Saturday, November 2, 2013

Season One - Summer - Capp 1

The Capp Family of Veronaville
This is the first Capp family.  I've been trying to blog as or just after I played a house.  I'm now down four houses so I'm going to try to catch up.  Hopefully I'll remember what I was doing.

Consort Capp - Fortune - LTW Earn 100k - working in the business field

Tybalt Capp - Popularity - LTW Hall of Famer - unemployed teen

Juliette Capp - Family - LTW Golden Anniversary - unemployed teen

Hermia Capp - Family - LTW Captain Hero - unemployed teen

All these pictures are post makeover.  Hermia recieved custom hair because she is turned off by red hair which is her natural color.  

The Capp family has historically been a matriarchal family.  That changes now.  This Megahood is patriarchal.  So Juliette is in for a rude awakening.  No longer an heiress is she.

This is Capp manor.  Ignore the icky brown.  My graphic card does that sometimes.  I have never been a fan of this lot.  All that wasted green space and a terrible crowded house.

The first thing I did was terrace the yard.  Instead of hills and bumps I have a smooth leveled terraces.  This works better for me when playing.

The family plot is originally beside the house.  I hope to use that space for a greenhouse in the future.  So the plot was relocated BEFORE game play began.  Usually the ghosts take things better when you move them before their first haunting.

So this is the new plot.  It's on the opposite side of the house in the middle of the yard.  I matched up the tombstones by couples.  I hope they were happy marriages because they are going to be side by side for eternity now.

A little better idea of the new family plot.  There is just enough room for another generation or two.  After that we will have to expand in some way.

This is the bottom floor of one terribly designed house.

It may be hard to compare.  I took the original pics from the front of the house and the after pics from the back.  Sorry about that.  If you look at the before pics you will notice a line of foundation behind the house.  Wasted space annoys me.  I moved the back walls back a space to enclose that space.  The old stairs had to go.  Hate those type stairs.  To many traffic jams.  I flattened the front of the house for more space.  I added an elevator beside the front door.  I was going to put the stairs somewhere else but they wound up near the front door too.  I may at some point take out the elevator.  There are two bedrooms on the first floor now.  The kitchen is larger and better.  The living room in an open space.  No enclosed walls.  There are a few quirky areas but so far it's worked much better than the original floor plan.

This is the original second floor.  Ugh.

This is the new second floor.  I totally redid all of the walls.  There is room for two master bedrooms upstairs.  There is one kids bedroom.  A huge potential nursery.  At some point the downstairs bedrooms may migrate upstairs.  Not sure yet.

So this lot is set up with a Maxis scenario.  We start at about 6 pm one night with Romeo Monty on the lot.  Juliette wants to go steady with the romancer so she asks and he accepts.

Of course Tybalt isn't happy about Juliette consorting with the enemy.  While Juliette heads off for her makeover, Tybalt gets into a slap match with Romeo.  No fight happened but only because they were interrupted.

Consort took his grandkids downtown to get the family cell phones.  Since it was late they didn't stay long.  Just long enough to meet a few people and say high to family and friends.

 Back home, Contessa realizes her urn has become a tombstone.  Yes, she's an outside ghost now. 

I'm not sure she was happy about that.  She took it out on her husband Consort.

Unlike most lots, the next day was the weekend and no one had work or school.  Consort wants to earn 100k so he bought a music store for a song.  (he he)

Consort put the kids to work.  Lots of job to do in a retail store.

It took a while, but the store took off.

We worked the store up to the top.

And then Consort pounced.  He sold the store for a wad of cash.

And fulfilled his lifetime want.  Nice.

With one major hurdle accomplished, the family to relax and settle into their newly renovated home.

On Monday, a welcome wagon full of older citizens stopped by for a visit.

The family hired a butler.  Unfortunately we had to let him go.  He stood about, looking disgusted at the dirty breakfast dishes all day.  Never did he bother to actually clean the dishes or anything else.  I think perhaps he is in the wrong profession.  So we hired a maid and gardener.  Maybe they won't mind doing their jobs.

Consort was demoted due to a hobby card.  It is so unfair to demote someone because of their choice of or lack of hobby enthusiasm.  Consort did get the promotion back.  We won't let those  hobby jerks keep us down.

Consort taught all the kids to study.  Better late than never.

Juliette tries to burn down the place.  Luckily I had put in a fire detector.  Also the house is made of stone.  So no real damage done.

The family built a green house where the family plot use to be.  Tybalt was put in charge of getting the garden started.  

Towards the end of the season, Consort called up the garden club to ask for membership.  The game made a few new sims.  Genetic diversification at it's finest.

I got a little worried when the sun went down and the ancestors came out to play.  Luckily they were well behaved.  At least until the guests left anyway.

Things went well.  The family earned the first wishing well.  We moved it further up the yard closer to the house.

Tybalt becomes an adult.  He is the heir of this household.  He wanted to go to university early on but the want didn't stick.   There is no lady in his life.  I can't remember if I found him a job or not.  I think I did but can't remember.

With the season over.  There was just one more thing to do.  Juliette heads off to college.  The ancestors came to see her off. 

To recap, Consort completed his lifetime want and his impossible want.  Consort, Juliette and Hermia both earned two gold badges.  Tybalt only has one.


  1. Yeah the Capp mansion is a bit of a pain in the arse. I typically play the building the way it is, but I work with the grounds outside. I flatten alot of it as well. I have the 'gardener every day' mod which is really needed on this lot.

  2. I use the same mod. Couldn't survive without it.

  3. An interesting house to say the least. I like the changes you made. Congrats on getting the business up so fast! I'm not very good at them yet. :)

  4. I really like how you have improved the house and lot! In my game, I have changed decoration and furniture in most rooms, but not the floor plan; currently, there are no Capps living in there, but a mix of O'Mackeys and Clevelands :-)

  5. Actually Hermia's natural hair color is blonde and I uninstalled and reinstalled my game because of problems with the game