Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Season One - Summer - Bell

The Bell family of Desiderata

Issac Bell - Popularity/Pleasure - LTW World Class Ballet Dancer (currently working in entertainment)
Hannah Bell - Family/Pleasure - LTW World Class Ballet Dancer (currently a backup dancer)

Sharon Wirth - Romance/Fortune - Top Entertainment field (currently working in dance)

Daniel Bell - child - LTW Top Entertainment field (another early starter)

Issac, Hannah and Sharon headed downtown to find cellphones.  While there Issac and Hannah shared a dream date.  Issac picked up a new outfit.  Issac and Sharon met as many people as possible.

They arrive home in time to greet the welcome wagon.  Nina sure is getting around.

We greeted several walk-bys and soon we had a full house.  Sharon invited over Benjamin Baldwin.  She had several romantic wants for him.  They flirted a bit and she has a crush on him now.

In the midst of the drama at home, Issac received a call for a casual outing from Samantha Cordial.  They had just recently become friends.  Issac met tons of people and made a few more friends.  The family already has 14 friends.

Issac got home in time for dinner.  Daniel had already done his homework and headed to bed.  Everyone tried to ignore the tension in the air.  What with Sharon flirting with a married man and Justin Cooke and Justin Benson having a lip lock in the living room.  It was an interesting night indeed.

Sharon wanted to go on a date.  She had no one specific in mind.  She had a crush on Benjamin Bell and John Mole.  I pushed her towards John.  They had a wonderful time.  The next night he called her back up and invited her downtown.  They had another dream date.  Now, they are in love.

Sharon isn't feeling so well.  I begin to wonder if she had gotten into some spoiled food downtown when I wasn't looking.  It wouldn't be the first time that had happened.

But no, it turns out to be something else altogether.  Sharon finds herself with child.  She has only been with one man so we know that the father is John Mole.

With some reluctance, Sharon invites John over.  He needs to be told.  Any fear she had seems unfounded.  John thinks she's one hot moma.  Of course that just makes her fear he'll propose.  So far he hasn't.

Things are going well far the family financially.  Hannah has received a promotion or two and is now a Pop 'n Lock Performer (whatever that is).  Issac has found his dream job in the dance field and is quickly moving up ranks.  Sharon found a job in entertainment just before finding out she was pregnant.  She is determined to work through her pregnancy if at all possible.

We continue to greet anyone who stops by.  The house is always jumping.  The family has tons of friends.

Sharon was invited downtown for a timed outing by Edward Contrary.  Apparently he's a friend of John.  She wasn't feeling well but she went anyway.  She planned on cutting things short if necessary.

Since John was there, things went better than expected.  If it wasn't for one very rude woman named Opal Contrary, it would have been a rock'n good time.  Unfortunately, Opal kept picking on John.  The score would go up, then she would knock it down.  Stupid woman.

Daniel Bell - Knowledge - LTW top Entertainment field

Daniel grows up and longs for a handheld gaming system.  He heads downtown and buys one.  He also gets himself a cell phone.  He introduces himself to everyone he sees.  The season is at an end so he heads for home.  

I actually had a lot of fun playing this family.  They all liked to make friends and in the end the family had 27.  

After having wants to flirt with Benjamin, Sharon never rolled up wants for any specific person.  I pushed her away from Benjamin and towards John and she never complained.  The baby was due to risky.  I wasn't that upset about it.  Funny thing was that once Daniel became a teen, Hannah rolled up the want for a baby.  

Sharon and John have two bolts.  Depending upon his wants, Sharon may move in with John when we reach his house.


  1. That was an interesting round, and I am happy to see the Bells doing so well in your game! I always liked playing them, and was a bit sad when drama struck and wiped out nearly the entire family in a short space of time in my game.
    Who is Benjamin Bell? Another relative? He very much resembles Benjamin Baldwin, maybe your game has generated a clone townie or something like that? And who is Justin Benson?

  2. No, I'm sure you're right and I just called him by the wrong name. I'm not very familiar with some of these sims yet.

  3. Interesting to see all these folks in Belladonna Cove. I haven't tarried much there.

  4. What an interesting family, I'm excited to get to them now. Must play again soon, I'm missing it and really need to update my blogs. :) Daniel is a pretty handsome young sim.