Saturday, October 5, 2013

Season One - Summer 1 - Aspir

Lous Aspir - Knowledge/Family - LTW Become City Planner (is a retired City Planner)

Elizabeth Aspir - Fortune/Grilled Cheese - LTW Head of SCIA (currently in Business)

Victor Aspir - Family/Popularity - LTW Head of SCIA (currently in Medicine)

Pauline Aspir - Toddler - LTW World Class Ballerina (yikes! starting early)

The Aspir Family Tree

Victor loves his wife.  He longs for another child but doesn't have the LTW to try for one.  If one of them rolls up the want to woohoo, maybe risky will help him out.

Victor will have to settle for taking care of little Pauline for now.  She is a sweet little girl and it's obvious that her daddy loves her very much.

I had forgotten how bad child rearing without smart milk can be.  Victor tried to potty train Pauline and teach her to walk but wasn't very successful.

The game generated out first garden club worker.  He couldn't help but chat about the weather.  We have terrible thunderstorms on our first day in the Megahood.  Hope that's not a bad sign.

Our welcome wagon arrives.  I recognize Mortimer and Cooke.  I can't remember where the other guy is from.

Elizabeth walks to work a little late after earning a charisma point.  Unfortunately she didn't get the promotion.  She did however bring someone home.  Can't remember his name either.  I'm terrible with names.

The visitors watched TV with Luis for a while.  Later everyone gathered around the piano and made fun of the garden club guy, Armando Pratt.

Victor and Elizabeth stepped out for a little alone time.  They had fun but no baby.

Luis greets a stray, Shouji.  

Pauline cuddled Shouji until he finally ran off.  Victor wants a pet but I'm not up for one right now.

Luis learned enough cooking skills to get some glowing milk.  He made up all five bottles and stashed them for later.  It has been a long first day.

Elizabeth managed to teach Pauline to walk and go to potty before she left for work.  Of course Victor already had half the work done.

Luis finished up later that day by teaching her to talk and sign nursery rhymes.

Elizabeth and Victor both found new jobs the night before in the intelligence field as gumshoes.

Victor got promoted.  Elizabeth didn't.

These two are very affectionate.  You'd never know they are only a one bolt couple.  They are both attractive to great cooks so we might need to work on that.

I'm right here son.  I'm old, not deaf.
Victor throws a party and invites over everyone he knows.  The family socialized during the entire party.  Everyone had a blast.

Victor had a bad time with a chance card and lost his dream job.  Elizabeth managed to get a promotion.  Later that night, Victor took a job in the law field.  He just had a strong desire to be employed.

Pauline grew into a child.  The plan originally was to throw a birthday party but no one wanted one and Pauline feared it.

Victor gets a promotion at the law firm.  Elizabeth gets promoted in their dream job.  

It's probably just me but I keep seeing Elizabeth rubbing her success in Victor's face.  Quietly of course.  But still, the superiority is there.  I'm sure of it.

It was Thursday.  Only one day left in summer.  The family headed downtown where they bought cell phones and met neighbors.  Luis, who has maxed cooking and cuisine, cooked the family ribs.  When they returned home, Victor wanted a party.  He invited over all the playable sims he knew.  When they showed up however, he was nowhere to be found.  His want for a baby had rolled up again.  Luis had rolled up a want for a grandchild.  I gave him one shot at it.  I think he was laying in bed smirking later that night.

The morning proves prof positive that Victor is indeed the stud.  Elizabeth was on her way out to compost the trash when she suddenly dropped it all in the middle of the hall and ran for the bathroom.  I'm not sure she's happy right now.

With his love of cooking conquered, Luis is rolling up nothing exciting.  Fishing kept popping up so the family turned the corner of their lot into a small pond.  Some of the guest are attempting to  catch a few.

Elizabeth admits that yes, she's pregnant.  She had just earned another promotion that day (which I clicked through by mistake).  She has the weekend off so this shouldn't bother her to much and it gives her time to learn a few skills for her next promotion.

And suddenly the summer is over and fall has arrived.  It's time to leave the Aspir family behind.  

I was surprised that none of the residence ever rolled up any wants towards the magic lamp hidden upstairs.  Since they didn't, we didn't use it.  It is now tucked away in Pauline's backpack.  After the first day, all wants to sew rolled away.  I guess because I didn't do them.  This was a 'hobby' family but the only hobby plaque we earned this season was cuisine for Luis.

It was interesting to me to see that the Una girl, who is currently last in the rotation, is listed as related to Luis.  She isn't on his family tree so I'm not sure how they're related.  Victor doesn't show a relationship with her.  Guess I'll figure it out later, or just not worry about it.


  1. The playable Sim from the welcome wagon whose name you couldn't remember is Nathan Gavigan. It is fun to see all the playables being so young all over again! But they do look a bit different from how I know them in my game, they all look as if they are wearing a lot of make-up, especially around the eyes (even the men, even Luis!).
    Looking forward to finding out what the latest addition to the Aspir family will turn out to be; girl, boy or twins!

  2. It's probably the default skin replacements. I haven't changed any makeup in this family. Elizabeth needs less makeup but I never got to it.

  3. How come you started over the Megahood? Just curious. This will be fun to read!

  4. So nice to read about another mega hood. Looks like a good first week for the Aspir's. The Leader of the Pack got a cool name, mine are usually 'Balin' or 'Boots', lol.

  5. I haven't reached this family yet in my Megahood, so it's cool to see how it went for them here. I do love how some couples who aren't 3-bolts act like it and others who do have 3-bolts act more like 1. Adds some variety. :)