Sunday, October 6, 2013

Season One - Summer - Beaker 1

The Beaker Family of Strangetown

Loki Beaker - Knowledge - LTW City Planner (currently working in Science)

Circe Beaker - Fortune/Popularity - LTW Top Entertainment (currently working in Science)

The Beaker Family Tree:  Loki has a sister Erin Beaker and her household is next.

The family originally contains three members.  One look at the life time wants and it was clear what I needed to do, move out Nervous Subject.  His LTW will require much more space than he would have in this household.  He will now become our 64th family and played right after the Spector lot.  

Loki and Circe headed down the hill and  picked up some more summery clothing.  Sweaters in the hot summer sun.  Crazy.

Circe winds the grandfather clock.  It's one of the few things I didn't sell while updating/correcting the house.  It's not a bad house but it has some problems.  I think it's better now.

Circe found her dream job and now works nights.  Loki greeted the welcome wagon.  Behind him you can see where I removed the stairs and added an elevator.  Even old castles need to be retrofitted every once in a while.

Loki's sister Erin called him up for a casual outing.  It was just the two of them.  I'm trying to do more of these instead of just ignoring them as I have in the past.  

Loki and Erin got frustrated with each other.  Loki headed off for a quick game of chess.  He met up with our resident vampire Ichelle Landry.  The two are now friends.  

Eventually, after a lot of misery, the two siblings became tentative friends.  Loki has zero niceness so he is often ticking people off.

Circe gets her first promotion.

She spent the rest of the evening practicing her lying.  I think this family does a lot of that.  Lying that is.

That is truly frightening.  Luckily she was quickly promoted.

Both Loki & Circe have science as their natural hobby.  Loki wants to stargaze constantly.  Circe, not so much.  If it isn't expensive, she isn't interested.

Loki manages to find his dream job.  He then gets a quick promotion.  I find him on a construction sight frightening.  Yes, I'm frightened by the family.

Circe finally rolls into a want for a party.  I'm happy as the couple is broke.  Circe calls up everyone she knows.  A good time was had by all.

Allyn Sell actually flirted with Nervous.  This is a good sign.  Nervous will be needing someone soon.  It's also a good thing Nervous moved out because Circe has two bolts of attraction for him.  She only has one for Loki.

Circe joined Loki on the rooftop for sunrise.  Loki ignored the party in favor of more stargazing.

Loki finishes the season skilling.  He is currently tuned into learning his mechanical skills.

At night, he tries to get in a little stargazing.  Circe joins him sometimes.  Sometimes not.

These two are not a very passionate couple.  They rarely roll up wants for each other.  They tend to be two individuals living together.  


  1. I quite like the Beakers, actually. In my megahood, they have become a proper family with three children.
    Very interesting to see what you have done with their original house. How about a lot tour, or some "before" and "after" pictures?

  2. I have played the Beakers, I think I left Nervous in it. I too didn't find the house easy to play, needed lots of work.

  3. I haven't yet played the Beakers, but they seem like an interesting couple. I will find it fun to see what wishes will do for them. :)