Friday, October 4, 2013

Playing Order

First thing you should know is that I don't have all the Maxis families.  I don't have the pets family.  I don't have any of the university families.  I think I have the rest.  I hate it that I'm missing some of the families but that will teach me to do things to my game that I can't figure out how to undo.  Also, I did away with the Singles family by moving out the residence and turning them into three separate families.

I have 63 starting families.

Our current families are:
  1. Aspir - Desiderata Valley
  2. Baldwin - Belladonna Cove
  3. Beaker - Strangetown
  4. Beaker - Belladonna
  5. Bell - Desiderata
  6. Broke - Pleasantview
  7. Burb - Pleasantview
  8. Caliente - Pleasantview
  9. Capp 1 - Veronaville
  10. Capp 2 - Veronaville
  11. Capp 3 - Veronaville
  12. Cho - Belladonna Cove
  13. Cleveland - Belladonna Cove
  14. Conotender - Belladonna 
  15. Contrary - Desiderata
  16. Cooke - Desiderata
  17. Cordial - Belladonna
  18. Curious - Strangetown
  19. Curious - Smith - Belladonna
  20. DeBateau - Belladonna
  21. Delarosa - Bluewater Cove
  22. Dreamer - Pleasantview
  23. Gavigan - Downtown
  24. Gieke - Belladonna
  25. Goodie - Downtown
  26. Goth - Pleasantview
  27. Green - Belladonna
  28. Greenman - Riverblossom
  29. Grunt - Strangetown
  30. Jacquet - Bluewater
  31. Jocque - Desiderata
  32. Landgraab - Bluewater
  33. Larson - Belladonna
  34. Loner - Belladonna
  35. Loste - Belladonna
  36. Lothario - Pleasantview
  37. McGreggor - Riverblossom
  38. Mole - Desiderata 
  39. Monty 1 - Veronaville
  40. Monty 2 - Veronaville
  41. Monty 3 - Veronaville
  42. Newsom - Downtown
  43. Oldie - Pleasantview
  44. O'Mackey - Belladonna
  45. O'Mackey - Riverblossom
  46. Ottamas - Downtown
  47. Patel - Belladonna Cove
  48. Peterson - Belladonna
  49. Picaso - Belladonna
  50. Pleasant - Pleasantview
  51. Ramaswami - Riverblossom
  52. Ramirez - Bluewater
  53. Roth - Riverblossom
  54. Rutherford - Belladonna
  55. Smith - Strangetown
  56. Spector - Strangetown
  57. Summerdream - Veronaville
  58. Tinker - Bluewater
  59. Traveller - Downtown
  60. Una - Desiderata
  61. Viejo - Riverblossom
  62. Wan - Riverblossom
I'm going to (attempt to) play the first round in the order above.  If someone moves out at the first of the round I'll work them into correct order if possible.  After the first round, I think extra families will fall into the back.  Maybe.

I will be attempting to fulfill the sim's largest wants; lifetime wants and large value wants; if at all possible.  I'm starting this with risky installed and that will be the only way to have kids unless I'm fulfilling a lifetime want.  I'm having a hard time with that but I'm trying to stick with it.  Otherwise my population will be out of control. 


  1. That sounds quite similar to the system I use in my Maxis-hood: playing each household for one Sim-week in the alphabetical order of their surnames.
    My megahood (New Maximiliania) started in 2008, and several names have become extinct, because my Sims are only "allowed" to have children when they are necessary for their LTW, or when a male Sim is abducted by Aliens and comes back pregnant.
    In case you are interested, here is more:

    It will be interesting to follow the same Sims I know so well from my own game and see what they are up to in someone else's :-)

  2. I have been reading your blog. You inspired my starting order. I'm not sure how I will add any new families into the round. Do you insert them into the alphabetical order for the next round or do you put them at the end? I guess each way could work. Not sure what I'll do.

  3. Oh yay, another Megahood. I really need to get back into playing, I've been so bad about it lately. I like the idea of doing it alphabetical. I just have started by playing all the sims in one hood. I think I'm just about done with Belladonna. It will be fun to see how your sims do and how they differ from mine. :) I'm not sure if you know of my megahood or not, but it's here: It's a slowly updated hood since I'm feeding it in between the Fellowship 1 families and my prosperity.