Saturday, October 5, 2013

Season One - Summer - Baldwin

The Baldwin Family of Belladonna Cove

Benjamin Baldwin - Popularity/Knowledge - LTW Mayor (currently working in Science)
Isabel Baldwin - Family - LTW Captain Hero (currently unemployed)
Sofia Baldwin - child
Marcus Baldwin - toddler

We luck up and Benjamin has enough aspiration to get smart milk.  Isabel manages to teach Marcus all his toddler skills on day one.

I start to remember why I never play apartments.  I like to spread my stuff around.  I like to be able to see what I'm doing.  I like pretty pictures..or at least ones not at weird angles.

When Benjamin gets home from work, Isabel heads downtown.  She's been feeling a bit confined of late.  She bought a new outfit and changed her makeup.  She has found a job in the police force but she's worried about what Benjamin will say.  He has always wanted her on his arm as a trophy wife.  She's tired of being his arm candy.

As she feared, Benjamin was not happy about the changes.  She was just to casual for him.  He has landed a job in politics.  He has ambitions.  He won't let her bring him down.

Later that night, Isabel tells Benjamin that she'll begin work the next night. He is stunned.  Who will take care of the kids? Who will plan his social functions?  What has gotten into her?

Benjamin heads downtown himself.  He needs a new cell phone.  He needs to meet the people.  He needs to figure out how to get his wife back with the program. 

(I have no downtownies.  The game has spawned a red headed vampire.  I now have a good and evil witch.  There will be no Diva or Mr Big.  We have plenty of folks so I don't think we'll miss them.)

Benjamin meets several people.  While standing there, one of the Curious boys gets struck by lightning.  Well, at least it wasn't him.

Isabel has to start exercising for work.  Honestly, exercising just isn't her thing but she'll do what she has to to prove that she's serious about her recent choices.

Isabel gets a call from Jason Greenman.  They are good friends.  She hates to admit it but she's very attracted to him.  

(Isabel and Benjamin have no bolts.  Isabel and Jason have two bolts.)

Sofia brings home Sharla Ottamas.  They are now friends.

Benjamin earns a promotion.

Tonight is Marcus' birthday.  Benjamin throws a party.  The party started right as Isabel had to head to work.  Maybe this will teach her where her priorities should lay.

Marcus Baldwin - child
Marcus becomes a child.  It was a great party.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.  Only one neighbor complained about the noise.

Isabel might have missed the party but she remembered to pick up the present.  She bought Marcus a gaming system.  She also bought Sofia a music player as an early birthday gift.

Isabel is at work again tonight so Benjamin had to take care of the kids.  He'd have to remember never to take Sofia to a pubic dinner.  What a mess.

More promotions for the family.

It's once again time for another birthday party.  This time for Sofia.

Romance - currently no secondary - Hall of Famer 

Sofia gets a makeover.  She's not a little girl anymore.

During the party, Isabel shocked the crowd with her own news.  It seems Risky gave her what I wouldn't.  I (at least temporarily) have in silent baby chimes so I didn't know until she started puking up the toilet.  I swear she has kept the want for a baby for three days without it being locked in.  I guess it was meant to be.

After school, Sofia heads downtown to pick up a cell phone.  While there she meets several other teens and does a little flirting.  No harm in a little flirting.

Upon returning home, Sofia discovers a love for fitness.  That works out nicely with her future career.

Isabel is working through her pregnancy.  She manages to get a promotion.

Benjamin also gets another promotion.  He's striving towards his lifetime goal.

I didn't realize until near the end of the season how old Benjamin and Isabel are.  They will be having birthdays at the end of the next season.

I'm not sure how we're going to fit another child into this apartment.  Another reason I'm not a fan of apartments.  That being said, I'm not ready to move them out.  There are to many families to be moving them around in round one.  Maybe later.


  1. Very interesting round! What is Sofia's LTW? Love her haircut! It's great how you incorporate gameplay (Isabel getting a job and having two bolts for Jason Greenman) with the story.

  2. Her LTW is Hall of Famer. Dodged a bullet there.

  3. Sofia turned out to be a pretty girlie! I don't think I have ever played this family? If I did, I don't remember.

  4. It's very interesting to see what other people decide the "stories" the sims are telling are. Benjamin and Isabel have a bolt in my hood I think, but I can't completely remember. She also held on to a baby wish for me too. I'm playing my megahood with wishes, and so far she hasn't wished for Jason, but it will be interesting to see what happens here. Sofia is a fortune/pop sim for me, but I like her new look and she will be a fun romancer.