Sunday, October 6, 2013

Season One - Summer - Beaker 2

We head to Belladonna Cove for the home of Erin Beaker.

Erin Beaker - Popularity - LTW Captain Hero

After meeting her landlord and neighbors, Erin heads downtown for a makeover.  She desperately needed one.

She meets a few people.  She has a few hot dogs.  She is suddenly having strong desires for a love interest.  Since she doesn't know anyone, and she does have the money, so she pays the gypsy for a date.

She is  set up on a blind date with Roberto Barakat.  Apparently, Roberto is a bartender on the side.

Roberto and Erin had a dream date.  It turns out that Roberto really loves a woman in a swimsuit.  It causes the couple to have three bolts.

I'm a little sad that she was set up with a non-playable sim.  But I true love knows no bounds. 

Erin got back from her date and spent some more time with her neighbors.  

Later that night, Roberto called her for an outing.  It was a casual affair.  Just the two of them.

They had a great time.  Erin is now in love.

You sure your brother never served time?
Erin threw a party.  Her place is a bit to small for my kind of large party.  People kept running into each other.  Then they started wondering off.  I'm not sure where they went.  It was a roof raising party so they must not have actually left.

Erin took a job in law enforcement.  She is actually doing quite well.  She ends the season getting a promotion to vice.  

The neighbors are always around.  I guess I shouldn't have unlocked the door.  Erin is friends with everyone except Chester.  He picks the worst times to come by.

Roberto has been by several times this season.  For a couple of days she just wanted to meet new people.  Then, on the last night of the season, she rolled up many wants to do with him.  But she never rolled up the want to become engaged or married.  Risky didn't push the issue.  We never invited him to move in.

Roberto is a romance sim.  I have no doubt they would be a three bolt couple if I moved him in.  Finally I decided to wait until next season before making any decisions.  We'll see where her head is when we make it back around.


  1. A three-bolt-love is almost irresistible, isn't it?
    As for the party guests wandering off, I guess they went to the small yard at the side of the townhouses, where the grill is and a few tables and chairs.
    Erin looks very pretty after her makeover!
    A view of the house from outside would be helpful in understanding where it is you have placed your Sims :-)

  2. Good point. I'll try to remember to do that in the future.

  3. In the last couple of years, I have found that Romance Sims are really fun to play.

  4. I love Erin's new look, she is really pretty. I haven't gotten to this house yet either. I'm excited to play her. I agree on waiting a round (although a couple of mine didn't, due to my rules about wishes play.) There are a LOT of families, and they might find matches during the round in a playable.