for him I never brought him into the picture.

Xander is finally out of the kid stage for which I am thankful.

I forgot to take pictures of the house again.  Sorry.  I'm not thrilled with house or rather with the decor.  It's all country and flowers and doesn't really fit with the feel of the family.  But I was to lazy to change it.  I didn't do a darn thing to the house other than change out the couch and dinning table.  I spent all my time on the yard and garden.

Well I guess that's it for now.  Wanted to get this one blogged before I completely forgot everything they had done.  I haven't had a chance to play at all this last week.  Next week may not be any better.  Oh well.  Maybe I can sneak in an hour or two somewhere.


  1. Great update! I like the Roths, too, and I even like their house :-) In my game, both Stella and Morty have died of old age some time ago; Sandra married one of Brandi Broke's twin sons, and Xander is... can't remember right now, but I think he is still single.
    Congratulations for having the first wihing well in your hood! I still haven't got one, and your post reminded me of that.
    The "guy with dog" is Cyd Roseland, by the way (who married Cassandra Goth in my game), and Sandra's irrelevant boyfriend is Jacob Martin.

  2. yep the guy with dog is Cyd Roseland, and porthos the dog, now them to well by now. Hope you can get some playing in soon.