Thursday, October 24, 2013

Season One - Summer - Caliente

Caliente Family of Pleasantview

Nina Caliente - Romance - LTW woohoo 20 sims 

Dina Caliente - Fortune - LTW Hall of Famer

First up, we made some changes to the house.

Original first floor.

New first floor.

Original second floor.

New second floor.  Notice the balcony is now a bathroom.

Original roof.

New roof.   

Of course more will change as I go.  I just can't help myself.

So, Maxis has it set up so that I can have Dina ask Mortimer Goth to marry her.  That won't be happening.  I don't make 1 bolt marriages just because they say I should.

Never the less, Mortimer is lurking outside and Dina invites him in.  They're both acting flirty.

Things escalated until Dina and Mortimer wound up in the hot tub.  

Nina found a job as a golf caddy.  She wanted a woohoo so she invited over Don Lothario.  You know Don, he's always willing.

Later that night, despite a full house full of awake people, the family got a visitor...or two.

Didn't you get the schedule?  This is my night.  Do you WANT to get bit?

Nina and Don were busy upstairs.  Dina was trying to get a bite in before bed.  Mortimer was relaxing in the hot tub.

The Burglar took the couch.

Then the love seat.  By that time Dina had made it to the phone.

The cops showed up.

Mortimer checked out the scene.  Then he headed on home.

Don watched the cops take the thief away.  He then headed out as well.

Luckily, the cops caught him so we got some cash back.  Wow.  What a night.

Dina is very upset that her couch was stolen...even though it's been replaced.

Oh dear.

Nina's turn to be upset by the burglary...even though she slept through the whole thing.

The sisters, who are NOT friends but more strangers living together, share a moment.

Wait?  I thought it was....  So, Dina & Mortimer took one round in the hot tub and made a risky baby.

Dina's first husband, Michael Bachelor, comes out to haunt.

Son of a baseball player.  It would seem one round with Don produced a risky baby too.

Not how I'd pictured this round going.

Dina & Nina's waistlines began expanding.  They went downtown to buy cellphones and cheer themselves up.

Dina was fine with just meeting some people.  Nina prefers to really get to know someone.

Eventually they headed on home.  Nina is constantly eating and it seems to do no good.  She's constantly starving.

Of course stunts like this don't help.  

Time flies and soon it was baby time.  Dina went into labor first.

Dina had a daughter that was named Ella.

A little while later Nina went into labor.

Son of a baseball pitcher.

Nina gave birth to natural twin sons...

Elberto and Elonzo Caliente.

The old bathroom has been converted into a nursery of sorts.  A nanny has been hired.

Dina has settled into working on her career.  Nina is working on every guy she meets.  This is Gabriel Green who came home from work with her.

And that's where we leave this family.  Way to many babies and two sisters, who still aren't quite friends, who will have to buck it up and become moms.


  1. What an eventful week! In my game, neither Nina nor Dina have children. I love looking at what you have changed in the house; I gave it a make-over, too.
    That picture of the burglar and the wolf with the glowing eyes was funny :-)

  2. Hahahah I love a house stuffed with kids!!!!! Love the Caliente sisters too. Have fun in that house!

  3. Wow, that was quite a round of babies the girls had. lol I had Dina marry Mortimer once. I'll be interested to see what happens with them when I get there. :)